Monday, October 27, 2008

We're expecting

Alhamdulillah...insyaallah jika diizinkan ALLAH our family members will be expanding..we will be expecting a new baby insyaallah in June or July 2009 and Najla is going to be a big sista..alhamdulillah syukur..doa kami moga dikurniakan rezeki anak lagi di makbulkan ALLAH..moga segala-galanya akan bertambah lancar for the coming 9 months..moga ALLAH pelihara "anak kecil" kami dan moga ALLAH permudahkan segala-galanya utk kami sekeluarga..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Down with infection

Najla not feeling well for the past 4 days..down with infection which causes demam+batuk+selsema..had brought her to see dr,she was given antibiotics..still not feeling well, dia tak da suara lagi tapi still nak jerit-jerit,skali keluar suara rockkkk ...hahaha..

hopefully she is getting much better laa in this few days...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

When Najla "beraya" in KL -last minute

Last Minute on Thursday evening had to go to KL to attend a meeting on Fri morning at Jusco Taman Equine, Serdang and also my confirmation interview at Jusco HQ Taman Maluri..since Shahrir also had to go to KL too as he had received a call from pejabat Tanah KL regarding his arwah ayah harta pusaka..since kebetulan my MIL was in KL for a "short break" at her siblings house, we figure as well since we are coming down to KL atas urusan we will pick up mak and also my uncle back to SP..

so we packed our things, bring all the important documents and off we go on Thursday night after maghrib..arrive in KL around 1.30am..

on Fri morning attended to meeting and in the evening rush to Taman Maluri for the confirmation interview..alamdulillah dah confirm so my benefit like AL,rebates for purchases in Jusco,my medical and dental benefit, Shahrir and Najla's medical and dental benefit( yes they covered spouse and anak as well ) will start berkuat kuasa..also discuss with my boss and HR personnel regarding my boss request for me to be transfer to Jusco Bandar Utama(BU)..according to my boss it is almost 98% confirm
but anyway i will be in BU starting from next month..since we are in KL also have already discuss with mum and dad once Shahrir settle down in KL we will stay at Denai we will have to start "hunting" for the stuff like langsir/furnitures for our new home..
plan utk buat sikit demi sikit laa dulu depends on our $$$$ heheh..

b4 going back yesterday morning we went to Aunty Rokiah's house to visit Kak Fifi & co,and Mimi & co,aunty Rokiah & Uncle Fuad..dapatlaa jumpakan Najla with Adam+ Farah b4 kak fifi balik on Monday..Adam very -very "reserved"..always clinging kat mummh dia,kesian mummy dia tak leh gerak..Farah more socialize..mula -mula malu nak kawan dgn Najla..perhaps bcoz jarang -jarang skali jumpa.. najla also kedekut sikit dapat aje mainan diorang dia terus main tak nak share dgn siapa -siapa including baby Eusoff...hahaha..

lama -lama bila time nak balik tue barulaa Najla start berkawan dgn Farah..itupun after Kak Fifi keluarkan bubbles for them to play the girls happily playing the bubbles outside together with Eusoff..:-))).. i guess mmg girls is more socialize and easy to make friends..

Farah and Najla having a great time outdoor

at 10am we really have to make a move since we have to pick up mak and uncle at Gombak..Najla and Farah really communicate well..masa nak balik siap ajak Farah naik kereta utk tgk DVD Alif Ba Ta sama -sama..hehehe..

to Kak Fifi, thank u very much for the bubbles,buku sticker and also duit raya for Najla..Bon Voyage have a safe journey home..hopefully will meet u again nanti insyaallah..and to Mimi thank u also for the duit raya and mercun..(hehehe..kitorang dah belasah main mercun malam tadi bila sampai aje kat giler..yg terlampau excited main Shahrir laa..:-PPPP..)

yang paling excited = Abah

yang paling penakut = najla..hihihi

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Peluang yang tidak disangka-sangka

Remeber i wrote about the last post regarding should we move to KL?..Well today tak disangka -sangka my boss from HQ wanted me to move back to KL and promote me to be a Shop Manager in Jusco One Utama..he wanted me to be there by 21st Nov 2008..alamak cepatnye..tak sampai sebulan..for sure i wanted to accept it as it is the opportunity for me to be a line Manager..

