Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Our Precious little girl..Izzah Najla

Assalamualaikum everyone..My name is Izzah Najla bt Shahrir Azmil. I was born on 30th December 2005 at 5.13pm in Selangor Medical Centre Shah Alam, Selangor.. I came out 3 weeks early.. I am quite tiny when i was born.. My weight is just 2.43 kg.. my mommy was in the labour room for 9 hours to get me out..when i was born i had a big "bump" at my head as the doctor had to pull me out using the vacuum.. well, well i just feel very comfortable in my mommy's womb as i have plenty of " food "to eat that i refuse to come out( ahakss..) .

Everybody was waiting for me to come out..especiallly my grandpa and grandma in KL and Kedah..Well my " Tok" and " Tok Wan" in Kedah were not here when i was born as they are performing their haj in Mecca..But never mind, i still have my " tok daddy" and " tok mummy" as well as aunty " tiah" ( aunty Shatirah) to tender my needs as well as my ummi and abah.

Really -really hope to meet everyone soon especially my aunties and uncles, cousins as well as all the tok's..and i have to learn to remember their names soon..

p/s : Wanna see more pictures of me?..see it at http ://azmilyana.fotopages.com

meet my cousins.. the twins

These are my cousins..Adam Daniel and Farah Yasmin..they were both twins and are currently staying in UK with their parents..Gosh they are really big compare to me.. i met them a day before they left home..Hope to catch up with them in June 2006 during aunty mimi's wedding..

To Aunty Fifi and Uncle Abar..thank you very -very much for the lovely musical bunny and other presents as well..

Meet Adli Haris

Everyone, please welcome my cousin Adli Haris bin Zihadi.. he was born on 5th December 2005 in Butterworth, Penang.. he was 25 days older than me and he is also heavy( i hope to catch up with his weight soon in 2 -3 months time ).. As we were born on the same year, we will be going to school together..

For everyone info, we were tok daddy and tok mummy" bundle of joy" as we were both their first grandson and granddaughter..we will make tok daddy's house "noisy" with our cries especially at night ( ahakss).. When Adli cry, i will cry louder than him..(heheh..).

Adli is currently staying in Butterworth.Can't wait to see him again..