Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cian Najla

   Due to keadaan kesihatan yg ups and down we had to discontinue Najla's swimming Classes for a moment ..Hubby pulak this year terlalu banyak kena attend kursus outstation etc so made me quite difficult to bring Najla for her swim class every week.. i got easily tired and sometimes rasa pening  so i cannot drive her to Pusat Aquatic after work and i projected it will be happening in a few months or through out the whole pregnancy

 Owhhh kesian Najla..takpelaa we will buat plan lain for her later..insya' a start we are planning to have a short getaway to Ipoh this weekends.. the main agenda is to visit my BIL and give him the laptop he required for his 4-years diploma course..and also visited my dearest adik angkat Safinass



Monday, March 21, 2011

Cerita Sedih

 My Dearest Sister in law had a misscarriage last 13 weeks.. takda rezki laa nampaknya utk dapat another anak sedara baru this year..her due date is approximately 1 month earlier than mine ( sept babies)..takpalaa ada hikmah disebaliknya..moga ada rezki nanti insya'allah

  My health also so far not really that good.. ada ups and down...had been on vertigo attack almost 3 days in a row last week and ended up with MCs for 2 days.. Dr advice to get plenty of rest..

 Hopefully the sailing journey of this pregnancy akan ok..

Monday, March 14, 2011

My sister's wedding 13.03,2011

 Alhamdulillah majlis berjalan lancar yesterday..tetamu yg datang pun ramai juga..last skali wedding yg dibuat for my family was during  my wedding back in has been almost 7 years..

   this is the first time buat wedding kat our new kampung in Denai Alam...the preparation we made  as simple as possible ..ramai saudara mara yg sudi membantu not forgetting shatirah's group of friends..

 started the day as early as 7.30am for morning breakfast together with all the clan..10.30am started the akad elder brother Adi took the role untuk nikahkan Shatirah sendiri ..alhamdulillah semuanya berlangsung dengan jayanya although adi was  a little bit nervous...

 start from Noon guest dah mula datang...Emran pulak menguji kesabaran sedikit by being a little cranky and also clingy...nak dukung aje...mmg tak larat nak layan dia n also nak layan tetamu since we are the tuan rumah.. after berapa round susu and also food mood dia kembali ok..thanks to Kakak Hanan and Syirah yg rajin melayan emran and follow dia mana dia pergi..yesterday dia dah macam ketua kampung kecil round seluruh khemah kenduri and walk in between the guest..hahahaa...

 food wise we had arabian cuisine...mmg laku habis laaa d food..syukur sesangat takda yg membazir...
overall we are happy coz time nie laa dapt berkumpul sesama, berjumpa untuk eratkan silaturrahim,,,

 congratulations to my dearest sister shatirah..i'm sure if daddy still ada lagi he will be happy too  for your big day...


Saturday, March 05, 2011

7 weeks and counting

   Baby no3 already 7 weeks in the womb per my previous -previous pregnancy i am having quite a terrible morning sickness through out the whole pregnancy period.. sometimes up to 7 months or until 8 months.. for this time around i am trying  "Biodex Set semasa kehamilan" which consist of Supreme Diet and also susu Ig G  to ensure the smooth sailing of 1st trimester..have heard the testimoni regarding biodex and would like to give it a try...setakat nie alhamdulillah ok sahaja..the supreme diet really gives energy and takdalaa asyik terlepek sana sini and rasa nak tdo sahaja.. for us yang tak ada kemudahan helper, i really need to be bertenaga nak uruskan the kids, send them to school, kemas rumah etc...

          for this 3rd baby we have booked our place in DEMC..this time my gynae will be Dr Marzita...a pleasent lady and explain quite details juga laa...let see how it goes and hopefully the baby no 3 membesar dengan sihatnya di dalam womb

          in the other hand 1 week more to Shatirah's wedding..will be extremely busy next week and can't wait for our big family gathering ...