Monday, December 31, 2007

Buat Susu Sendiri ..ish..ishhh

yesterday nite when no one is looking, i made my own susu..huhuhu...since i know the procedure by watching my abah and ummi bancuh the susu for me..the procedure is simple ambil tin susu atas meja then open the cover..ambil my bottle and sit down on the tikar, put in a few scoops of susu inside the bottle and taraaaaaa made my own susu..hahaha..i want to make more so i don't need to bancuh so many times so i decided to put the susu tepung inside a drinking bottle plaks..

when abah balik from kedai he wasss sooo shock..hehehee...susu habis sepah merata -rata on the tikar ..;-PPPP...mostly atas lantai juga and dalam drinking bottle..abah says yang kurang cuma takde air aje untuk dia bancuh susu...kalau ada air tak tau laaaaaa...hahahaha..

Najla and her innocent face..

Wedding : Kuala Sanglang

Tok bawa hantaran

Ummi serius aje sbb panass..

Pasangan pengantin

Majlis bertandang Tok Uda's daughter Aunty Nur Hafizah & husband at Kuala sanglang, Kedah...Alhamdulillah selamat semuanya and congratulations.. insyaallah they will be flying if to syria as the husband will be working there under perbadanan putrajaya while the wife intend to further her studies..

Sunday, December 30, 2007


- Najla 1 day -

- cheeky Najla 2 years old -

Abah and Ummi would like to say HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY darling..we love u soo much and our prayers and doa that you will grow up as a healthy girl and the most important thing u will be anak yg solehah..

Family Gathering

yesterday we had a great time togethet with family and relatives...due to ayah uda's daughter majlis bertandang in Kuala Sanglang which is today,the whole of ayah uda family are in Kedah.. ( they are a huge family..21 people including cucu dan menantu..) ..

In the evening all of us went to Alor Setar to visit another relative + jalan -jalan..Ayah Uda have not been there for almost 31 years ( the last time he went to Alor star was during Mak and arwah ayah wedding back in 1974)..

After borak -borak with Uncle Mat and Aunty Bedah we say goodbye at around 6.00pm..their next destination for yesterday nite was penang.. They would like to jalan -jalan kat Pesta Penang.. so all of us rush back to Penang while they went back to SP first for mandi and bersiap -siap and bertolak after maghrib to penang.. We thought that the jambatan was crowded in the evening so we decided to use the ferry instead
..tengok -tengok Ferry laks jam....menyesal ikut feri laks...we arrive home quite late and once we reach there they all have already arrive in front of USM...cepatnye...our plan untuk jamu all of them nasi berlauk tak jadi becoz we arrive home we change the plan and jamu them nasi goreng + beehun goreng instead..

yesterday our house mmg FULL house with 24 guests..after makan at around 10.00pm most of them went to Pesta ( with Shahrir as the driver making 2 trips to send all of them to Pesta as no point bawa kereta as the parking lot is extremly full until infront of our house which is approximately 20 -30 minutes walk from the Tapak Pesta Penang) while a few ones tak larat dahh nak jalan so they lepak at our house..Najla was sooooooooo excited with sooooo many people in the house that she refuse to sleep at all..

At arounf midnite baru they all balik from Pesta, lepak kejap then all nak balik SP untuk tdo and rehat...Before balik at 12.30am they all sang to Najla Happy Birthday,,Najla tersengih -sengih aje and tersipu -sipu malu, and nyorok kt Abahnye..hahaha..) at 1.00am baru laa dia tdo...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Short Vacation..Bukit Merah Lake Town

yes..its a vacation for us, we had a very short vacation at Bukit Merah Laketown..It was really -really fun..We went in two cars together with my uncles and aunties.. booked a hotel room and stay there for a night..

IT was a 45 minutes drive from Penang..we started our journey at around 9.00am, waited for my uncles and aunties to arrive at the R&R around 10.00am we convoy together to Bukit Merah..arrive in Bukit Merah Laketown at around 10.45am..we quickly check into the hotel first to load our stuff before heading to Bukit Merah Laketown resort Waterpark which is 10 minutes from the hotel..

had fun swimming and main air..everyone including tok and ummi also join sama...we rent a cabana...the cabana is equipped with fans and chairs so we can really enjoy ourself privately rehat and baring2 after swimming..

