Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flying off..

Not me but dearest hubby...and he will be flying off in 2 weeks time ( insyaallah) to perform UMRAH...(alhamdulillah..)..he will be there for 13 days..insyaallah..(this is our BEST gift ever that will be happening in March..;->>>>>>)..

this is the first time hubby will be on an international flight through out his 34 years of life ( yess ada certain people canno believe it, hubby came from a not so rich family ..cannot afford to go overseas for makan angin etc...)

He will be going ikut travel tours.. i will not be able to follow him this time due to my current condition going to be 6 months pregnant i don't think i can travel far....tak apalaa,insyaallah ada rezeki lebih satu hari nanti we will perform the umrah together..and insyaallah can bring the kid(s) along when they are older..

had started to help him pack a bit but his clothes are all still in Penang..he will bring it down by next week as we plan to move our things to KL insyaallah by next week during the long Maulidur Rasul public holiday..

Monday, February 16, 2009

packing timeee

good luck hubby untuk packing all our stuff in penang...( i know its alot sorry couldn't help u )do it slowly okay..we plan to mempercepatkan the transportation of our stuff to kl since we needed some stuff for our newborn nanti especially the baby cot..Hubby is working on the transportation mode and negotiating..

he will not be back till next weekend.. almost two weeks laa najla tak jumpa abah..dah rindu dahh...thanks to the modern technology she can chat and say hello to abah via webcam and yahoo messenger..:-))..

Najla's development regarding school after almost 2 months she really loves going to school..she do learn alot..she can sing and can speak+ understand english but still bahasa rojak lagi..hehehe,nevermind laa hopefully she will learn to adapt in as time goes by..

regarding my self dah mula terasa sakit belakang yang kerap as baby already started to tekan the veins..had to do a simple streching and light massage ..tak sabar nak tunggu for my long break as i think i really needed it now..

Monday, February 09, 2009

Handy "Najla + Abah"

since Shahrir is home for Thaipusam break we went to completekan our home..Shahrir try to install the mirror,towel railings etc by himself but tak boleh coz we don't have the powerfull drill..drill sedia ada tak brapa kuat sangat so mmg tak boleh nak install laa especially nak drill the toilets tiles for the towel railing, mirror,bathroom small cabinet to put the toiletries...so tak ada choice kena upah orang pasang kan laa..had to find one nanti..

So Shahrir just install the curtains railings... Najla pun sibuk nak tolong dgn tools abah...so here is abah's little helper that assist hime to complete the installation of curtain railings for the whole house ( hurray...)..We did not manage to pasang the upstairs railing yet due to hari ini juga we upah cleaner to clean our whole house in order to put in the furnitures.. so cleaner busy bersihkan tingkat atas so we all siapkan bahagian bawah only

Whole day habiskan masa kat sana till Asar from 8.00am..mmg penat tapi puas hati laa juga dapat buat sket-sket since our time really limited... najla pun balik rumah siap mandi-mandi terus terpengsan..hehehe..mana taknya bz turun naik tangga kacau cleaner sedang bersihkan rumah..

Saturday, February 07, 2009

baby at 20 weeks

baby is already 20 weeks..( kalau ikut actual scan and berat baby it is 21 weeks..) the baby is healthy alhamdulillah and got to know the gender of the baby..insya'allah the baby is gonna have the XY genes which indicates it is a BOY aka SHAHRIR JUNIOR..looks like najla gonna have a baby brother to play with..:-))

Dr Nora still stick to the EDD of 27th June 2009 although it should be earlier..at 30 weeks nanti maybe will discuss with Dr Nora so that i can get the dr to write a letter to give to my company for my maternity leave application and plan unpaid leave nanti.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

the best gift ever...

one month of year 2009 dah berlalu..dah masuk february dah...i guess this year hopefully its gonna be the good start for our new life back in KL..insyaallah..:-)))

First few months is gonna be a bit tought and "money spending" as hubby still need to ulang alik for a while from Penang- KL-Penang.. he prefer to drive when there is no public transport available so he will start driving usually at the wee hours after his silat classes on weekends ( usually silat ends at 12 midnite) and will arrive KL in the morning..he will drive very -very slow and for sure berhenti laa kat R&R take a nap kalau mengantuk..after all there is nothing to rush..yg penting selamat sampaiii

since my working hours is no longer the same as the old office hour works so mmg quite difficult to spend the weekend together..but i do appreciate every moment we spend together with Najla..biasanya weekends i will try to take morning syif so when my shift ends at 6.00pm we can still had time together makan kat luar@makan kat rumah..

We also had started to venture into "business" menternak haiwan(hihihi) tapi projek nie di buat di Sg Petani laa since sana ada land and ada org yg akan tlg tengok-tengokkan and menternak haiwan ini...we jut started only with the kandang and kursus awal..baru nak pump in the baka haiwan dan kalau ada rezeki insyaallah adalaah business nie..

And in 4 months time insyaallah we will welcome a new family member to our family..i plan to take 1 month unpaid leave on my 8th month of pregnancy since i had already experience severe muscle cramp and my current nature of the job requires long standing hours i am worried not to be able to stand long and get Deep Vain Thrombosis (DVT). hopefully boss kasi laa nanti..

another best gift ever will be hapenning next month insyaallah..:-))))))