Friday, December 31, 2010

Early Celebration of Najla's 5th birthday

         We plan for an early celebration for Najla together with Adli kat Casa Kidz since her birthday falls time cuti sekolah she will not have the opportunity to celebrate it with her friends..

         hubby and i took leave on that day to take some pictures of them..the children were sooo excited with the cakes...helium balloons and also the lovely chocolate oreo edible images..

           the moist chocolate cakes ordered from dillcakes were superb...mmg sedap...not forgetting the edible image chocolate ordered from Lonia Chocolate mmg membuatkan semua orang kata waaaaaahhh, oooooohhh,,ahhhhhhh..:-)

           overall i am satisfied although it is a small celebration as they enjoy to be with their friends...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Najla turns 5

Its a belated post as we had just got back from Southern Region..Alhamdulillah on 30th December 2010 our dearest Najla turns 5 years old..owhh my cepatnya Najla membesar...

 We did not purchase any cake or etc but we plan for a family getaway..3 days 2 nite ke Selatan..we had booked a hotel so that she enjoyed playing kat swimming pool which by the way she enjoy sooo much,,

Monday, December 27, 2010


27th December is ayah's ( My FIL ) birthday.. If Ayah was here today he will be 61 years old.. beruntunglaa untuk mereka yg masih mempunyai ayah or ayah mertua as both of us ( my husband and i ) had lost both..

   I had not much memories about ayah as i only know him for about a year ++ ... i married his eldest son ( my dearest husband ) in 2004 and after marriage only i manage to know him much better or talk to him often.. i got to know what 's his faviurite food, what's his favourite drink etc and alhamdulillah we manage to bring ayah to denai alam to show him our future home a few months before he passed away..

   Ayah seorang yang tegas.. he works as an ex Supervisor for PLUS.. barely  a few days before his retirement  in 2003 ayah suffered a heart problem ..he had to underwent a stent ( balloon ) procedure as there is blockage in the heart..alhamdulillah he was ok after that and our wedding in 2004 was proceed smoothly in KL and Sg Petani..

  in 2005,rezeki ayah and mak dapat panggilan haji..alhamdulillah he was so happy..although he was not really feeling well but he manage to proceed with the haj..

 2006 was the upmost challenging year.. exactly one month after ayah nikahkan her eldest daughter ( my eldest SIL ) on 1st July 2006 ayah suffered a massive stroke where he collapsed in our Sg Petani home.. He was taken to Sg Petani Hospital and there the nightmare kemudahan etc where he had to be transferred here and there etc.. its a suffer and quite frustating as he was already in a coma but yet they take him easily and one Medical Officer (MO) siap boleh cakap biarlaa nanti dia akan heal sendiri..A stupid word from a person who called himself a doctor ..and as thought we are so stupid and does not know anything bout stroke

 and 19 days after at around 3.00am ayah passed away peacefully as a result of massive brain hemmorage ( pendarahan seluruh otak) due to stroke .. and my personal opinion if he had received a better treatment he would have been treated better..or at least we try first ...hubby had write an official complaint to the minister of health, DG health regaarding the MO and hospital and from what he received a reply the MO was transferred elsewhere..

   Ayah seolah -olah tahu yang dia nak pergi he suddenly say to us that he wants to achieve only  a few things  iaitu tengok anak perempuan sulung dia kahwin (achieved in 2006)  , pergi haji ( achieved in end 2005)  and timang 1st cucu ( achieved in End 2005) and after that he wanted to rest in peace..and sebaik sahaja dia achieve all Ayah kembali padaNYA..innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun..


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Get Craftyv and Mummy's Birthday

 Today cuti umum so we all plan bawak kids jalan -jalan kat One as early as 10.30 we all dah sampai dah One Utama sbb tahu punya kalau pergi lambat sure takda parking and also ramai sangat orang..we had an early lunch and planning to give najla a try kat get crafty since she is sooo in love with arts

   We register her for 12pm class around RM45.. tak ramai orang sangat so oklaa..she get to choose what she wants to do..she wanted to do princess we left her there for 1 hour so she can be on her own with the teachers and new friends there while we go for window shopping...alhamdulillah she had no problem sosializing with her  new friends as we did not received any call from the teacher saying she cried or etc..

   around 1.10pm we came back to pick her up..there she was sooo happy showing off her art work...:-))...after OU off bertolak ke TTDI to hadiahkan Mummy a birthday cake..or more less ice cream cake..

 alhamdulillah mumy turns 63 years old yesterday...we all sentiasa doakan agar mummy dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik...and tak sabar tunggu  mummy pindah ke denai alam coz we can be nearer to her and visit her everyday...