We enjoy a whole day there mandi manda sampai kecut tangan...ahahaha;; around 5 pm baru keluar and check in the night semua dah letih gile and tdo awal including me..after maghrib dah pengsan and woke up the next morning at 6.30am...

Kesimpulannya i really enjoyed does the was a great short vacation there...perhaps we can plan some more again...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Salam Aidil Adha

Selamat Hari Raya to all.. i remember last year hari raya Haji we were moving to has been almost a year we are here..this Raya Haji we celebrate it together with Atuk, Nenek and Aunty Shatirah in Penang..

As usual the day started with Solat Sunat Aidiladha.. We went to the USM mosque which is situated just 10 minutes from our house.. by 9.00am we were already at home. Our special meal for that day was spaghetti..

At arounf 10.00am Abah, Ummi and i went to Tok's house in SP...spend a few hours there. Tok cook some ketupat daun palas, rendang ayam,rendang daging and nasi!!! mmg hari nie asyik makan ajelaaa..hehehehe...brought some food home for Atuk, nenek and Aunty Shatirah

Atuk, Nenek and Aunty Shatirah will be going home tomorrow..we are planning to have a short so call vacation on weekend at Bukit Merah Laketown..;-))))

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Yesterday was our "big day" .. alhamdulillah everything goes as per plan..the weather was Ok..without any rain..

We started the day in the morning by cleaning the house..move all the chairs outside and prepare the buffet table..since we plan for only a small occasion for relative and friends we did not put up any tent or order some tables and chairs..

the food arrive at around 11.00am..For lunch we had daging salai masak lemak, daging kicap, ikan bakar,pecal, ayam goreng and sambal udang,not forgetting fruits and air mata 12.00 pm we receive our first guests. Aunty Mimi, Uncle Lamdek and Tok Rokiah were the first one.. ohhhh not forgetting baby Eusoff..Adli and i had a great time kacau baby Eusof..heheheh

by 1.00pm most of the guests was full house.. Tok Maya brought some lovely pudding to share with all the guests..we had a simple cake cutting ceremony for both of us..

Adli and i were so excited mingling with our guests.. we had a great time running here and there, playing balloons with the cousins and uncles.. Adli had a race and play "baloon rugby "wih Uncle Amir..

Aunty Ri came at around 2.30pm and brought some yummy "cheesecake"..Aunty Ri your cake laku OK..dah tinggal sikit aje..

Oooh i forgot to mention, tok Pon and family also drop by from was also the day to bid farewell to Uncle Shah, aunty Shukriah and both hanans as they were leaving for uk..BON VOYAGE..and till we meet again next year insyaallah..

Thank you very -very much to everyone who come and celebrate with us in this small occasion.. thank you for the lovely presents, thank you for the RM given,we appologize kalau ada apa-apa kekurangan..

here are some pictures we had updated, we will update more pictures in our fotopages later ok..enjoyyyy...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We will be going back to KL tomorrow evening..hope to see all the family members and friends this saturday...can't wait..;-)))))

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Dearest ADLI



Your cousin Najla

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Picnic - Tupah

Today went for a picnic in Tupah...had a great time..Ummi was not with us due to she has work to do..arrive there at noon, meet all the family members and have a nice lunch there.. After that we had a swim...the water was brrrrrrr so cold.. however i do enjoy it...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Activities Today...

First of All, HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to dearest ATUK in TTDI..didoakan semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki & in very good health

Yesterday we had lots of things to do.. in the morning as usual is time to clean the house.. As Ummi is working on weekdays, only weekend was the time we fully clean up the house.. i woke up early and assist ummi...after a few hours the result?...taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

siap golek -golek lagi..ahaksss

in the afternoon we went out to the mainland to attend ummi's friend wedding..the location of the wedding is in Sik, Kedah.. Congratulations to Aunty Fazlina & husband.. Aunty Fazlna was ummi's collegue way back in year 2003 where Ummi work DSH..we had a great lunch there.. After that we went to SP to visit tok.. we stay there for a while before going back to Penang

Aunty Fazlina and husband.. congrats

Since all my uncles and aunties are back in SP for a short break we thought of having a small family gathering as we seldom see each other too often ( as Aunty Alang and husband stays in Tawau, Aunty Ina in Kajang while uncle eg studying in Shah Alam ), so abah and ummi invited them to have a seafood dinner in Penang ..

