Thursday, March 13, 2014

Super duper tired

   This week was super duper tired.. office project already come to the final  phase.. being busy setting up the line..hopefully after the audit we got thru the licence..
 Being maidless already.. the maid decided to left..malas nak layan and ask her to go off although her passport is with imigresen...she  wanted her pasport back.. told her to pay back the permit RM..only i will pick her pasport back..if she was being caught we will not admit that she was our worker..sorry trying to get a domestic helper who can come in from 6am till 5pm ..tengah cari-cari..

     tragedy happened on last saturday flight MH to know that 1 of the steward was staying in Denai Alam..moga dipermudahkan urusan..dan moga semuanya selamat..

     Emran's school teacher was kind enough to set a whatsapp group for parents of 5 year old ..she shared so many pictures with us parents..happy least we know what they of the picture shared last few days..the children are performing solat hajat #pray for MH370..