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kids Baking

 Today we all pergi rumah Kak Ri and Ani kat Bangi..Kak Ri anjurkan baking class for the kids... yesterday dah pesan kat Najla and Emran tdo awal sbb nak pergi awal...they were excited.. disamping itu kita mengeratkan juga ikatan silaturrahim sesama saudara mara sebelah arwah daddy...

 10am off bertolak dari Denai Alam..singgah Rumah Aunty Rokiah coz mimi nak tumpang we all pergi satu kereta ajelaa.. Sampai rumah Kak Ri dalam kul 11.15am...kitorang yg pertama before the kids start belajar dgn Kak Ri we all isi perut dulu...hari nie hari Western.. Kak Ri masak Spaghetti n aunty Rokiah pun kirim spagetthi goreng...

  Dalam kul 12 pm mcm tue a few relatives datang join.. Yam + co and also Aqilah bawa cousin2 dia... diorang start buat deco cupcakes..Kak Ri kasi apron sorang satu..excited laa budak-budak tue... yg syok bila diorang really express their needs what they want to put on their cupcakes..for sure more m&m's, etc..hahaa..yg lebih masuk mulut..

  Emran pulak jadi tukang makan..belum cupcakes abis siap dia dah ngap dah dua tiga cupcakes..kalau niaga mcm nie bengkrap laa ummi..hihihih.

  after cupcakes diorang buat pizza plaks.. yang nie pun kids enjoy tempek -tempek the dough kat acuan pizza..mcm main plastersine n playdoh...^_^...they decorate the pizza with lots of cheese, hotdog etc..belasah aje semua ada janji masuk mulut sedap..ahakss

 by 2pm we need to make a move coz ada urusan...Thank U very-very much Kak Ri for the free classes.:-)))

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aduss kereta ohh kereta

 Ayoyo this month my WKB banyak kena repair.. 2 kali pulak tayar pancit..then normal servis etc..

 i guess had already lari budget for this month..:-PP..nak buat macam mana since i needed the car to travel back at forth from Denai Alam to Kota Damansara everyday..

 I can;t believe thr car had been 7 years with us.. dah travel merata ceruk dah.. from Penang to JB.. and setakat nie our car tak ada rosak teruk except for the accident in 2006 kat Melaka tue

  the car yg banyak berjasa to uss... :-) ) ..sampai orang langgar masa kat melaka tahun 2006...

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Superbusy Mode

 Quite a busy month...

 Nak kejar a few "sendiri " datelines before i go on leave at the end of the month till early Jan 2011( insyaallah..)

 need to do my Staff's appraisal for salary increment and bonus..harap -harap ada rezeki mereka untuk naik gaji..Ameen.. i remember masa my time in BB few years back, one %$&@#$ so call " manager" buat appraisal for us.. that  %^&*$ manager give us only 40 % and tak da peluang untuk naik gaji or dapat bonus or anything.. kalau naik gaji pun cuma RM 8 sahaja...!..kurang dari sepuluh hinggit..come on laa bukan duit awak pun yang bayar gaji pekerja apa yg dengki sangat duit company bukan duit dari poket dia.. dia nail gaji sampai beribu riban..

Planning end of the year leave..nak ke mana ye?..hrmm maybe ada rezeki lebih ke Lost World of Tambun laa kot.. i am sure the children will have lots of fun there..

Saturday, December 04, 2010


 1hb Dec....

   i would say a special date to remember for me personally..

  in 2003 i am officially engagged to my love one ( skarang suami terchenta...:-PPP) on this date.. it was on a  Monday.. and we clearly choose the date because kebetulan all the relatives yg jauh was in KL for one of our cousin's we don;t want them to travel banyak banyak kali to KL so we sepakat choose the date..we did a simple ceremony but yet dapat kumpulkan all the relatives..alhamdulillah..and masa tue both mom and dad baru je a few days balik dr no "grand" engagement..:-)) .. and i remember masa tue i just work about 6 months in DSH as a houseman pharmacist..gaji pun errr ciput aje jadi punyalaa tak nak org tahu that i dah bertunang so i just kept quiet and did not wear my engagement ring masa kat opis..heheh..ada juga pharmacy staff yg maybe perasan kot coz dia tengok ada  inai  kat jari tapi takda that person become so suspicious.. but i buat relax ajelaa..bila nak dekat wedding in June 2004 bila i edarkan my wedding card..barulaa mereka kata kemusykilan tue hilang..kuang..kuang...

