Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sick...Hospital blues

i was really -really sick..I am in the hospital right now.. I had a very bad diarhea last weekend and spend my entire day looking very -very weak..On saturday night, my temperature shoot up high and ummi and abah quickly rush me to the A&E Department of Hospital Pantai Mutiara.. I was admitted directly to the hospital due to quite severe diarhea and high fever..

this is my 3rd night already in the hospital..the peadtrician was quite puzzle as my temperature was spiking..sometimes low and sometimes very high till 39 degress..stool samples had been taken and bacteria infection had been ruled out as the diagnosis..So the doctor decided to took some blood samples today..boyyyyyy..it was really -really painfull and i cried very -very loud..the Dr suspected that i got Dengue fever but the blood results seems that dengue was being ruled out too.. the tricky part according to the dr was my red blood count increase so the doctor decided to try me on antibiotics injections today..my left eye was also being infected throughout my stay in the hospital.

thought that i am going to be discharge today but seems that had to stay in the hospital again..it had been almost 3 days in the hospital..the food was quite yuckss..and the medicine were scary..i will cry when i saw the nurse come in with a syringe for my medicine..and i am glad to " shoooo " the nurse away quickly after they had come to put the medicine on the table..

hopefully i will be OK in this few days..Pray for my speed recovery.. Abah said i was sick maybe because demam rindu at my tok Mummy ( Nenek..)..maybe that's one of the reason too..Nenek and Atuk Daddy couldn't come to Penang as Tok Daddy was admitted to Hospital too in KL for medical check up as he complains of chest pain.. Tok Daddy had do some check ups, stress test and angiogram,alhamdulillah no blockage..

Poor Najla.. get well soon darling..we really miss your "nakal"ness - hugs and kisses from Abah and Ummi

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This week i started my official day in nursery.. School holidays is over, everyone had to get back to work including Abah and ummi.. on the first day of School which is Monday, Abah and Ummi sent me to nursery as both of them will be working in the morning initially.. i do cry and start screaming nanakkkk..nanakkkkk when ummi pass me to my teacher..

Starting from second day had a change of plan..Abah had to teach in the afternoon laks..so every morning ummi will send me to nursery at 7.00am as we had only one car and Abah travels to school with his motorcycle. Ummi will pick me up later in the evening..

i love nite time where i got to spend the whole time with Abah and ummi playing toys, watching Astro especially Spongebob square pants..love that show..

overall first week was quite OK.. hopefully i can adapt it well in this two weeks..

playing inside my favourite bakul

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Majlis Bertandang in Kelantan

Abah+Ummi+ Najla+ Aunty Alang+ Uncle Rosli

pekan Tanah Merah..

The hotel that we stayed

we went to Kelantan for the majlis bertandang....the journey for me is veryyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyy far from Penang to kelantan..started our journey around 6.30pm friday right after ummi finishes her work..reach Tanah Merah at approximately 1.15 am.. stayed at a hotel in Tanah Merah...the bertandang ceremony for Aunty Alang and Uncle Rosli was held on Saturday in Pasir Mas.. It was approximately 20 km from Tanah Merah..

We went back to Penang at 6.00pm on saturday itself as Abah and ummi would like to rest before starting their work on Monday..what a tiring journey and it was my first visit to Kelantan..would consider to go there again for jalan -jalan and shopping in Kelantan..not for the time being maybe when i am a big girl nanti,insyaallah..

p/s : Congratulations to Uncle Amir for the enggagement..;-)

Monday, June 04, 2007

HAppy 3rd Anniversary Abah n ummi...

Today is Abah and Ummi 3rd Wedding Anniversary...Happy Anniversary..Love u always...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Selamat Pengantin Baru Aunty Zura ( Aunty Alang)

Today is a special day for my aunty Alang...It is her big day..i got a new Uncle today...Selamat Pengantin Baru to my aunty Alang, Hanum Shahzura bt Hashim& Rosli Ahmad..alhamdulillah everything was OK..Abah is the one who nikahkan her sister ie my aunty alang..

We was so exhausted.. there are quite a number of people who attended the reception..i am so excited too as there are lots of aunties and uncles around to play with me..but yang tak bestnye.. i am having a running nose and coughing quite badly..i even vomitted twice while trying to clear my throat from the phelgm....hopefully my running nose and cough will get away very soon..

this is the first wedding ceremony without arwah Tok Wan..i do miss him dearly..

playing around at the pelamin a day before the ceremony

My aunty alang and my new uncle

more pics at my photopages..