Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gambar terbaru - 15 months old

Girl power in pink( minus abah)..with my aunty on the left and cousin, Kak fatin.

Aummmmmm Chak...

abah and ummi..i'm bored..bawala jalan -jalan..

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My " school holidays.."

1 week of "my school holidays" gone fast..let see what i had done for the past one week ;

1) jalan-jalan here and there with abah and ummi,but after maghrib prayers laa coz during the day ummi is working..

2) visit tok in Sg Petani,..went there twice, and stay there on friday and saturday nite, having fun playing with my uncle eg and uncle yap..

3) tok daddy and tok mummy ( a.k.a nenek ) come to Penang on wednesday..they were here to visit adli..they stay at Adli's house.went to see Adli in Butterworth..oooh how Adli loves to gigit orang..hehehe..garangnye nanti najla gigit adli balik..;-P

Went back to KL this morning with abah,tok daddy and nenek..can;t wait for the next school holidays, that time is a peak season too as aunty alang is getting married..


Sunday, March 11, 2007

my favourite past time.."cooking" is school holidays, i am spending my time with ummi here in Penang.. my favourite past time is "Cooking" or in other way menyepah dapur hehehe.. look at me here in the dapur

hrmmm let see what do i wanna cook for dinner ?..

Saturday, March 03, 2007

TAGGED..Apa Kebendanye eks?..ehehe

Just being tagged by my dearest
  • Aunty Ani

  • 6 wierdest stuff about me a 1 yr old girl.. here goesss

    1.I am veryyyyyyyyyyyy Manjaaaaaaaaaaaaaa with my Abah...some says is wierd coz girl manja ngan abah..dengan my ummi manja juga tapi lebih manjaaaaaaaaa dgn my abah ,i cannot see my abah duduk diam, i will always follow him ( like the digi advertisment i will follow you..eheheheh)..if my abah is in the kitchen cooking something i will also be in the kitchen " cooking something tooo" hehe

    2. I love to eat bananas..everything like pancake, cakes, cekodok pisang, biscuit, muffin that contain bananas i will accept it without hesitation ( cheeewahhh).. And my breakfast every morning is 1 piece of banana..;-)

    3. the sign that i am sleepy is rubbing my eyes thoroughly and tepuk-tepuk my dahi/kepala..but i will tahan my mata if there is lots of people around me like in kenduri or visiting my relatives..i wanna play with them so i don't want to sleep..but i will sleep anywhere if i am really -really tired.

    4. if i wake up after my nap, somebody must be there, if no one is around when i wake up i will start crying out loud and start throwing my bottles as a protest that nobody attend me..Kira merajuk laa tue..hakssss

    5. my sleeping zone should be very wide...i am lasak during my sleep turning here and there i needed the space at least a king size bed..hahaha..

    6. if i want to drink plain water, it must be "served" inside a cup or sports bottle.( demanding tak?hehehe). If the plain water was inside my botol susu i will drink only a bit just to taste it..For me to drink plain water is quite difficult as i don't really like it. One way for abah and ummi to ask me is to say " Najla..come drink a water..." ..then i will quickly come to them