Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Princess is 8 years old

        30th Dec 2013 Najla turns 8...alhamdulillah atas nikmatnya..she's  in perfect health..alhamdulillah..this yeaar planning a last minute birthday party for her..we had it at Amanville Space u8..i do admit memang kebanyakan semua last minute..the party packs ( besides the one given by Amanville) was done also last minute..stickers for the goodie bags was also ordered last minute..

         Her birthday party was held few days earlier..the reason is we was quite preoccupied with other things during her birthday..husband was busy with meetings at school..so takpelaa ..asalkan dia gumbira sudah..

         thank you friends and relatives yang sudi datang..thank you for the present..Manage to catch up with with my ex roomate masa di Matriks PMKP dulu..alhamdulillah.. :-)


Happy birthday my girl..moga sentiasa menjadi pelindung kepada adik adik..insya'allah.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Outing with najla

Yesterday went for outing with najla to pwtc. .found out that there is book expo at pwtc. .so took the opportunity to go..actually the initial plan was to go on Saturday bring the children for short getaways near pwtc. .but I saw in the website that on Saturday so many actor n actress are there to promote their new short film. .dumped the idea as for sure it will be paked with people.
We started our journey around 7.00am..ingatkn jammed rupanye smooth flow..alhamdulillah. .arrived at pwtc early so we wait outside sambil2  having the expensive breakfast. .haha at pwtc nothing is cheap..
 School books not so much choice. .was quite frustrating. .but my novels alot...hahah. .it was a good bargains consider the discount up to 20 percent. .managed to witnesses some books launching..
Before going home we drop by at the ccartoonist booth..najla wanted to have her portrait drawn by one of the cartoonist. .she wanted to be princess najla..the cartoonist layaan ajelaa..the outcome was awesome

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Visiting our cucu..Baby Aarash Danial

 Weekend in Putrajaya..datang  agak lewat sebab few things needs to settle in the morning..Visiting my cousin belah arwah dad abang mad yang baru balik dari tanah suci setelah hampir 2 bulan di sana..alhamdulillah dia sihat,,alhamdulillah kepulangan dia terus dikhabarkan berita gembira telahpun bergelar seorang atuk..his 3rd DIL selamat melahirkan baby boy on 26th Nov 2013..

alhamdulillah tahnuah firdaus and Anum..ithey got married last Feb 2013,,alhamdulillah rezki bunting pelamin....1st cucu for abg mad and kak emy..kids datang datang cari arnab..arnab dah mati rupanya..so mereka mengacau kucing..

we arrived pun dah masuk maghrib..so after solat we minta diri untuk pulang..plan to bring MIL and kids to Alamanda...last minit change plan sb takut takde parking..so we settle down for dinner di Tasik Empangan Precint 5..Ikan bakar dia biasa -biasa sahaja laa..not so bad..price pun ok sahaja