actually i pun tak nak pakai enggagement ring masa kat DSH dulu becoz i takut the ring hilang or missplace since masa jadi housemen pharmacist i had to do cytotoxic drugs reconstitution ( CDR)..the ones that we had to wear the full protective suit yg macam angkawasan -naik -ke -bulan  when i have to do the task i had to take off all the jewelleries, watches the chances of being missplace is quite high jugalaa

  and 1hb December evey year also is Dad's its really special for us sekeluarga..this year dia dah tak ada lagi.. kalau Dad masih ada he will be 63 years old..and i am sure he will be a happy person to celebrate his birthday with his family especially the cucu-cucus same like other atuk...our gift for "him" will be our doa..Moga "dia " ditempatkan dikalangan orang -orang yang beriman..

                                               1 Dec 2003.. Dalam kenangan..( L to R) my beloved uncle Arwah Pak Karim, my cousin Abg mat and my beloved arwah Dad

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sudah Botak

 My boy dah botak..after  1yr 5 months finally we cut his hair...his hair was not so long but hubby decided to cut it anyway..berbekalkan mesin potong rambut letrik jadi barber sendiri laa jimat RM..:-PP ... hubby decided to potong rambut No2 ( or is it No 1? ) ..emran was so scared with the machine and he cried out so loud  and meraung raung.. macam laa sakit padahal tak sakit pun...drama king betul..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Najla's Story...

 Lama tak cerita bout our less than 1 month she will turn 5 years old...aduss rasa makin tua dah..kejap je dia nak masuk 5 tahun..

   she still the talkative girl yang suka cakap tak berenti -henti..sampai kalau org tak tahan mesti pening kepala..hahah..time dia senyap adalah time tido aje..:-P..hari -hari dan setiap masa ada aje topik perbualan dia and ada aje idea borak dia..

     sangat excited untuk ke sekolah every day and did not mind to wake up at 7.00am everyday to get ready for school..alhamdulillah part nie yang syok coz agak memudahkan utk umminya bersiap ke kerja..tak lambat dsb coz she had no problem waking up in the morning.mandi bersiap ke sekolah dsb..since now dah start cuti sekolah we still send her and Emran  to school as since hubby is no longer a teacher so school holidays dia kerja macam biasa..:-)) ..owhh kat sekolah pun teacher kata sangat laa lasak and teacher says Najla loves to jump around and she is like a jumping jelly beansss...hahaha..

       She's soo inlove into swimming pools and also art...melukis dan menconteng sana sini adalah her favourite..insyaallah kalau ada "rezeki" will enroll her in art classes like get crafty at OU.. i am sure she will love it so muchhh


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Training Bomba

yesterday 9 staff from my workplace  including me went to Balai bomba Sg Buloh for a whole day training...a really great experience but very -very tiring..bukan senang kerja bomba nie..hose pun dah berat 25kg..belum lagi baju dia..

        with my office mate Kak Yus

    we all semua memang tak sangka laa hose berat 25kg..i really had trouble carrying the hose with one hand and have to run 100 meters with the hose..huhuh.,..bukan sekali dua angkat tapi 5 -6 kali total 25kg x 6 times = 150 kg yesterday..besuides that kena kawad juga.. i totally forgot how to kawad already..the last time kawad was 7 years back rasanya masa latihan training kat UKM dulu..  Memang pancit..nampak sangat my stamina memang tak kuat..huhuhu,,

   we all kena pegang hose when they open the air to 10 bar...tembak orang sure terbang punya..we had a hands on experience and also we all kena tembak air dgn sarjan yang mengajar..memang basah kuyup laa..

      with our trainer sarjan samuri

                                                  training yang lasak..huhuhu

   memang penat sangat laa but  really wonderfull experience..bukan senang nak training whole day dgn bomba plus we get the chance to naik kereta bomba, try all their peralatan etc.. disebabkan penat sangat balik pun i  tersesat jalan ke shah alam..wanted to go from sg buloh to shah alam via guthrie highway tapi terlepas plaks simpang guthrie tue sampai ke penjara sungai ha to turn back..kesian 1 friend of mine yg ikut belakang i tersesat juga..had to ask her to turn around and show her the way to bukit subang exit via guthrie mistake since i memang tak biasa langsung area sungai buloh and tak pernah laa ke sana after daddy passed away..entahlaa maybe coz sbb teringat kenangan terakhir daddy di  Hosp Sungai Buloh so i not so keen to go to Sg Buloh if tak ada apa -apa hal so i don't really know the area well.... today my whole body memang sakit laaa hasil penangan mengangkat 150kg..and also have starting to have sore throat etc..

