Monday, June 27, 2011

Emran 2nd birthday Celebration

 We had a small birthday Celebration for Emran at his school so that meriah laa sket dgn budak -budak...Pagi macam biasa hantar Najla and Emran to school then told the teacher that in the afternoon wanted to bring the cake and goodie bags.. This time tak larat nak buat pelbagai deco mcm helium baloons dsb so we settle for a small goodie bags fill with errr children food stuff.. i managed to order lolichoc from my favourite place ie . hasilnya memang sentiasa memuaskan hati.. Children love it so much

this year we order for him a toy story cake from .. sedap juga cake dia..Children pun suka..tak laa manis sangat... Sampai kat sekolah dia around 11.30am dia dah start excited..however he started crying masa nak potong kek..the reason ialah dia ngada -ngada nak suruh dukung and tak mahu berada with the children.. puas teacher pujuk he still cry..adoii drama king betul...last -last kena dukung laa sebelah tangan manakala lagi sebelah plak potong kek

        The abang-abang and kakak pun sangatlaa sporting nyanyi for Emran..after that i told the teacher will come and pick him up after they had their lunch...emran seperti biasa raung nak ikut balik sampai teacher pun kena dukung dia bawa pergi playroom...bila dah ambil time lunch tue amboi kemain lagi happy...


                                  my cheeky 2 year old abang Emran...the drama king....the manja boy at home

Monday, June 20, 2011

1 year had passed..

 Semalam 19hb June 2011 dah genap setahun dah pemergian daddy ke rahmatullah..banyak perkara yg berlaku dalam tempoh setahun tsb tapi we moved on with our life..

 Dalam tempoh setahun juga we managed to settle all the outstanding part that daddy had left us..and alhamdulillah we managed to did it fast and takda tangguh -tangguh.. cuma ada a few things laa yg a bit oustanding due to "certain issues" ..and i don't know whylaa  certain issues dibangkitkan oleh certain people after he had left us...

   My Mum moved on to Denai Alam.. a better way to start a new environment after so many -many years living in TTDI.. we had a great help to settle our TTDI home from arwah daddy's dearest best buddy since childhood cum lawyer, Uncle Khoo CN..All settled and Mummy is happily settle down in Denai Alam.. she had her own activities during the day and we all live 5 minutes apart, though we try our best to see her as often as we can...

   Najla still remember and talk occasionally about her atuk whenever she likes. But Emran had no idea regarding his atuk as he is too small to remember

 And this year also a co-incidence that Uncle Fuad passed away on Saturday where Daddy left us last year.. the day is the same only the date and year is different...

  Wajah -wajah mereka pasti akan diingati selalu coz we grow up together with them..
and i'm sure my cousins agree with me as they are the ones that we relly when we were small

                                         The smile that will always remains in our heart



Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to my dearest Emran Danish and we lost a great uncle today..

 18th June 2011... Genap 2 tahun dah our Emran Danish..owhh kejap ajelaa masa berlalu and he already approaching 2 years old.. We had a really small celebration kat his school..( will blog about it later laa )..

 And today also at 3am we lost our beloved  and a great Uncle.. Uncle Fuad ( Mimi and Kak Fifi;'s father ) passed away peacefully at home  after  8 years terlantar kerana stroke..Innalillahi wainna ilaihi Rajiuun..

 And i kept wondering June surely is a special month for our family as Uncle Fuad passed away on Emran's Birthhday and also Esok 19th June 2011 genaplaah satu tahun daddy kembali kepadaNYA..and kebetulan 19hb June 2011 adalah Hari Bapa..

 hanya Doa yg mampu kami kirimkan semoga ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yg beriman..

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Entering 21 Weeks..

  Dah masuk 21 Weeks.. last Monday pergi check up dgn Dr Marzita.. kebetulan husband and i cuti coz we had to settle some issues regarding the MOT of our Denai Alam house which cause such a "fortune " jugak laa on the Stamp duty as dia bergantung dgn harga rumah....( now i understand why  the  politicans always get this one for free, we rakyat biasa kena laa bayar yekk ...*&*^&& )

 Back to the story bawak children ikut skali..first time bawak diorang skali coz usually i prefer to go during office hours which in my current workplace we were given 2x half day leave every month coz we are working half day on saturday..kira company compensate us for working on usually took the opportunity for the check up as no need for me to take leave..

 Kids excited masuk bilik Dr Marzita... ended up najla wanted to baring atas katil coz she tought dr nak scan dia..heehehe..siap mintak permission for the dr lagi utk baring.. .they were soo excited to see the baby kat screen masa Dr buat ultrasound..emran mcm biasa buat donno ajelaa coz sibuk nak usik barang -barang dalam bilik dr ..excited kejap and kemudian pelik mcm mana muka baby boleh ada kat screen..hehe

  Due date baby we still stick to 20th Oct 2011.. insya'allah although it might came out earlier than expected,,


Saturday, June 04, 2011

our 7th anniversary..

today 4th june 2011 marks our 7th anniversary alhamdulillah syukur and insya'allah many more years to come..our activity today?..err takda apa apa yg menarik..just we took the kids to one utama jalan-jalan n had our lunch there..after that we went to ttdi to do our banking business coz its soooo convinient kat sana dgn sume major banks ada..besides that we purchase the children's milk kat pasaraya ttdi as it is much more cheaper than hypermarket..bolehlaa tahan utk stok 2 bulan..

                                           to my dearest u always :-)))