Monday, March 23, 2009

picture of abah send via mms

just received the picture via mms..ambil masa 2 hari utk sampai..abah najla send d picture just after he completed his first umrah last 2 dayss..alhamdulillah

Sunday, March 22, 2009


dearest hubby will be back on saturday,,,alhamdulillah he is ok there..celcom dia tak leh roaming laa plak from saudi so he has to bought arab punya mobile no where he sms us everyday..

alhamdulilllah he is in good health and manage to perform his 1st umrah..can't wait for him to be back..

Al Fatihah

my dearest cousin Kak Neng pass away last week at her was quite a shock juga laa when received the news...kak Neng was a talented emcee in Haji Othman's clan wedding..sebutlaa siapa punya wedding anak sedara, cousins etc she will be the emcee..Dia pandai buat lawak so people mmg tak bored dengar dia berceloteh sebagai emcee...She was the master of ceremony during our wedding reception kat TTDI 5 years ago..

She pass away approximately after 1 week her beloved father arwah Pak Ali pass away.. takziah utk keluarga allahyarhamah..moga rohnya di cucuri Rahmat..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Selamat berangkat

Alhamdulillah dearest hubby dah pun selamat berangkat untuk mengerjakan ibadah umrah siang tadi..flight pukul 3 pm via Saudi Air ke Jeddah..this is his first international flight and he looks very -very happy..My Mum in law, brother in law myself and Najla send him off to KLIA..

Moga segalanya dipermudahkan ALLAH dan hubby selamat mengerjakan ibadah umrah..he will be back in two weeks time

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Things dah sampai

All aour things had been moved out from penang to KL on Sunday night...mmg banyak laa we had to sort out mana yg tak nak etc..Last weekend Hubby arrived with some of the things together with my Mum In all of us bermalam kat Denai Alam..Mmg best laa kat sana coz very quie and sunyi..sesuai utk relax..:-))

Najla digging for her toys

our house pun dah almost complete..we manage to complete it during the 3 days holiday..alhamdulillah a few things ajelaa tak complete lagi..lega juga laa dapat complete the house before hubby flying off for umrah this coming Monday...Hubby had gone back to Penang..Dia rinduu sangat kat Najla so he took Najla along to Penang..Sunyilaa Ummi kat sini takde Najla..huhuhu,

Friday, March 06, 2009


My Sleeping pattern mmg dah jadi haywire...when i am too tired i really could not sleep at night and having insomnia where once i woke up in the middle of the night when Najla wanted her milk or going to the washroom its quite difficult for me to sleep back...i soo needed a long vacation..ahaksss... i had my 18 days annual leave not utilize yet + a few days substitute holidays due to working on public holidays..

This school holidays since hubby will be off to perform his Umrah so no holidays for us..nanti plan utk next cuti sekolah in August due to i don't think will be able to go on holiday in May/ June due to the baby will pop out during that time..

hubby will be back tomorrow together with our stuff...yayyy finally our rented house in Penang will be clear off by tomorrow, insyaallah and the stuff i to be brought and arrange directly to our home sweet home..our plan to complete the house slightly has to be delay due to lack of time..busyy sangat with work etc..

Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy and Sad news

the Happy news
Congratulations to Cousin Mimi for the birth of their 2nd Child a lovely baby girl last week at Klinik Bersalin Umra..sorry tak sempat nak visit..will visit you both later..

Congratulations also to my ex collegue in Bbraun Azura + Hubby for their 1st bundle of joy a baby boy born last friday at Pearl Maternity Centre,Penang..she's hoping for a normal delivery siap bekerja keras lagi utk mudahkan beranak till sebelum bersalin..siap tak ambil cuti lagi tapi kita merancang ALLAh yg tentukan, the baby tak mahu turun,so kena c-sect..takpelaa zura janji baby selamat..:->>>..will visit you all nanti bila ke penang..

alamak in 3 months time will be my turn laks...berdebar pun ada juga,lama tak masuk labor room,,hopefully dipermudahkanNYA nanti..

the SAD News

Our beloved Uncle, HJ ALI bin HJ OTHMAN ( Pak ALI ) passed away yesterday night in Segamat.. moga roh Allahyarham ditempatkan di kalangan orang -orang yg beriman..Amin..

On the other hand,dearest Hubby balik for a while last weekend..he did not manage to get a late night bus ticket back to Penang so he had to take the 4.30pm bus..kejap ajelaa dia ada since he arrived on Saturday pun dah quite late sampai rumah around 5.30pm due to he pick up a few things at Wisma Yakin...kejap ajelaa Najla bermanja dgn Abah and golek2 dgn Abah.. Najla was realy upset when its time to send Abah off to Jalan Duta..she was crying wanted to follow Abah and wanted Abah to stay..Alahai..she really misses her abah.. you have to wait a few more months sweetheart then insyaallah Abah will be here in KL..( sometimes i also wonder why the Kementerian Pelajaran people don't understand the family bonding and delaying the time for transfering for teachers with families..and i do pity husband and wife yg teachers di mana husband had to teach in Kelantan while the wife had to teach in do you expect them to be a happy family when they had to be abroad from each other...)..tak tahulaa..yg boleh skrg cuma bersabar and berdoa..mungkin ada hikmahnya..