                                              gambar kenangan my office mate and sarjan samuri


Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy 17th months old Emran

 Yayyy...this boy dah setahun 5 bulan...owhhh sangatlaa lasak..jatuh terhantuk dah banyak kali dah...huhuhu...lebam kat pipi dahi owhh jangan cakap laa..memang ado..

  skarang dia panggil sume orang abah aje..hehehe..adoii bila laa nak advance panggil ummi nie..:-P..tapi still clingy boy..sanggup nangis pegang kaki kitorang semata -mata nak suruh dukung dia..kalau tak brguling guling laa dia sampai kita dukung...and syoknya berguling tak kira tempat depan toilet..kat dapor..adoii laaa baby boy nie..manjaaaa...^_^

 next year we plan to change his school...nak masuk sama sekolah dengan least he  can learn something since current taska dia more on daycare only where the children just main + makan + tido + tengok tv...errr so i don't think Emran can learn anything from those activities..


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Story About my father ( Continue)

 30th June 2009, at around 6.45am my dad suddenly had a stroke attack.. he could not speak at all..but he tried to.. he called Aunty Rokiah  in Shah Alam and Aunty Rokiah knew it was a stroke.. its was a "code blue emergency".. Quickly they called the ambulance and Abg Usop.. it seems so long to travel from TTDI to DSH..

 myself was in PMC as Emran was still on jaundice on his 12 days of life.. its quite a challange for me physically and emotionlly during that time as just a few days before Emran was admitted to PMC ( again) i did speak to him and how happy he was to carry Emran in his arms..

     in DSH things was quite chaos.. dad was quickly rush for CT Scan and also heart scan etc.. for CT Scan it was confirmed there was a clot and bleeding and during that time he was semi concious.. Dr need to put him in ICU for monitoring purpose.. but Dr broke down the news that he will be semi paralyzed if he managed to recover from the stroke attack.. I would say during his time in ICU it was seems like a " waiting  game" for our family..kami cuma mampu berdoa agar diberi kekuatan dan juga kesabaran

   One week in ICU..Dad manage to come out from the danger zone and transferred to a normal ward with monitoring.. a few doctors come to attend dad in DSH name it cardiologist, meurologist,  physician. gastroentologist ..what makes us angry  is one Cardiologist who quickly jump into conclusion that my dad had no harapan untuk pulih.. i mean it is such a "cruel" words to say to a family members not to put up hope/ berdoa..hanya ALLAH yg berkuasa..not the doctors yg boleh tentukan ajal maut seseorang.. my mum take it positively and say to the cardiologist..its ok he will improve with god will ..terus belah cardiologist tue and tak datang lawat dah.. i guest the cardiologist just wanted RM from Dad's insurance  for his so called " consultation " ..
I admire the positive atitude from the neurologist Dr Azmi who really gives encouragement and support.. he said Dad can improve but takes times.. maybe a year, maybe more years to come..

  yes indeed its true through out the journey of recovery he had improved a lot..from totally bedridden and could not talk at all ( vegetative condition ) he can talk, can walk with the help of walking sticks ..a recovery that Dr Azmi also agak terkejut.. it could not happens without the continuous support and positive attitude from my arwah dad himself, my mum especially being wih him 24-7 , and my other family members.. the journey to recovery was sometimes challenging,,,only we family knows what happens and am gladfull semua dapat lalui dgn tabah sabar although sometimes rasa kesabaran itu hilang.. but we know we want the best for him.. During Shat's engaggement on 27th Feb 2010 he was quite overwhelming that the crowd which consist of family members ( around 300 ++ ) datang .. neither did we know it will be the last function held in our TTDI house with him

  11 months after his journey to recovery, on 17th June 2010 dad suffered a 2nd stroke just one day before Emran turns one.... and he did not survive the 2nd stroke..CT Scan revealed that his brain was already bleeding all over..and he will not survive it..true enough..and 19hb June 2010 daddy kembali pada penciptaNYA pada pukul 11.50am di ICU Hospital Sg Buloh..
Dari Allah kita datang kepadaNYA kita akan kembali.. i will cherish all the moments with him and i hope my children especially Najla who spend most of her times with him will also do the same in a way that she never forgets her atuk who had been with her for 4  years 6 months..