dapat je berita cepat -cepat discuss with Shahrir regarding this..he totally agree is the best opportunity for me..further more Jusco will pay for the "yuran perpindahan" from Penang to KL..

with this we will be officially ( i mean myself and Najla first) moving back to KL..Najla's abah will menyusul kemudian...with the letter of instruction from my company to be relocate to KL my hope he will get a place soon or we probably will ask somebody to assist nanti utk cepatkan proses..moga dipermudahkan oleh ALLAH..come January 2009 we plan to send Najla to Smart Reader school/any taska yg teaches English since she will be already 3 years old by then and if possible we wanted her to talk and master english language pulak,insyaallah..

Regarding where we are going to stay,well in the moment sementara Shahrir tak pindah lagi will be staying at TTDI..once everything settle we will move to our cosy new home in Denai last duduk rumah sendiri..although kena travel sikit from Shah Alam to B.Utama nanti i don't mind as it will be my permenant more pindah-pindah angkat-angkat barang..

Mum and Dad also had decided to move to Denai Alam too next to our house ( which is Adi's house)..the house in TTDI nanti mum wanted to rent it out so that the RM dapat can be use for other purpose yg utamanya to pay the bank loan laa for the denai alam house..with our current situation yes we really have to save alot of RM and use all the opportunities yg in a way good juga mum and dad pindah sama, we can look after them in case of any emergency

Well semoga semuanya berjalan lancar..insyaallah..we are praying hard for it..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hrmmmm Should we???

Mum and dad had gone back to TTDI yesterday..they spend 1 week here...kira alhamdulillah ok laa..dapat laa rehat2 kat sini although they come over due to dad ada lift inspection kat penang..

Dad came on Sunday...Monday dapat laa rest one takde pergi mana pun..just rehat relax -relax kat rumah sahaja...Tuesday morning dad pergi inspection somewhere in Penang...itupun he did not drive..his friend pick him up at 9.00am..inspection should be till evening but by noon he already back home to our house..ingatkan inspection habis awal but rupanya dia sakit dada and asyik pegang dada...he had call Adi earlier to get a guarantee letter from TUDM in case he has to be admited to the hospital..

Dad was really tired time ask him to rest kat bawah ..have to quickly tidurkan Najla upstairs since she likes to kacau her atuk..come night after maghrib dad still rasa sakit dada...he walk up the stairs..thake his BP still high at 160/106..ask him to rest dulu before ambil BP since dia penat naik after three reading BP dah start turun but still on the higher side above 140..

Shahrir pursue dad to go to the hospital... call Adi to get the Guarantee Letter..Adi came over and deliver..come 9.30pm Shahrir drove dad to Hosp Seberang Jaya since he is confy to go there instead of Hosp Bukit Mertajam...bring along some baju incase kena overnight...sampai A&E kena rest,check darah,bla..bla..bla... Lama gile procedure till 2.00am!!! ( bayangkan almost 5 hours kt A&E Hosp Seberang Jaya,govt hosp still the same tak berubah.if u know what i meant) ...ALHAMDULILLAH he is Ok..his Blood result pun ok..Dad ingat kena tahan tapi yg jadi masalahnya kat sana semua katil FULL,ICU FULL 1st class full, Wad biasa full....ada kaa dia kata kalau nak gaks maybe kena transit kat mana-mana dulu mcm dkt dpn bilik mayat kaaa ...Bangang tul depa,gile ke apa...nak buat lawak lakss!!!!#$%^,maknanya kesian laa kalau betul-betul sape-sape ada emergency mcm accident ka,etc mmg tak ada tempat langsung utk depa kat Hosp Seberang Jaya..since dad tak ada apa boleh balik laaa..
alhamdulillah BP pun ok dr just gave medicine aje..

Dad did mention to us nasib baik he is here in least we and Adi can assist..if he is in TTDI alone with mum he said tatau nak buat apa and nobody to look after them since Shat takde kat KL buat masa nie..since both of them also dah reach 60++ of course for us here we worry much..

