Friday, February 29, 2008

Makcik Before tido ..

this is what the little makcik do before sleep, bongkar all ummi's tudung in the closet + anak tudung and bergaya with it..

Monday, February 25, 2008

On Denai Alam home

last weekend we went back to KL for a short while.. we went together with MIL + SIL.. bertolak on Friday night at 8pm from Penang and reach TTDI around 1.30am..our intention was to visit Ayah Uda's wife ( Mak Ngah ) who had been not well since the past one week.. Since Ayah Uda was Arwah ayah's big brother and so close to us we needed to go back to visit her.. Mak Ngah was diagnosed with ESRF ( End stage renal failure),,kesiannya..we felt soooo sorry for her as both her kidneys were gone and she had to depend on dialysis..she was sooo thin and looks fatigue.. she was lucky that her stepdaughter was a specialist so she manage to get the treatment at HKL fast.. hopefully she will be getting much -much better

Since SIL is also around in KL, hubby and my BIL Eg went to Kajang to pick up her stuff to bring back to SP as she had completed her practical and would like to find a job back in SP@ Penang.. her stuff banyak juga laa becoz it was accumulated during her study days in Kuantan..

Befoe we went back to penang on Sunday we had a stop at our Denai alam home in Shah Alam...its ready..and the place was really superb and wonderfull..the house is soooooooooooo big espeially the master bedroom..boleh muat hingga 8 org dlm tue ok..:-PPP.. the kitchen cabinets, grills had been installed..since the name is Denai alam it really fits the place and environment like taman tasik perdana@ titiwangsa with jogging tracks etc,,

Najla also having a great time running around the house and also Adi's house( which is next to our house ) ..spend there around 30 minutes before driving off to penang via the guthrie highway..

we arrived in SP around 5.30pm to send MIL,SIL and unload the barang -barang..after having our dinner and rest for a while around 9.30pm baru bertolak ke Penang..

front view of our home..the finishing is very nice..boleh muat 2 kereta

abah posing baik punye..

Abah with our new ride..P**3*** at Denai Alam,


najla inside the car with MIL and SIL on the way back to Penang, see the stuff at the back..terlampau laa banyak alhamdulillah nasib baik muat;->>>

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Bike

Abah bought me a new bicycle from a bicycle shop near our home..i learn how to ride the was not bad but still needs abah or ummi to push me around since my legs tak berapa reti nak kayuh ..since i am getting bigger no point to buy a smaller push around bike..might as well buy a bigger one so i can used it until i am five or six year old have to ask abah and ummi to bring me for some more cycling activities..

my lovely bike..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tawaran bercuti

We had got a superb offer for this FREE OF CHARGE ..we need to redeem it fast before offer expires ..ayoyo have to find the time to go on a vacation.. We also got some offer to go anywhere for free was a great opportunity laa kalau nak round the world dgn penginapan free..ahakss..anyway planning to go somewhere juga laa if time and $$$$ permits to travel since this year we have already draft our plan and will be busy juga laa ..anyway sape nak ikut us .......?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Jalan -Jalan + Makan -makan

What we did for this long Chinese New Year holidays......lepak kat Rumah tgk Astro..., Abah, Ummi and Najla zzzz, Masak kat rumah for Lunch and Dinner, Najla sepahkan dapur+ living room, jalan -jalan kat Tesco Extra Penang to buy some groceries ( which is just located behind our home ) + jalan -jalan kat Queensbay beli baju pi skolah najla ( since all her t-shirt dah tak muat nak masuk kepala and Jusco pun ada sale..) + last but not least family gathering

We also tried out some lovely food kat Queensbay Mall..check this out, the food not bad the price pun OK

Abah Yummy lasagna+ spaghetthi

chicken mushroom soup

Monday, February 04, 2008

the "Little Monster"

Yesss...that's what we called her when she is naughty...hehehe..she can be very tricky and know how to open the fridge,...she will take all the things out of the fridge, yang jadi mangsa was her youghurt and also the eggs...she also knows how to operate our mesin pengurut kaki i -squeeze so we had to put it far away from her eyes..

And she mmg kuat minum susu... ..she will drink at least 6-7x 250ml bottles of milk per day..her appetite is not so good, she just ate a small portion of food and quite a pickery eaters...she loves to eat bake beans,potato,carrot and youghurt minus the rice.. the only rice she ate was nasi ayam or nasi lemak..

on the other hand ummi Najla got some great "offer" ( alhamdulillah ;-) )and Abah Najla had submitted his applicatian form for Postgraduate study in USM..hopefully he got the offer to persue his study in Management and this is a very great opportunity for a new chapter of his career