Monday, June 30, 2008

Farewell Bbraun

Today last day in Bbraun... hi am definately happy leaving bbraun..i've learn alot here..i've learn about true friendship and also yg kaki tipu,kaki bodek pun ada.:-PPP..

a farewell lunch was organized for boss wanted me to come back perhaps in years time..i don't think so laa with the current situation..

i surprised them with the lovely cupcakes from sugarbuds thanks kak wan..last minute order pun the cakes still lovely.

looking forward for the new challenges as A******* M****** under Japan Company laks..definately something to learn

my boss Mr valli kasi hadiah

my collegues at Bbraun

kak Wan's of sugarbuds masterpiece..mmg lovely sampai sume di office tanya mana order..

lovely bouquet of flowers from the boys of Mixing Team

my officemates yang definately i will miss alot..always breakfast and lunch together,,,

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Farewell Dinner with my Office mate.

yesterday nite my collegue ( best buddies yang slalu lepak time breakfast and lunch sesama) organize a farewell dinner at pizza hut together with their family members..we started our dinner at around 8.30pm ++..mmg meriah laa bcoz sambil makan we all crack jokes mcm kat office

Shahrir join tapi a bit late & after makan dia balik awal due to silat classes..definately i will miss them soo much as i always have breakfast and lunch with them...among the coolest officemates yang sentiasa tak lokek kongsi ilmu + helping each other..

Friday, June 27, 2008

1 more day..

1 more working day to go till end month...starting from 1st july :-

- no more waking up before 6.20am and reach the office before 6.50am ( mcm time blaja dulu laa kena rush pegi UKM)
- no more rushing back from the office at 4.40pm
- no more phone calls at wee hours
- no more berebut -berebut parking and traffic jam at Bayan Lepas FTZ ( antara penyebab datang awal ke office becoz once after 8 dah full sampai tak leh parking dahh)

But here definately i will miss my collegues yang slalu breakfast and lunch together with me everyday, i will miss their jokes and also the way we handle things together when there is surprise audit kat plant...:-)))

Monday, June 23, 2008

Farewell Dinner.. part 3

yesterday nite was the last farewell dinner with my team ( team C)..this team boleh dikatakan the "hardcore " ones..quite difficult to deal with but they are really -really the outspoken ones where they will be the "org tengah " to ensure that their voices are to be heard by the upper management...( yg nie mmg kelebihan laa.. i really like it ) we had dinner at Bangkok Tomyam, Bayan thing good is they all organize the dinner at 3 different location yang tak pernah we all pergi sepanjang duk penang...these guys mmg really goodlaa if bab jalan -jalan cari makan around penang nie..

We arrived quite late juga laa around 9 pm++ due to we were from SP..we appologizes to them for waiting us arrive..most of them do bring their family around together with their children....since we all tak sempat nak balik rumah dulu we had to borrow Iman's stroller..nasib baik pinjam stroller Iman coz by the time we arrive najla dah tertdo lena dahh due to penat main air kt Kulim..

For dinner as usual the menu is almost the same.. Tomyam,sotong goreng tepung,sayur,kerabu mangga etc..after chit chatting with them around 10.30pm we had to go since we were soo tired from SP and all of them will be working on morning shift where the shift starts at 6.30am..

the hardcore team..:-))

Their appreciation gift for me is a sets of pasu..( i haven't open all yet since we will be moving to BM better keep it first dalam kotak..senang nak angkat)..

one of the pasu sets

Another 2 more farewell dinner to go...

Cerita 2..aktiviti hujung minggu..

Since we all stay overnight at BM, the next morning after kemas -kemas rumah sket semua org terasa macam nak pegi piknik laks, plan last minute laa utk pegi piknik at Junjung, Kulim.. i tak pernah dengar pun this place but most of the people yg duk utara tau laa tempat tue.. ada advantage juga laa duduk di utara coz dapat pergi picnic kat merata -rata juga laa,:-)))