Hrmmm perhaps we should move back to KL since my MIL kat sini we all tak risau dah..Shahrir also agree to that since all his siblings dah balik cari kerja di sini except for Alang in Sabah and Eg still studying in Shah Alam..Alang also had applied to be transfer back to Semenanjung and kalau dapat nak posting area Baling/ Grik..
i don;t have a problem being transfer to Jusco KL and they also had already inform that there is vacancy in Wellness Pharmacy Jusco OU (the best choice) and also MAxValue Kota Kemuning Shah Alam

but in the other way it is quite difficult for my dearest hubby to transfer..if possible i really don't want to go thru the hassle where we have to wait and wait for the approval to be transfer and duduk berjauhan again and what we know dari dulu lagi in Selangor itself especially area Shah Alam and kawasan yg sewaktu dengannya ( if we wanted to stay at our cosy home in Denai alam that is 100% ready with all the cabinets etc cuma tunggu masa aje nak duduk )there is NO more school yang ada KEKOSONGAN utk GURU( pelik betul takde kosong sedangkan banyak sekolah yg still takda cikgu...!@#$%% )

we have to really -really think about it..and we have to see how..actually 4 me moving back to KL for good also OK since mum and dad tinggal berdua least either Adi or me ada kat KL we can always take care and visit mum and dad...

i also feel much safer that here in Permatang Pauh as when i kept thinking about my kes ragut jadi mcm unsafe nak duduk kena ambil really -really extra precaution tgk kiri kanan before step in and out of the car and also have to ask Shahrir to teman us ( my SIL and also me) at the gate every morning masa nak pergi kerja to ensure that betul-betul selamat..

Hrmmmm now we have to think...think..think..and our doa moga ALLAH permudahkannya as ALLAH knows what best for us..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

5th Raya Activity : Alor Setar

today our plan is beraya in Alor Setar to visit saudara mara sebelah Shahrir.. we plan to convoi together with my inlaws and uncle from SP..last minute we change the plan bawa satu kereta aje laa since my youngest Bro in law Asyraf dah start sekolah dan my sis in law Ina kerja no point bawa 2 kereta kalau penumpang tak ramai..rugi duit minyak and tol aje..

bertolak ke Alor Star around 1.30pm from sungai petani..since highway jem we all guna jalan dalam via bedong exit kat Gurun..then we headed up to Alor Setar..memandangkan semua dah lapar plan nak cari kedai makan dulu..semua cadang nak makan kat ada one shop di Mentaloon yg jadi favourite arwah ayah dulu sbb lauk dia banyak n seda...ended up that kedai makan still tutup cuma ada 1 aje yg buka yg mempunyai nama hampir sama ngan kedai makan yg 1st choice laa sbb perut dh lapa sangat..met Farid Kamil there together with his mom i guess..tak laa hensem sgt,hihihi..:-PPP

After makan plan singgah the famous pekan rabu..kalau tak mai alor setar tak singgah pekan rabu rugi laaa..lagipun plan to buy some snacks like dodol (mmg sedap),kuih siput,kuih loyang dsb utk send ke Shatirah..After dah membeli belah di Pekan Rabu baru laa nak ke rumah uncle -uncle in Alor Setar...Ended up semuanya tak ada kitorang pergi Alor Setar tak dapatlaa nak beraya kira bershopping ajelaa...:-PPPPP

anyway my MIL and my Uncle who follow us nak melawat rumah lama tempat mereka tinggal dan dibesarkan ( My MIL was born and dibesarkan di Alor Star) ..the house was located at Jalan Limbung Kapal..sowe went there..di sana ada juga one of Shahrir's sedara yg tinggal betul2 sebelah beraya rumah dia laa sekali..mmg meninggalkan nostalgia betul bila tgk rumah lama tsb.. it belongs to Shahrir arwah grandparents( My MIL parents) ..

tempat ini laa Abah slalu kopek nyok

The house mmg besar..skrg takda org duduk kira terbiar ajelaa..cuma saudara depan rumah tu tlg tgk2kan ajelaa..Shahrir excitedly cerita tentang zaman kanak kanak mereka bersama all the cousins(my MIL ada ramai adik beradik around 11 of u can imagine Shahrir also had lots of cousins like myself) how they had a great time main bunga api, masak ketupat reminds me juga regarding Arwah Atuk house kat Segamat..yeahhh definately had a great time masa zaman kanak -kanak dahulu terutama bila ramai -ramai berkumpul pada hari Raya..