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Story about my father..

 its already Nov and in less than 2 months dah masuk 2011.. tahun 2010 yg akan ditinggalkan pastinya membawa seribu satu kenangan.. siapa sangka the 1st 6 months of 2010 we still had our dad with us but towards the next 6 months in 2010,we are left without him..

    I do want to write previously regarding my dad but i guess sometimes ianya terhenti di situ bila tiba waktu nak menulisnya..

 My Dad was born and raise in Segamat Johore.. He was the youngest in the family...He is a Mechanical engineer by profession..  he loves to play golf and usually he kill time by playing golf with his friends or sometimes with family members..

  Most yg kenal my dad will know how strict he was.. some people will take his words as very harsh and maybe ada yg akan berkecil hati.. for me personally it is a way its good to be strict coz if not we are not here and achieved what we are now today.. His prirority 1st is towards education as he always said that only education can transform the life of one person..yes indeed its true..he encourage to go as far as we can in education..

  Since my dad came from a big family so he had so many anak -anak sedara, cucu sedara or etc..its fun actually to have a big family as when it comes to occasion dapat berkumpul ramai-ramai.. prisip dad towards saudara mara is to ziarah and saling mengunjungi sesama keluarga tak kira laa saudara itu muda dari kita..Dulu masa daddy sihat we used to be agak memberontak or marah why dad would sibuk -sibuk take the initiative to visit anak -anak buah/ cucu sedara sedangkan mereka did not call or take initiative to visit him..but i realize it does not matter if we are older we cannot take the initiative to visit the younger ones as menziarahi dapat mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama kaum keluarga..

   Dad also was actively involved in  IEM ( Institut Engineer Malaysia)... He had become among the lead council to accredate Engineering Courses in local and private universities in Malaysia..

   Dad life transformed when he suffered a stroke on 30th June 2009..

to be continued...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Day Jabatan Pelajaran Wilayah

 Event held  at Taman Wetlands, was hubby first Family day as a new member in Jabatan Pelajaran was not had been raining since got excited and woke up as early as 7.00am..i supposed to be working today but due to last minute they inform that hubby had to purform in Sketsa Madu Tiga, i had to be on leave to take care of the kids while hubby buat persembahan..

  event started around 8.00am i guess.. but since it was raining most of them datang lambat..including us..we arrived around 9.30am...they started with ucapan, doa and senamrobik..najla was excited to join them at the field during the senamrobik especially the chicken dance part..hehehe..

   acara budak -budak pun ada ..najla did not participate since terlampau ramai budak and she did not feel so excited to participate..the acara was rebut gula -gula..she was there at the field but when the event start she just walk around and did not pick any sweets pun...haha..of course laa tak menang apa -apa..

  the event prolonged till 2.00pm ++ ..time tue weather pun dah semakin dah penat dah,,hubby pun tapi hubby lum perform lagi,,,mula -mula they all said tak jadi sbb already nak pukul 3pm and cuaca panas terik,,so we was thinking to make a move dah..tapi alih-alih mereka kata jadi pula so we have to wait betul ke jadi atau 2.30pm baru mereka suh hubby and his team yg  mewakili pusat HEM JPNWP get ready...they will be the 1st team to perform..they had to perform sketsa madu tiga..he had to be P. Ramlee yg ada 3 isteri..ada 5 kumpulan  from different jabatan and pejabat pendidikan daerah perform with the same song but different sketsa..depends pada kreativiti..we just watch dari jauh aje since emran dah zzz time tsb ...and his group dapat no 3...kira ok laa tue dgn tak practice apa pun..hubby kira macam "bidan terjun " laa kena paksa jadi P. Ramlee tue..takpaa laa

 after habis semua kids dah lapar sangat,, we went for late lunch kat D Souq Putrajaya since makanan tengahari yg disediakan tidak mencukupi pulak..balik rumah around 4.30 pm semua dah terpengsan kepenatan..

gambar -gambar lain upload kat fb

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Najla's concert- Casa Kidz Montessori

 today is Najla's concert day...event was held in Guthrie Hall Bukit Jelutong... Najla was so excited..tak boleh tido malam...we had to force her to tdo malam tue..hehehe... Early in the morning dah wake her up...bersiap-siap etc..and off we go to Bukit Jelutong..

