Saturday, December 30, 2006


I am 1 year old today...Happy birthday to me..ehehe..There is no birthday celebrations but i still enjoy celebrating it with everyone in TTDI..received lots of presents and also a lovely birthday cake.. Thank u everyone..

my lovely cake

cutting my birthday cake

makan kek

i am 1 year old


Happy 1st Birthday to our darling little princess IZZAH NAJLA..Abah and Ummi sentiasa doakan moga Najla jadi anak yang solehah..

Lots of love;
Abah & ummi

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Tok mummy with both her grandchildren

Happy Birthday on 24th December 2006 to Tok Mummy a.k.a nenek..Love u so much..

Its offical..We're be moving to Penang

this coming new year our family ( abah, ummi and me) will be moving to Penang, Ummi got a "career advancement" to work in Bayan Lepas, Penang island..We will be staying in Penang island.. to friends and relatives who wish to come to Penang island and have a break there or makan angin there do drop by to our house in Penang Island ok..;-)..

this is our new home..sorry no furniture yet..we will be moving by this weekend

Thursday, December 07, 2006


They certain met each other..but when they were together they make lot of noises..sometimes they fight among tarik telinga and hit each other.. fighting over toys, fighting to get tok daddy and tok mummy's attention..but they still become good companion..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Najla went Swimming

Last weekends we went back to Kedah for a short journey..We went to see tok on Saturday and on sunday went to Penang as ummi had a "secret mission" ( hehehe) in Penang..We stay for a day in a hotel in has nice swimming pool..i love it..


Adli with his ayah and mama

all of us..ummi was not around as she is working..

Birthday boy cutting his cake..

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to ADLI HARIS..the birthday bash was celebrated in Tok daddy's house.. Adli received a blue berry cake from Tok Daddy and Tok Mummy..

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY also to my beloved Tok Daddy on 1st December 2006.. i love tok daddy so much

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When the " wakil rakyat " is busy

Ehh ada phone call laaa

siapa yang call saya nie..


Nanti, nanti tunggu jap, ada org nak ambik gambar, i nak posing

Saturday, November 25, 2006

When both Hanans came over

My cousins Hanan Afiqah and Hanan insyirah loves to come over and play with me..These pictures was taken by them..both girls are so clever in taking pictures..They are eager to help ummi changing my clothes and diapers..Next year both of them will be going to UK for 3 years as their parents had the opportunity to study PHD there..gonna miss them

Hanan Insyirah,Uncle Syahmi and me..

both girls, Hanan Afiqah, hanan insyirah and me

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Najla Will be on TV..Soon?

Ummi's story..sorry bahasa Rojak

Usually on weekends we brought Najla jalan-jalan, but today we decided to stay at home as Najla's abah had a hi tea function for teachers at 2.00pm and later in the night ( tonite laa nie) had to go to Langkawi for National Wilderness camp with the students for one week ( Najla gonna miss him sooooo much..)

As most of his barang-barang belum packup..realize that had to go to the nearby shop to buy a few things.. Decided to bring Najla along as she had been sooo boring and agitated staying at home the whole day..

So off we go to the nearby Pasaraya Taman Tun to get some stuff.. On our way back,we were stop by a young chinese girl to be interviewed on parenting stuff ..We thought that the chinese girl was a schoolgirl doing some project/ assignment..didn't realize that she was a journalist from a TV Parenting programme 123 in TV3 ( where Sofia Jane and Sharizan was the host).

Abah Najla agreed to be interviewed ( actually dia tak sampai hati nak tolak permintaan chinese girl tue sbb tgk chinese girl te terlalu mengharap utk cptkan penggambaran..)..i was so shy so i decline the offer.. So off he and Najla went to the cameraman to be interviewed.. Najla was so nakal touching the microphone..lambai -lambai to the camera with her miss world tata..hahaha..the most kelakar part is the girl thought Najla was a boy and ask Abah's Najla on how to train him potty training,how to avoid bed wetting etc...referring to Najla..can't wait to see Najla and her Abah on TV.. The program is for the 3rd session..maybe next yearpunye tayangan kot

The girl also offered Najla to be inserted into one segmen about diapers ( Mamy poko) where the host Shahrizan/ sofea Jane will be coming to our home and show how to change diapers during crawling..She will give us a call maybe in two weeks time when Shahrizan will be coming over.. Err could not imagine how Shahrizan can manage to change Najla's diapers nanti as she was sooo active and tak boleh duduk diam..Entah -entah the host will freak out..hahaha.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Funny faces pictures

Movies about Najla..Wow Ramainye yg tengok..;-P

kena jel sbb buat salah sepahkan rumah..hehehe

bunny rabbit

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Berhari Raya di Kuala Lumpur

For the last few days,we went to visits the relatives around KL/ Selangor..

gambar sebelum pergi beraya umah tok uda di Selayang

Then pergi melawat Onyang ( Abah's grandma) in keramat

3 generation : onyang,Mak Unggai and me

Mak Unggai and me

after that we went to Cheras to visit Tok Long,aunty Ina and baby Mursyid..

baby Mursyid and me

Lastly selepas penat beraya, we went to Carefour Wangsa maju untuk shopping..

best... you can see me having fun in this video below :

Enough for the 1st week of Hari Raya..We had cover most of the relatives house..As Hari Raya will be celebrate throughout the Syawal month, we will be visiting the others during the weekends (insya'allah).Tomorrow my Abah & Ummi will start working after 1 week break..

Saturday, October 28, 2006

the celebration continues ( part 2 )

besides visiting relatives we also took a chance this Hari Raya to visit Ummi's friend who had a kenduri aqiqah for her newborn baby boy..

2 months old Izzul Wafi

We also took a chance to a so call " short vacation" in Penang..

Najla and her "boring" face

happy face

For more pictures,click
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  • the celebration continues ( part 1 )

    Our 2nd day of hari Raya was spend by having a picnic in kawasan rekreasi Tupah.. All my uncles and aunties are having fun swimming in cool water.. I joined the crowd too with Abah, but the water is so cold that i felt scared

    our picnic place..

    with Abah in the water

    look how scared i am as the water is really cold

    After swimming i was too tired so i slept peacefully at Tupah

    Friday, October 27, 2006

    Satu Hari di Hari Raya - 1st day of Syawal ( Part 3)

    our next destination after Tok Mat's house is Tok Zabedah& Tok Mohd house in Alor Setar.It took us 40 minutes drive from Sungai Petani to Alor Setar..

    I met my cousin Alia Irdina in Alor Setar, Alia lives in Pahang

    this is my younger cousin, Nur Amirah

    After spending almost an hour in Alor Setar, we went back to Sungai Petani..phew what a day

    Suatu Hari Di Hari Raya - 1st day of Syawal (Part 2 )

    bersiap untuk pergi "beraya"..(everyone this is the baju i "melaram" first on the eve of hari raya..ehehe)

    On the evening of Hari Raya, it was raining heavily in Sungai Petani but we still go ahead to visit the relatives.. Our first destination in the evening was Tok Mat's house..

    this is my real evening baju raya..;-p, picture of me with tok in the car

    Raya is a celebration where we got to meet all the relatives and cousins whom i never met before..

    With my cousin Syafiqah.. this is the first time i met her