After spending time there around 20 minutes we headed home..Mum and dad pun call kata dah sampai kt we had to rush back home..the journey home quite smooth jugalaa since ramai dah mula balik KL.. Najla paling excitedlaa jumpa atuk and nenek dia..mum bawa mcm -mcm jugalaa ....antaranya Kak ri punya cheesecake...time nie laa nak "belasah" cukup-cukup...heheheh...credits to Kak Ri..mmg sedap...;-)))

All the dodol, kuih muih dsb yang nak send to Shatirah

Kak Ri famous cheesecake...sedaaaaaaapppp

lagi 2 hari aje nak cuti...Rabu dah start kerja balik...tomorrow plan is nak kena pergi bank bayar all the bills and buat new ATM cards...sbb kena ragut punya pasal ( harap-harap the peragut will BURN IN HELL) mmg benci betullaa coz its lots of trouble nak buat everything balik..

Saturday, October 04, 2008

4th Raya event : Engagement

Today we went down to Parit Buntar, Perak untuk menyertai Rombongan ke Majlis Pertunangan Anak Kak Zulia ( Fadli)..Mummy, daddy, pak karim and Mak pon suppose to join but due to Pak Karim health reason they decided to cancel their trip to the we went there as wakil for Mummy and daddy..

we started our journey from BM around 12pm...mula plan nak join mereka convoi from Bukit Merah but since bukit merah is 30km down from Parit Buntar might as wll we all terus ke Parit Buntar instead of going down south then patah balik ke north..we will wait them at Parit Buntar kat rumah bakal tunang fadli..from highway exit Bukit Mertajam ke Juru it was jam sampai laa ke tol juru...mmg dah agak dahh jem teruk bcoz everybody rushing nak balik ke KL today since monday ramai dah start kerja semula..

anyway we arrived at Parit Buntar around 1.30pm..singgah dulu ke Pekan Parit Buntar..went for a quick lunch at KFC then terus mencari rumah tempat berlangsungnya majlis was not far from pekan Parit buntar..just 15 minutes drive..we waited for Kak Zulia and co near the house.

Around 3.30pm barulaa Kak Zulia and co sampai from Bukit Merah..Abg Ari was the spokesman for our side utk menyampaikan hajat mengikut adat org melayu..after exchanging a few words and come to an agreement,tempoh pertunangan is around 6 months to 1 year with mas kawin RM1100 hantaran 9k + sebentuk cincin..

selepas tamat majlis menyarung cincin, we had a short tea break sebelum bertukar -tukar dulang hantaran..we also receive a cenderahati daripada tuan rumah..

anyway to Fadli and Syarinawati, congratulations both of u on the engagement..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone..How was your celebration?..for us here we celebrate secara teramat sederhana since i was already takda duit after d incident...poor me..:-P

anyway we had a great one juga here in BM and SP.. Malam raya i was working till 10.30pm after that we pack our things and went off to SP to celebrate SP there was only us and my two Brother in laws Asyraf and Eg..kali ini all my Sis in laws not around, my 1st sis in law Angah went back to her husband hometown in Malacca, my 2nd sis in law in Sabah tak balik while my 3rd sis in law kerja pagi rumah quite sunyi laa..

the guys went for sembahyang raya and after that they went to kubur arwah has been almost two years dah arwah ayah meninggal..after that we all rush back to BM since i am working today on noon shift..1st time working on Hari Raya

pengalaman working time raya?..not bad..had a great time juga with my staff and all of us diberi kelonggaran today kena berpakaian hari raya...and today ramai juga customer datang shopping and window shopping..

najla happy dgn baju barunya hadiah dr aunty zera..thanx alot..

Theme baju raya kuning + gold

Kerja di hari raya...bergambar kenangan bersama my staff


ikhlas dari kami sekeluarga di Permatang Pauh;