The food was really yummy and magnificent.....we had ikan bakar, sotong goreng tepung,tomyam, kailan ikan masin and telur bistik + orange and apple juice..this place was among the best seafood in Penang..yummy yummy yummy..;-)))))

bergambar dulu laa sebelum pergi makan

all of us ( minus abah who is the fotographer )

baby Iman pun ada


Birthday list for December :

1) Happy Birthday dearest Atuk Daddy ( 1st December )

2) Happy Birthday Adli Haris ( 5th December )

3) Happy Birthday Aunty Fifi ( 13 December )

4) Happy Birthday dearest Nenek ( 24th December )

5) Happy Birthday Tok Pon ( 26th December )

6) And Finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME.. hehehehe ( 30th December )

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Trip to JB

Just got back from JB last night..we ( the three of us + Uncle Adi ) went there via Air Asia Flight from penang.. it was such a pleasent journey on board Air it.. We arrived in JB on Friday at around 10.30pm..Atuk and Nenek was already there and pick us up from the airport..all of us was so hungry so we directly went for a late supper before check in into the accomodation that was booked by Tok Pon

we had some roti canai and Chapati..the food was not really that good, but since all of us are hungry we don't mind..:-P..arrived at the NPC around 11.30 pm..bump into uncle Amir and Aunty Murni at the carpark..i was already so sleepy that i only smile to both the newly weds

The big day starts on 24th Nov 07..woke up early morning and by 9.00am we had already arrive at Tok Pon's place.. Managed to met all the relatives.. almost everyone was "shocked" to see i have grown up into a big girl..hehhehe..the last time we were in JB during uncle Hakim's wedding in May last year.. that time i was only 5 months old and barely could not talk or i really had a great time running here and there at Tok Pon's house.. i like to climb the stairs and coming down almost every 10 minutes which causes Ummi to be sooooooooo tired catching up on me..hehehe..sorry was just sooooo nice to climb up and down the stairs;-PPP

ALmost all the relatives far and near was there to witness the big day for Uncle Amir..,,that's what i like about weddings.. it manage to gather all the relatives and cooperate together as one team to ensure the wedding was smooth

At about 4pm it was time for us to leave as we has to catch our flight back to penang on 7.30pm on that day.. Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru to uncle Amir + Aunty Murni.. may both of u are blessed with lots of kids..;-)))

with Hanan Afiqah

All the relatives helping hand

big family gathering...almost the whole tent are full with relatives during our makan time..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Happy 28th BIRTHDAY Aunty Zera today.. Hope u had a great one there in Terengganu..;-)))

School holidays had already started..meanss no more going to school for me.. We had lots of plan to do this holiday.. We will be going for lots of kenduri i guess.. The first kenduri is Uncle Amir's wedding in JB.. will be heading south via flight from penang this friday night

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Muka bila pergi skolah

Previously i hate going to school..i will start crying once Abah and Ummi send me to school..probably i find it not interesting being with friends and teachers and one of the possibilities is the long hours in school..previously ummi used to send me in the morning at 7.00am and pick me up later in the evening at 5.00pm, now i went to school in the afternoon with Abah and ummi will pick me up in the evening..

my perception had changed.. i love going to school.. i learn lots of things such as singing, ( my favourite song will be Rasa Sayang and Alif ba ta.. i know how to sing the qiraati song for Muqaddam which is Alif ba ta sa jim ha kho' only..others belum khatam lagi..hihihih.. and i know how to count one to ten in english.. its not bad after all..

look how happy i am before going to school with abah

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hari Raya lagi - Part 3..

Hi there.. Since it is still in the month of Syawal, we took the opportunity to continue the silaturrahim by visiting relatives.. Yesterday we went to Arau to visit Lisya.. She was cute wearing baju kurung..