  This was the first concert held by Casa is a new school in Denai Alam..and Najla was among the first batch... overall for the past 10 months i am happy with the school.. i have no complaint about it...the fees also was ok laa since Najla stay at school from 7.30am till 6pm...she had her breakfast lunch and also afternoon nap kat sekolah..since we started her school early she had no problem adapt with her teachers and friends and also was more outspoken and socialized well.. alhamdulillah..

   The concert started with Doa and Nasyid by the kids...then performance by the kids followed by graduation for 6 year old.. ..then come to Public Speaking by Najla..she had already practise lots of time but was suddenly stage freak..hhehehe..terus jadi shy masa atas pentas...:-PP...takpaaa laaa next time cuba lagi laa yek...
  Lastly performance tarian usual she dance with all her heart for the song and can remember the steps perfectly.. :-))) ..

    overall we really enjoy to see the kids perform...natural year Emran join kakak pulak yek...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Berubah hati

  i was listening to HOT FM this morning on the way to d office..the topic was berubah hati..nice to hear what other people commented or share their thought bout this topic.. but i don't agree with few people who called  Fara & AG complainig bout their spouse.. i mean... apakahhh u had to inform the whole malaysia that regarding your partner punya kekurangan.. i person called saying selepas "10 yrs kawin baru tahu bini ku pemalas rupanya AG & Fara.. dulu masa bercinta saya cuma kenal dia 20 % ...pas kawin baru kenal 100 %... and hampir berubah hati bila dapat tau perangai sebenar bini..."... bukankah tujuan perkahwinan itu utk saling melengkapi antara satu sama lain...and adakah spjg 10 tahun tue takkda kebaikan langsung isteri dia tue, ada keburukan aje yang dia nampak.. pity betul wife dia..husband dah canangkan keburukan dia pada seluruh malaysia via hotfm kata dia pemalas..

   Sebuah perkahwinan perlukan tolak ansur dan kerjasama....and not just complaint.. complaint.. and complaint...and juga belajarlah menerima kekurangan dan kelebihan pasangan masing -masing..:-))     

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hubby less untuk one week

 Minggu nie hubby busy ngan conference... tdo hotel tue,..syok sepanjang minggu nie dia tak dalaa...shat n mom datang stay over kat Denai Alam ...

 yang kelakar nye bila hubby balik today Emran was so angry with him that he refuses abah ...he nangis n meraung bila hubby nak amik dia..maybe coz dalam masa 1 week nie hubby tak tdo ngan dia jadi dia macam merajuk habis..hihih..lama juga laa baru ok..

  Najla ok ajelaa..cuma ada one night dia bangun around 3am kot n nangis teresak esak nak abah..tetiba aje..

  weekends nie insyaallah my new friends from my new work place will be coming over..invited all of them for lunch...can't wait...

Friday, October 08, 2010

Worst Service Ever..

    One of the worst service ever that involve RM that happened to us was AEON Credit Services.. ceritanya begini, We purchase a cooker hood last year using AEON Credit Services.. So the monthly installment was autodeduct from my account.. Alhamdulillah last month ie in Sept we had finished settling all the installment..siap pergi sendiri with mum after office hours at their counter in One Utama.. dah kasi official receipt etc dah ..

 so last few days masa i wanted to pay the bills via maybank2u perasan that my account shortage a few hundred RM..bila check found out that AEON Credit auto deduct call diorang tanya why?.. u know what they answer to me

 Customer Service : Minta maaf Cikk.. kami tak terima  pun cek tue

 Me : Aikk takkan tak terima saya bukannya pos tapi pergi bayar sendiri pada 23hb Sept kol 6.00pm kat One Utama..siap ada resit lagi..

Customer Service : Oo ye ke, tunggu ye cikk

 Dalam hati dah geram dah...aii takkan laa tak terima cek padahal duit dah amik..last -last dapat alasan dari one of the lady said that ooowh kami tetiap bulan memang autodeduct dari akaun Cik..kami kat HQ tak dapat lagi cek tu dr One Utama..dia akan amik masa 2 minggu..

 i was pissed off and told them aii ini bukan cek oversea atau travellers cheque ,perjalanan dari OU ke HQ menara Chulan takkan laa sampai 2 minggu..u all kena laa update customer punya akaun status yang dah bayar habis ..

Customer service dia tak dapat cakap apa daah cuma kata akan pulangkan balik our duit in maybe a week time ..

Ok i had work under AEON before.. perhaps they thought that RM berapa ratus yg they accidently ter"deduct" from my account lagi tak seberapa but for us it means alot as the RM can be used for belanja dapur etc for this month and also we had a budget for every month berapa kita belanje  .. kalau katakanlaa installment tsb melibatkan duit RM ribu  macam mana kan??

