Sunday, May 24, 2009

najla's sports day

today najla ada sports day..she is very excited laa juga to participate..mana taknya she had been practising the game everyday at school and also at home..siap tanya cikgu lagi hari-hari lagi bila nak dapat medal..hahaha..

The sports day was held in Bukit Kiara Indoor Stadium from 11am - is a combination of 2 smart reader school ie from TTDI and also Solaris Mount Kiara..yang slack nye sikit from Solaris is ada parents yg tak bawa kids dia datang though they had to wait and wait...suasana dalam stadium dah laa panas so children get a bit agitated..and one thing also parents asyik berkumpul kata tempat acara utk ambil gambar anak -anak mereka though melambatkan acara utk start..sampai the emcee pun berapa kali announce agar parents take their sit at the scheduled area supaya the acara can start smoothly and early..biasalaa..macam ja alif kaf wau nun pun ada gaks..:-PP

the event started with marching from both school..Najla bawa sepanduk 4 Glitter:-)..then nyanyi lagu negaraku and also the smart reader songs.. after that start acara sukan.. the teacher told us that najla had to run twice since her 4 year old class tak cukup orang ( only 3 person ) + she can run so fast..cuma cikgu takut dia penat ajelaa...dia mcm atlit laa plaks..maybe sbb dulu abah n ummi dia pun atlit gaks..ahaksss..alhamdulillah she manage to do it..the acara is masukkan small "bantal kecil" dalam bakul..she was running really fast and really follow instruction...hehehe..kelakar pun ada and once completed she quickly run to the finish line and horray she got no 1...

once all the game completed it was price giving ceremony..she was so happy with the medal and also goody was really a great event..sayang i forgot to bring my videocam...tak pelaa manage to get it on camera pun dah kira ok..

looking forward for her school event dah start kicking hard inside d enjoy the pics taken by hubby..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

34 weeks and counting....

am counting d days already to the labour body had been aching and braxton hicks contraction had started..its a false labor contraction where i get in every morning and sometimes during the middle of the night when i woke up by najla's crying for susu.

i am glad that i took early leave..really needed to glad also that the maid helps mum on the house work and also help to clean our denai alam home,so far she's ok laa doing the house work..

am counting d days also for dearest hubby to move to kl...harap dpt tau result next week utk berakhirnya penantian 6 months without him by our side everyday..i am sure kak zera feel d same way too since adi had been transferred to kl cuma kak zera bernasib baik tak laa selama us tunggu for the transfer,.;->>.

najla dah start to be over sensitive missing her abah a lott..skrg tak boleh sebut sgt abah @ penang lagi she will cry out loud nakk abahhhh..gambar abah pun tak leh tunjuk coz she will start sobbing...dah pandai dah windu abahhhh..;->>>>,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

najla's masterpiece= a gift for mother's day

Najla came back from school and bring home was a surprise indeed for me as she waited for me to come back from work at 9pm and showed it to me...her masterpiece done in school...:-))) was a perfect mother's day gift for me..thank you Najla..muaksss..ummi love u soo muchhh

i had already started my 3 months leave...really looking forward to rest and rest and rest and rest...:->>>>,,my legs dah tak larat nak jalan sangat..tumit dah start mencucuk -cucuk..kalau laa dapat reflexologi mmg best betul..

baby already weight 2Kg ++...can't wait for the next checkup..hopefully he had turn around again with his head down..

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

dear baby

dear baby boy,,,

pls turn your head around down so ummi can have a normal delivery...currently the dr said you have turn around back with your heads were up where at 32 weeks your head should be down..however dr said not to worry as you can still turn back to the right position as there is plenty of time b4 approaching 40 weeks..

we are praying hard that you will come out smooth as kakak najla...insyaallah

Sunday, May 03, 2009

helping hand

yesterday our maid had it will be a relief juga laa to help us kemas rumah denai nanti and also rumah ttdi..she is quite young jugalaa around d age of 25,tak pernah kerja so really had to train her first laaa...currently mummy is training her how to do all d housework such as mopping d floor,cuci tingkap, vacuum etc..kalau tak train alamat buat kerja sure cincai ajelaaa..

to take care of the baby, shahrir and myself is not confident at all so we will put her @ ttdi first together with d baby nanti under mummy's supervision..i did not dare to take the risk of living her alone with d baby nanti @ denai alam home..

on d other hand i am looking fwd for my looooong week will be my last week working...really has to relax myself dah overwork dah sampai sakit seluruh badan n kaki...