Since last minute plan,MIL tetap masak special juga, nasi daging..after masak off we go to Kulim...the journey around 20 mnutes laa juga..on d way raining heavily plak, so kena laa drive slowly..sampai kat sana pun still hujan renyai -renyai..najla laks dah doze off masa dlm after makan, all of them swimming..air mmg brrrr terlalu sejuk laaa..kejutkan najla juga since she is the one yang excited nak swimming..tgk air terus menjerit keseronokan padahal awal -awal kejut dah mamai dah,...haha

lata air terjun junjung, kulim

picnic time

around 2.30pm plus off we go since ramai laks org yg baru nak dtg..jadi mcm crowded sket laa + nampak mcm nak hujan lebat lg..najla menangis -nangis tak mau balik dan nak swimming lagi walaupun airnya terlalu sejuk mcm we "negotiate" with her saying that we will come again later picnic and bring along khemah etc, baru dia ok..mmg payah juga laa nak negotiate dgn budak kecik nie ...:-PPP.

saiful pun ikut skali,just tgk ajelaa since he is not well.poor Saiful, he looses his finger last week..feel very-very sorry for him

Iman having fun

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busyyy Weekend Activities...Cerita 1

This weekend mmg very busy laa ...mengangkat barang since we will be officially moving next weekend... i am so exhausted mengemas dan mengangkat barang sket -sket together with Shahrir..

Besides mengangkat barang we also manage to curi- curi masa celebrate birthday my youngest BIL, Ashraf( YAP) .... HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY YAP on 20th June 2008..Wish you all the best in everything,blaja rajin-rajin dan moga score utk STPM next year..we surprise him with a special cake.. errr not cake actually tapi cupcake theme rugby( since Yap mmg minat rugby and pernah wakil kedah main rugby peringkat sekolah) specially order from is specially tempah..

We pick up the cake in the afternoon around 1 pm and off we went to SP,najla dalam kereta dah jeling -jeling dah cupcakes tue tak sabar nak kebas..hahahaha..sampai saja SP sume terkejut tgk that cupcake..very -very nicely made and mmg follow the theme that we want..rupa cup cakes tu pun comel -comel...darnnnn we all terlupa laks bawa kamera,rugi betulll sbb kelam kabut dr penang nak angkat barang dan pergi SP.. so amik gambar pakai kamera hp laa...ruginya..cupcakes dia mmg best laa..kecil tapi sedap..najla dan Iman pun brp kali tambah..ahaksss...

najla yg excited tak sabar nak makan,mcm dia punya birthday...hehehe

the birthday boy..

stay in SP sampai kul 4 pm lebih kurang and plan nak balik kemas umah kat BM laks..last minute semua nak mai turun BM tolong kitorang kemas umah skali and stay overnight since kebetulan kat sana takde air off semua skali pergi BM naik our new ride ( senang tak payahlaa bawa 2-3 kereta) .. untung ada our new ride, boleh muat ramai org...:-)))..

At night laks we had dinner kat Carnival Mall..pergi pun dah lambat juga around 9.00pm..tapi oklaa makan kat sana..we had Nando's..we all blanja laa Yap makan sempena birthday dia.. and the Nando's pun baik hati hadiahkan free rice + chicken soup..alhamdulillah mmg rezeki betul..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Farewell Dinner... Part 2

tonight together with the 2nd team ( team B ) they organize a farewell dinner for me at a seafood restaurant near queensbay mall..the food was delicious..the team ordered ikan bakar, sotong goreng tepung,tomyam,sayur etc..only my staff Ishak brought his family together..while the others came on their own..

We started the dinner quite late as we are waiting for the rest to arrive..they arrive late due to work commitment at the factory today..most of them had stayed for 12 hours ( from 6.30am - 6.30pm ) and just got back from was really exhausted to work 12 hours a day...( i work for approximately 9.5 hrs everyday kat Bbraun pun mmg dah penat giler laaa..) we had a quick ones as shahrir need to rush for his silat classes...( p/s : sorry laa abang, dah two weeks datang lambat utk silat classes..apa nak buat kena ikut gaks becoz the team is all men,takkan nak biarkan wife u pegi sorang-sorang kot..segan laa...;-PPPP next friday will be the last farewell dinner ok with my very -very close officemate..maybe tak payah ikut k becos mostly girls aje ...:-PPPP )

after dinner we took some pictures sebagai kenang-kenangan..i cherish the moment working with them and being their HOD..from them i learn alot..they suprise me with a lovely gift...a lovely watch!!..thank you very -very much...i appreciate it..

for dinner we had ikan bakar, ikan masak 3 rasa...sotong goreng name a few

Bbraun Pharma Mixing Team B was headed by Hamizam ( no 3 from right) as Shift Leader..he and a few of them here have work for nearly 20 years.. mmg loyal they are with Bbraun..