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tukang Sepah

Kids tak sihat pulak last they did not went to school for a week..Najla demam and muntah while emran had a runny nose which did not stop although all types of medication were given to him..quite strange..brought both of them to normal GP clinic..was given few medications but yet emran punya runny nose tak baik baik..
so yesterday both of them went to my workplace to see the peadtrician Dr Lam since he had clinics only on saturday...owhh on Saturday mmg busy sket kat my workplace compared to normal workdays... so sementara menunggu turn nak jumpa dr both of them duduk kat pharmacy..najla was ok laa well behaved since she got pencils and papers to scribbles while emran on the other hand was so cranky ..lama -lama baru ok.. so bila mood dia dah ok he explore the pharmacy..abis semua ubat -ubat dia punggah sampai bersepah dan susun merata -rata tempat...ayayai..notti boy..

Friday, October 01, 2010

After 13 years

 I am glad to say that my husband is

no longer a teacher..
no longer a cikgu disiplin where he had to chase students around
no longer have to stay weekends at school settling all the jobs yang "cikgu lelaki " punya kerja yang kena buat where cikgu perempuan sits at home comfortably
no longer had to stay after school to ajar tuisyen or extra classes just becoz he is a male teacher while female teacher can go home at 1.00pm due to ada komitmen utk masak, amik anak, jaga anak bla-bla.. ( ingat cikgu lelaki takda komitment ke?.. )


my husband had been transfered to JPWP in Jalan Duta starting from today..and his journey to his workplace from Denai Alam was cut to half compared to travelling to Danau Kota and he can works in an office environment where he has his own office with computers and printers + aircond

and the best thing he can choose his working hours either 7.30am -4.30pm, 7.45am -4.45pm, 8.00am-5.00pm etc... tak payahlaa bangun seawal 5.45am pagi untuk bersiap pergi kerja,,

 i know some people said cikgu kerja separuh hari aje..kol 2pm dah ada kat rumah..but not in the case of my husband.. i never experience him balik awal right after school..slalu ada aje yg dia kena buat..and ended up balik lambat juga..

Alhamdulillah after all those years.. my husband dapat tukar "kerjaya" juga..hehe..tapi he will always be a TEACHER..^_^..tuisyen jalan juga..hihih

Thursday, September 23, 2010


                                                    Hubby bersama sifu "Jutawan senyap" ^_^
                                                   ( Ameen moga dapat jadi macam nie satu hari insyaallah)

 Happy 35th Birthday to my darling hubby... Thank u for all the hard work and pengorbanan etc.. moga rezeki keluarga kita dipermudahkan...insyaallah. 

love you so much


 Ummi, Najla & Emran

Monday, September 20, 2010

A year older..

     Alhamdulillah hari ini genap usia 30 tahun..rasa kejap je dah masuk angka 30..^_^ ...alhamdulillah syukur atas segala kurniaan yang telah diberikan.. got quite a lots of wishes kat FB...thank you for the warm wishes..

    Nothing special to celebrate with hubby and kids as his birthday pun around th corner..hehe...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

15 months old Emran

Hari ini Emran dah 15 bulan..dah bole jalan dah alhamdulillah tapi masih jalan terkedek-kedek
 he loves to eat..apa org kasi makan aje tolak batu and kayu,,,hahaha..
mmg kena keep and eye on him coz he will put everything dalam mulut
yesterday kat ttdi mummy nampak dia masuk makanan kucing dalam mulut
apa lagi menjerit laa kitorang...
cepat-cepat korek mulut dia..fuhh bahaya betul..semua masuk mulut
sampai mummy panggil dia vacuum..hehehe
yerlaaa sume benda kat lantai dia nampak n kaut masuk mulut
so mmg rumah kena slalu vacuum laaa..kalau tak si kecik nie jadi vacuum..:-P


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Masih lagi beraya

Hari ini Public Holday..syukur laa dapat cuti lagi...dapatlaa berehat juga laa after 2 days since tuesday and yesterday i am working alone in the office since all my staff tak balik lagi..agak kelam kabut sket laa bila tetiba datang 2-3 patient sekali gus dalam masa yang sama..tak menang tangan nak dispens ubat..
takpaa laa tahun depan insyaallah nak mintak cuti lama sket time hari raya..

