Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to workkk

Dah beberapa hari dah masuk kerja...bOsan pun ada..hihih..maybe sebab dah cuti lama...:-PPP... anyway Jusco mmg huru hara tanpa pharmacist 3 bulan..(padan muka..tulaaa sape suh tak nak hire orang ganti, kedekut sangat)...yang kesian staff laa kena marah coz tak boleh dispen ubat..

before pergi kerja pagi -pagi jumpa dad kat katil dia..he said Good Luck..sorry i could not send you to work as per normal....( usually i did not drive to OU becoz of the parking rate..since i am working 9 hours i have to fork out at least RM10 per day for parking at OU...) takpelaa daddy..its ok..

Planning to find a locum job only sementara the children nak membesar...the rate is quite ok for a locum job.. RM25 per hour and can choose 5 days per week..cuma yang disadvantage tak de EPF and socso...Mum advise its a good thing to do for a short while sementara Najla and Emran nak membesar nie..should spend more time with the kids...Mum is right..tgh consider the tawaran baru nak tender resignation..

Planning to pindah to Denai Alam..perhaps end of the year since najla has 4 more months to go in Smart Reader Kids TTDI..let her finish her school here lagi early next year can enroll her in other school near Denai Alam..its good Shatirah will be back for good next least dapat teman mum jaga dad kat rumah..kalau tak mum duduk sorang aje dengan dad..sure rumah akan sunyi nanti.. tapi dekat aje TTDI -Denai Alam around 30 minutes ikut highway and 45 minutes kalau ikut jalan belakang via kota Damansara

Monday, August 24, 2009


This year Ramadhan kebetulan cuti its a blessed juga laa since hubby start cuti, Najla cuti and also i am still on leave..Mak came over from SP to stay with us for a short while..kebetulan hubby demam 2 days before Ramadhan starts,risau juga kalau virum selsema ba alif ba ya coz he said ada kes kt skolah dia tapi skola dia tetap jalan mcm biasa...went for check up dr kasi MC 2 hari but if 3rd day tak ok kena laa buat d influenza test

1st day berbuka mak masak nasi tomato....mmg power makan ramai-ramai including nurse yg jaga dad..on Sunday Mak balik SP dah becoz "kambing -kambing and ikan keli " dah menanti dah..tak boleh tinggal lama

Ramadhan this year is quite different..usually dad is the ones yg akan sibuk ajak beli juadah berbuka puasa here and there + also at night buat sembahyang tarawikh at different2 mosque utk kelainan..

esok mula kerja dah....apa jadi agaknye farmasi jusco tanpa pharmacist 3 bulan???.... :->>>.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 2 months old Emran

When Emran reaches 2 months means its time for Ummi to go back to work...:-))

Monday, August 17, 2009

dad's journey to recovery

It has been almost 3 weeks since dad@ home...alhamdulillah day by day his condition is improving..he had done accupunctur for 5 sessions to stimulate his nerves and also not forgeting urut session..alhamdulillah after both sessions he managed to lift his right legs and move his right hand a bit although he said it feels heavy...tak apa laa bits by bits dulu..

we also send him for nerves and vessel therapy@ dataran Prima..amazingly the person in charge of doing d therapy uses some sort of "metal pen" only to stimulate back the was quite a unique treatment and the effect also was positive ( alhamdulillah)'s leg feels a bit lighter and he can lift his legs easily compared to before..he also manage to stand on both legs in order to support his body whenever we want to move him around..

his ability to swallow also has improved although we had to be carefull on what he eats in order to prevent him from choking..his taste buds is improving and yesterday he requested us to buy mc donalds in order for him to practice chewing food and swallowing..:->>.

Alhamdulillah he has come this far for his journey to recovery and all of us pray he would not give up..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Masa Santaii....

hobi baru najla ialah menggomol adik hari-hari sampai nangis..kalau adik tak nangis tak sahhh..

2 orang botak...hihihi

Monday, August 03, 2009

Dad's condition

After 1 month at DSH dad requested to be home.. at first we wanted him to stay until he can swollow ( currently he is on tube feeding)..but he insist wanted to go home..he miss to be at home so we ask the his attending doctor, Dr Azmi and he agreed to let dad go back

so we brought him home today with an ambulance..Dad was so happy to be home..he said he miss the children..his speech is improving and hope it will be improving day by day,insya'allah..we had hired a home care nurse to look after dad and monitor his condition since he has tube connected to his stomach..

Dad will start his therapy from home..we will try on other alternative medicine such as accupunctur and also will helps..besides that he has to do his daily fisiotherapy to strenghten his muscle..his right side of the body is very weak so he has to depend on the left side to support his body if he wants to move, or stand up etc..

Kalau dad tak kena stroke,yesterday he was suppose to fly to UK with mum,aunty maya and uncle faroq for 2 weeks utk visit Shatirah + holiday laa juga...he was looking forward to it since he last visit UK some 20 years back..tapi takdir ALLAH siapa yg dapat mengatasinya...mungkin ada hikmahnya kena redha..

the journey to recovery is long..we will be together to support dad and insyaallah hopefully he can walk again..