Najla yg gembira membuka hadiah
the lovely watch

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sad news and Good News

Good News is Shatirah passes all the exams and will be graduating soon... Alhamdulillah... she passes with flying colours with a CGPA of is so close..another 0.5 point and yet so far to achieve first class honours... ( requirement UPM is 3.75 )..tak apa laa..don't be dissapointed, ALLAH knows what best for you..congratulations and we are really-really proud of you,all the hardwork and efford berbaloi laa.. Thesis dapat A lagi...:-))) and insya'allah if everything goes well we will attend your graduation ceremony ok..

The bad news from SP is my SIL's ( Angah) husband Saiful met with an accident at the workplace yesterday morning..his fingers was stuck in the machine... it is really -really severe as he lost his jari hantu has to be cut off due to the bones for that finger was already crush off..his index finger was also effected but dr manage to save it but have to be inserted is permenant disability for Saiful..we are sooo sorry for him but he is way to brave..he accepted it as the way it is..he will be on MC two months..we will be providing him some info and helping him to claim socso as it is accident at workplace..he also need to be registered as OKU..he is now recovering at the hospital..Moga cepat sembuh..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Tribute to all Father..Selamat Hari Bapa

Najla manja dengan atuk... Happy Father's day Daddy

confirm anak abahh..berkepit ngan abah aje..Happy Father's day dearest hubby

Fathers are wonderful people,
too little understood,
And we do not sing their praises
as often as we should,

For Father struggles daily
to live up to his image
As protector and provider
and hero of the scrimmage,

And perhaps that is the reason
we sometimes get the notion
That fathers are not subject
to the thing we call emotion.

But if you look inside Dad's heart,
where no one else can see,
You'll find he's sentimental
and soft as he can be.

Fathers are just wonderful
in a million different ways,
And they merit loving compliments
and accolades of praise,

For the only reason Dad aspires
to fortune and success
Is to make the family proud of him
and bring them happiness,

And like our heavenly Father,
he's a guardian and a guide,
Someone we can count on
to be always on our side

Happy father's day to my dad in TTDI ( who is going for the 2nd cataract operation today at Tun Hussein Onn Eye specialist..), my dearest Hubby,my brother, brother in laws, cousins

Friday, June 13, 2008

Farewell Dinner.. Part 1

< My staff ( Team A ) organize a farewell dinner at Pak Husin's Tomyam in Sg Ara..My Mixing Team ( which is the core production of BBraun as we mix product from raw material to solutions) consist of all men team ( 30 of them- each team ada 10 org )..from supervisors,technicians, operators...occasion pun santai aje..i like it,most of them brought along their manage to berkenal -kenalan with my staff's wives & kids..

i can say its nice working with them although sometime i feel a bit tough handling all guys team..however they all gave full commitment and cooperation to ensure that the production runs smoothly..sharing knowledge,ideas and discussing any issues with them is the secret of working as a team in Mixing ,,in that way they did not feel offended and feel that they are being appreciated as their opinion being heard

the team & spouse..tak berapa jelas sangat as some of them still tengah makan lagi.. i will take another pictures with them later..

Najla the excited girl with Nizam's ( Team A supervisor)wifey..she came all the way from SP by bus to attend the dinner as her husband today is working morning shift..appreciate it..

the lovely gift

most of them are very hardworking and work really-really hard to support their families... what touches my heart is their income is very low.. ( approximately RM 700+ per month for an operator without OT..OT pun tak boleh buat you can imagine how much they earn monthly with the price increase etc and also duduk kat area penang island mmg susah nak hidup..)..nowdays RM 700 nak makan apa..everything goes up...sighhhh..

the food not badlaa..shahrir and najla pun enjoy it..ada lagi 2 team lagi yang nak buat makan -makan...perhaps within this 2-3 weeks..mmg kenyang laa bulan nie...:-))))

A visit to Zoo negara

Last Tuesday Atuk + Nenek + Aunty Shatirah brought me to the zoo..i saw lots of animals there...ada elephant,kangaroo, harimau,peacock, was a new experience as it was the first time i saw those big animals infront of my eyes..its a learning process for next time ajak abah n ummi to bring me to another zoo pulak

ada byk gambar lagi aunty shatirah ambil..will upload later..its is abah's thumbdrive

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When Najla met Eusoff

Dear Najla,

Ummi knows u are having lots of fun in KL staying with atuk and Nenek while abah went for his course in Klang..and according to abah, najla kemain "eksyen" bila ada atuk ngan nenek dia...:-ppp..Nenek brought u jalan -jalan here and there...ahhh ummi really -really miss u alot...

