Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rainbow cake

 first time try order rainbow cake...memang sedap ok...the cake is not that memang boleh masuk laa.

  order for a collegue surprise birthday..:-)..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dalam Kenangan..

 Yesterday was a sorrow day to d family.. hubby's beloved aunty passed away peacefully after being hospitalized in HKL for more than a month..

    Mak ngah  as we frequently called her was a very soft spoken lady..she married to Ayah Uda ( Hubby's uncle which is my late FIL big bro) and dikurniakan 9 orang anak...and we make it a point to visit Ayah uda's family as often as we can since diorang tinggal di Batu Caves and also my  mom and arwah father- inlaw mmg  dari kecil duduk dgn ayah uda and family before they move to Sungai Petani .. jadi the bonding memang stronglaa for both my inlaws...  And Najla also was very -very fond of their cucu especially their eldest grandchild Kakak  Fatin.. setiap kali ke sana Kakak Fatin laa yang rajin melayan main itu and main ini dari Najla baby untill now..

 Mak Ngah tak sihat sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu..she  was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure ( ESRF ) .. She was on dialysis.. from a plump lady badan dia terus susut but yet still she was a healthy lady.. However a month ago her health detriorated badly.. she was taken to HKL and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 4.. a shocking news since selama ini dia tak sedar yang dia kena cancer.. Since it was too late to do any operation or chemo/radiotherapy they did just a simple surgery and dressing everyday..since then she was warded in HKL..  My MIL rush down from Sungai Petani once dapat tahu dia was warded in every weekend we visited her and dia still macam biasa ceria aje..cuma selera makan dia tak ada since the dr put her on Morphine injection.. dia rasa loya and muntah aje so memang tak lalu nak makan

  After few weeks warded we received another news yang cancer dah merebak ke seluruh tulang dia.. we felt soo sorry for her..the last time we went to visit her was last Sunday..masa itu keadaan dia dah  agak terlalu uzur..dia terlalu cengkung dan terpaksa membongkokkan badannya almost 90 degress utk bernafas with the help of oxygen..she cannot sit straight sbb dia kata sakit sangat.. so imagine you have to duduk bongkok  atas katil 24 hrs a day just to breathe.. her dialysis pun terpaksa dikurangkan dari 4 jam ke 2 jam sbb dia terlalu sakit untuk buang and 2 kali dia berada dlm keadaan yg kritikan kerana BP dia low below

 Since dah lama duk hospital the family requested utk bawa balik on Monday 25th July  ..but on that day her BP drop lagi  so dr postphoned to discharge her on 26th July ( yesterday ) ..their children had prepared to sewa the hospital bed, oxygen tank etc .. Tapi siapa sangka yesterday morning semasa tengah buat dialysis Mak Ngah dijemput kembali kepadaNYA... masa tue dia tengah buat dialysis.. and tiba-tiba diorang notice kenapa dia tak bergerak..rupanya she had passed away..and memang betullaa dia pulang juga yesterday tapi bukan pulang ke rumahnya... :-((

    Masa jenazah dibawa balik ke rumah nya ..tak dapat nak menahan rasa sebak especially bila melihat anak-anak and cucu dia.. hubby pun sama.. i only known her since i married to dearest hubby and dia tersangatlaa mesra...infact my mum and arwah daddy also kenal mereka coz they had visitied them banyak kali juga laa di TTDI and semasa daddy terlantar sakit.. however i salute their 9 children who had been very -very calm and uruskan jenazah ibu tersayang mereka sendiri buat kali terakhir..

    Innalillahi wainnailaihi rajiuun..dari ALLAH kita datang kepadaNYA kita kembali.. For Sure we will miss her so much setiap kali datang ke rumah ayah uda nanti...

Monday, July 25, 2011

2 minggu summary

14th july- hubby's grandma ( my late FIL mother)  passed away peacefully kat HKL due to septicemia( keracunan darah) as a result of secobdary hospital aquired pneumonia..It is something common i would said if someone is hospitalized for almost more than 30 days..due to her age factor ( she is 95  when she passed away) and also bedsores where she is prone to got the infection from the hospital..innalillahiwainna ilaihi rajiuun

16th july - attended a former neighbour sebelah rumah son's  from TTDI wedding in Dewan Merak Kayangan.. congratulations to d bride n groom..

19th July - Genap 5 tahun dah  pemergian Arwah ayahanda .(my FIL)

16th july till 19th july- ooooh emran not feeling well..on and off fever and also rashes serta bibir kering..takut denggi,..he did a blood test alhamdulillah bukan denggi..dr suspected maybe rashes due to viral..

24th july- wedding lagi wedding so dapatlaa jumpa saudara mara

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

sakit gigi

 few weeks ago hubby n i kena sakit gigi ie filling make matter worst it happens during maghrib time..and its very difficult to find a dentist after office hours..usually the dentist sampai 5pm aje..

so we search around..found 2 dentist in Shah Alam which operates till 10pm but all fully choice we had to go the next day...hubby 's one quite worst..buat dua kali tapi tak kuat pulak filling the end filling pecah juga..i guess the locum dentist takut nak guna banyak filling nak jimat kos kot..

 i was lucky i did my treatment at a nearby dentist dkt ngan office.. the dr memang recommended laa..two thumbs up...he did the treatment the best he could coz according to him kalau ikut my current condition yg tgh pregnant tak boleh buat apa-apa until delivery.. i objected laa coz takkan nak biar gigi berlubang for 5 months till delivery..tak tahan laa nak tunggu se lama itu.. he try his best utk buat filling juga using Local Anasthetic juga..alhamdulillah setakat ini ok laa..kalau tak ok he said had to do root canal treatment which is best recommended after delivery coz dia takut i will not stand the 2-3 hours procedure of root canal..setakat nie masih ok and hopefully tak ada apa laa..

  hubby on the other hand makin worst sakit gigi,..last friday dah bengkak habis gusi dia macam baru kena tumbuk.. and its getting worst and menahan sakit from friday night..went to another dentist kat seksyen 7 shah alam..the doctor just gave a local anastetic aje utk tahan sakit..adoii not a best solution as the anasthetic cuma bertahan for 3 hours.. after suffering for 3 days bengkak yesterday i forced him to go the dentist near my office..and its the best solution coz gusi dia yang bengkak teruk rupanya its due to terlalu banyak abcess ( nanah ) inside it..!!!.. the dentist explain that previously the dentist who did the tampalan filling for my husband tak bersihkan the area betul -betul before buat tampalan so its like  so many bacteria berkumpul and meyebabkan it gets infected and nanah...very scarry...

  the best treatment to save his gigi was a root canal...he did the root canal laa..ngeri dengar sbb dentist terpaksa potong gusi dia sikit and sedut semua nanah dia keluar before "korek" all the infected part sampai ke akar umbi ..,,but it really -really helps sbb lepas tue dia lega terusssss..
 the procedure of root canal its something like this...


  syukur laa semua dah ok,,,sakit gigi laa yang paling teruk like my MIL used to say..tak kisah nak beranak 10 kali pun tapi janganlaa kena sakit gigi..hehehe