Saturday, June 27, 2009

Emran kena admit lakss

Alahai Emran kena admit kat NICU laks...jaundice tinggi sangat sampai 400 ++... kalau photo therapy tak ok kena laa buat blood transfusion...harap jaundice dia turun laaa...miss him soo much...

Tribute to hubby..Belated Father's day

To my dearest hubby

TQ So much for everything...TQ for being a good father to our kids...TQ coz teman tido kt hospital semasa bersalin Emran..he had to sleep on the chair for 3 days semasa dlm wad...

Hubby terpaksa tdo mcm nie dalam wad

TQ juga coz every nite he will woke up when Emran nangis sebab yak-yak and help me to hold emran for his nite feed..

Love you very very much...muakssss...HAppy Father's Day...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our 2nd bundle of Joy had arrived..Alhamdulillah..

Alhamdulillah telah selamat melahirkan baby ke 2 kami on Thursday 18th June 2009 at 5.45pm..we was planning to induce the delivery on our next appointment with Dr Nora on Saturday 20th June 2009 but rezeki baby nak keluar awal..

On Thursday afternoon dah start rasa sakit nak bersalin so after zohor prayer me and hubby went straight to Pantai and terus kena admit at labor room.. CTG monitoring at labor room shows that the fetal heart rate is very -very high around 170 and above while the contraction is very -very slow ie only 3 cm baru terbuka..another 7 cm to go.. ( Normal baby heart rate should be around 120 - 140 only) Dr Nora was very concerned and ask the nurse to monitor for another extended 30minutes and see how it goes if the baby heart rate start turun to 130..i was given oxygen mask and ask to relax..the heart rate turun a bit but still not enough..
so Dr Nora ask the consent from hubby that there is no way to deliver via normal as the baby will be very -very distress and we still don't know what happened to him inside the womb

Emran heart high

In the labor room...mengharap utk normal delivery

Mmg tak ada rezeki nak bersalin normal and i was being prepared to undergone
emergency Ceaseran under General anasthesia..Hubby tak boleh masuk in the OT room so he had to wait outside.. at 5.15pm Dr Nora is ready to perform the Operation and i was given a totaly knock down anasthesia..tak sedar apa pun..sedar -sedar perut dah kempis..;->>>

Alhamdulillah our 2nd bundle of joy Emran Danish bin Shahrir Azmil selamat dilahirkan dan tak ada masalah..according to Dr Nora, he is having "cord disress" ie uri timpa atas dia and don;t know for how long uri dah timpa dia maybe dah few days before delivery as it is difficult to determinde his condition inside the womb even using an ultrasound..and alhamdulillah ALLAH granted us a strong fighter and he manage to survive inside the womb till he was born..

his face is sooo like najla masa kecill

Abah and his junior..

Anyway we had to stay at the hospital for 4 days since he had a slight jaundice on the 2nd day of his life..we just got back this afternoon and am surfing the net to find out all sorts of things utk berpantang after operation since i don't have any experience melahirkan secara C- section..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

ooohhh baby cepatlaaa keluarrr

its already 38 weeks...belum ada tanda-tanda baby nak keluar lagi..sedap sangat dia duduk dalam womb kakak najla dah tak sabar dah..everyday duk tanya ummi adik dah keluar ke?...najla naik main dgn adikkk

every morning pun dia akan pergi kt my tummy and shout adikkk cepatlaaa keluar...^_^

on d other hand our denai alam home dah complete dahhhh..alhamdulillah cuma perlukan sedikit touch up especially d garden..nantilaah buat pelan-pelan..takde idea lagi nak buat garden macam mana

ermmm hopefully our baby keluar cepat..i have taken all sorts of remedies ie akar fatimah,air selusuh and also jalan -jalan kt ikea 2-3 round utk cepatkan bersalin..

Thursday, June 04, 2009

HAPPY 5th Anniversary

Alhamdulillah,kejap aje dah 5 tahun hidup bersama sebagai husband n wife.. tolak ansur was the best way to strenghten our relationship and strenghten our marriage...alhamdulillah sepanjang 5 tahun bersama we manage to have a proper home, a 2nd car and also membesarkan our children dgn sempurna..

moga ALLAH murahkan rezeki kami sekeluarga dan ikatan perkahwinan yg dibina akan berkekalan insya'allah

najla reunited with her "sweetheart",,,:->

for the past 4 days najla sangat-sangatlaaa excited...manataknya sweetheart dia a.k.a ABAH dah ada kat sini..

pantang abah hilang kejap dah mula jerit abahhhh..abahhhhh ada kat mana...hari-hari nak golek-golek dengan abah sebelum tidur...hihihi..manja bukan main...rindu sangat laa tu...

makan pun nak abah suappp