On Monday night, Atuk+Nenek+aunty Shatirah brought you to visit Tok Rokiah, tok Fuad,Aunty Mimi&co..yess we have not visited them for soo long due to our hectic schedule and we did not have the opportunity to come down to KL often.. the last time we met them was in December 2007 during your 2nd birthday.. how Eusoff had grown up.. Ummi is very -very glad to hear that u did not bully Eusoff.. :-PP,setakat cium -cium and peluk aje ok..jangan tarik tangan sudah ok becoz Eusoff kecil lagi, belum boleh jalan.....insya'allah if time permits we will visit them again as starting from next month onwards both of us will be staying in KL for maybe about 1-2 months due to Ummi will be attending the on-job training there..

Aunty Shatirah told Ummi that Aunty Mimi had give u a nice t-shirt ( where u have worn it during your trip to the zoo the next day) kind and gratefull aunty Mimi... thank you very -very much for the gift and thank you also for letting us to borrow Eusoff's stroller..

all pictures courtesy of aunty Shatirah the unofficial photographer

Monday, June 09, 2008

Price of Petrol Hike

Sbb price of petrol dah meningkat..nampaknya our new ride kena laa tukar using NGV pulak..since NGV only RM0.68 seliter dan dgn RM 4 boleh ulang alik dr penang - SP selama 4 hari....really -really cheap!!!..Lots of people dah start laa berebut -berebut nak pasang NGV and the cost of installing the NGV is around RM 3.5 K - 5K depending on the tank size.. Well nampaknya kena laa save approximately 1/5 dr gaji for 3-4 months utk pasang NGV..will definately do it and had to compare the price kalau worth pasang our new ride dgn NGV kat Penang or KL..( bcoz kalau KL ada banyak bengkel leh pasangkan while in Penang nie quite terhad.. )

if pasang NGV our new ride will look something like this laa..

kalau harga minyak terus naik sampai RM5/litre ( yang nie mmg dah keterlaluan melampau...) perhaps waja pun kena laa pasang juga,

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Flying Off

Classic picture...esok najla nak naik airplane..yahooo..

Tomorrow morning Abah and I will be flying off to KL as Abah will be attending a 3 days course in Klang.. I will be staying with Atuk n Nenek in TTDI .. as ummi is working on Tuesday and Wednesday ( tomorrow is a holiday for Ummi's company due to last saturday Agong's birthday) , she will not be joining us to KL but will be sending us off to the airport in the morning..

Gonna miss Ummi soo much..

p/s : Najla ummi will miss u alot tooo!!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

of Wedding anniversaries

In June most of my inlaws also celebrated their wedding anniversaries.. alhamdulillah..the dates are all different, we celebrated our 4th Weeding Anniversary on 4th June 2008, my SIL Angah's 2nd wedding anniversary is on 8th June while my other SIL Alang 1st Anniversary is on 1st June ..masing -masing dah anak seorang anak...:-)))

we just had an early get together in SP to celebrate the anniversaries..takde buat apa special pun, just makan beehun yg my MIL masak ..;-)))..

my sis in law, Alang, Hubby Rosli and their 3 month old baby Hanania Rifqi

2nd wedding anniversary, Angah+ Hubby Shaiful and 11 month old Alif Nur Iman

last but not celebrating the early 4th Wedding anniversary..

MIL is the happiest person to see us together berkumpul as one family celebrating the special occasion..if arwah ayah masih ada for sure he will also share the happiness to be with all his 3 grandchildren..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary

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to my dearest husband,

Alhamdulillah it has been 4 years we are together as husband and wife..i enjoy all the wonderful things that we went through together..moga ikatan perkahwinan yang kita bina akan kekal dan dipelihara ALLAH SWT..moga ALLAH murahkan rezeki utk kita sekeluarga...

lots of love ;
your wife