At first we were quite shy with each other and by the time flies we began to be good friends.. stay there for quite a while before saying good bye..thanks aunty Ain for the spongebon and duit raya..hope u will visit us in Penang laks..

my baju raya to Lisya's place..cantik tak???

posing with lisya...

ayoyo.. Lisya..seksinye..hehehehe

In the evening we were back in Penang.. Ummi received a call from a very -very long time friend.. she and her family happens to be in Penang and already settle down in Kepala Batas..what a coincidence.. .She was Ummi's best friend during secondary school days ..when to the same uni together only different course..

Aunty Suria Emilia came with her family and cute baby girl Nur Ainul Nabilah..Ummi had at chat with Aunty Suria while i am busy entertaining 1 year old Nabilah..At night we had some more jalan -jalan ..phewwww what a day...

Saturday, October 27, 2007


To all family and Friends,

We are planning to have a small gathering makan -makan session for Najla and Adli's Birthday Celebration in December..Its some sort like a Birthday Party celebration for both of them but actually more to gathering for saudara mara and Friends...

Official invitation will be here

  • birthday invitation

  • So all, please book it on your calender and make your self available during that day..There will be lots of food to eats and of course birthday cakes to share with everyone..:-))))

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    More Pics....

    the host.. Aunty Huda

    Pictures courtesy of Aunty Huda.. We visited her in Bandar Sri Damansara on the first day of Raya..Ummi am glad to see her after almost 1 year tak jumpa.. the first time she saw me when i am 6-7 months old.. Aunty Huda is a Pharmacy Student in UITM Shah Alam... She had a diploma in Pharmacy from UITM and was given the opportunity to further her study for a degree programme..

    Aunty Huda will be having her final exams in this few weeks...well good luck..

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Hari Raya celebration part 2

    Today is the third day of Syawal..the hari Raya spirit continues with visiting relatives all around KL.. our 2nd day of Syawal was spend at home cooking chicken rice early in the morning.. by noon a few relatives drop the evening we went to visit abah's side.. We went to Gombak to visit Tok Uda's family and later to Melawati to visit Tok Chom's family..

    Today we did not go anywhere..more relatives drop by and we had a great time entertaining the guests.. tok Maya's family drop by today.. i got to meet Tok Faroq's grandson Darryl.. He was such an active boy running here and there..Aunty Fidah's family also drop by...Our plan to ronda -ronda a few houses today was stopped by the heavy rain..

    Kantoi..Najla pegi kiss Darryl laks..

    Tomorrow we will be going back to Penang after spending almost one week in KL..its time to spend the Raya with Tok in Sg Petani and all the relatives in Kedah..Anyway we appologize to all the relatives yang tak sempat kitorang visit..its not that we did not want but due to time we cannot make it to everyone's house..Aunty Ri, your cheesecake laku tinggal 4 pcs aje..Ummi cannot bring it home to Penang..can we order some more..;-P

    bersiap sedia untuk berjalan Raya..

    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    HaRI Raya Celebration..Part 1

    before Raya bergaya with new baju kurung..

    Salam Aidilfitri to all.. this year we had quite a great time too visiting relatives and ummi's friend during the first day of Raya.. The day started with Sembahyang Hari Raya.. We went to the At Taqwa TTDI mosque..

    After that we went to a few houses..our first stop was SS2 to Tok Maya's house..Tok Maya was busy preparing for her open house which was held last nite ( sorry could not attend due to we were so tired that we slept quite early )

    pagi Raya kiss Abah and aunty Shatirah

    lepas tue makan nasi impit

    Then we went to Subang to visit Tok Mail and family before we went to Shah Alam to visit Tok Rokiah's Eusoff was there and i met him for the first time..he was so small and cute..

    baby Eusoff

    by noon we are already back in TTDI.. we received some visitors.. Tok Senah's family drop to met my cousins which i hardly met since we move to Penang.. Aunty Ina yang dalam pantang pun drop by which the new family member .. baby Zaharah..Mursyid had grown into a cute 1 year old toddler..

    baby Zahrah and Mursyid..Mursyid dah besar dahhhh..

    in the evening it was raining heavily in KL but however we went out again to visit Ummi's friend aunty Huda in Sri Damansara and Abah's grandma in Keramat..Went back before Maghrib..i was so exhausted and tired that i slept really early..