  aktiviti hari nie pastinya menziarahi saudara mara belah KL..dapat pergi 2 rumah aje..first pergi rumah ayah uda kat Kg Batu Tambahan..lama juga laa kat sana sebab hubby's cousin Kak Ila insist kitorang tunggu dia masak untuk makan tengahari,,,actually Kak Ila panggil kawan -kawan dia makan..kira mcm open house..kiranya kehadiran kitorang langkah kanan laa..after makan tengahari ( lauk simple tapi sedap,,)..we all shoot ke Shah Alam plaks umah Kak Fidah

  kat rumah kak fidah makan lagi..hehe..Kak Ri masak stew, mihun dan sebagainya..ramai juga rumah kak fidah.. sbb family belah abg Ary datang skali..full house laa kiranya..lepas rumah Kak Fidah dah tak larat laa nak ke rumah sape -sape lagi so balik ttdi rehat..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2nd Syawal & 3rd Syawal

 On 2nd day we decided to have a short break in Penang.... since Emran tak pernah datang penang so alang -alang dah ada kat utara plan shoot ke penang terus laa.. we invited others to come along ke penang semua agree so off we go

 bertolak from Sg Petani around 11.00am sampai kat jalan masuk ke jambatan ya rabbi jem teruk..masa tue tak tahu plak ada kabel TNB terbakar kat Jambatan..we figure out semua orang nak bercuti ke Penang Island.. memang tak boleh masuk langsung ke jambatan from Seberang we quickly make a U-turn kat Prai untuk naik Ferry plaks..alhamdulillah masa time kitorang nak naik feri tak jem pun.. a bit slow but moving.. sampai kat Penang Island around we had our lunch first kat penang before heading to Tanjung Bungah..  Unfortunately the others keluar lambat from Sg Petani so they ended up tersekat terlalu lama untuk naik ferry by 5 pm pun tak sampai penang lagi..kesian betul..

 We spend a  day at Tanjung having fun  main air... pergi pantai then main air lagi...heaven juga laa dapat berehat 1 day kat penang... next day after main air lagi then by 11.00am check out..

  before going back to Sg Petani we all beraya kat one of my ex-Bbraun collegue kat Sungai Ara.. alhamdulillah selepas 2 tahun lebih dapat laa berjumpa semula.. ..malam around 1.00am we all make our way back to KL..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1 Syawal 1431 H

   LAst minute decision..we went back to Sungai Petani for Hari Raya...hubby decided on the very last minute that he wanted to go back..memang last minute ie on thursday  1 day before raya around 10,00am he said to me jom balik SP laa jap lagi.... so since last minute we take our own sweet time untuk bertolak janji sampai dengan selamat..firstly we settle all our things first..went to MBSA to collect Pharmacist licence..then went to TTDI jumpa Mummy & Shat..lepak -lepak ttdi japs till noon then pergi perkuburan kiara lawat pusara daddy before balik Denai Alam utk packing barang...kejap je dah nak masuk 3 bulan daddy takde.. but till today masih macam tak percaya dia takde.. ( sorry memang terasa mcm tue, i dunno why..maybe sbb kenangan tue selalu ada bersama) ..Najla pun dalam kereta bila masuk kawasan perkuburan tue tanya nak ke mana , nak tengok atuk...najla nak atuk..naja rindu atuk etc...sampai hubby has to explain to her that atuk dah tak ada nicely...

 after siap kemas rumah and packing around 3.30pm baru bertolak..journey to north ok smooth juga takda laa jem sangat kecuali bumper to bumper but moving from ipoh to sungai perak...dalam hati myself memang dah budget mest jem punya laa sepanjang jalan coz yerlaa semua orang mesti berpusu-pusu nak balik..tapi alhamdulillah lancar...syukur sangat ..najla slept all the way till Juru while Emran cipta rekod tak tido langung sampai sungai petani..heheh..We arrived  in Sg Petani around 9.30pm..we did not stop at any R&R coz dah budget mesti jem punya laa.. so we just isi minyak and relod touch n go siap-siap from Shah Alam..buka puasa pun dalam kereta aje masa kat Taiping..cuma sampai Juru kids dah hungry so we went for Nasi Kandar kat Autocity..

 1 Syawal tahun nie kat rumah mak di Sg Petani semua adik beradik belah hubby ada berkumpul..seronok juga laa sbb full house.. ..Mak pun sayu laa sbb anak -anak n menantu dapat kumpul bersama semuanya..dah jarang dapat kumpul semua skali especially yang dah berumah tangga..Najla and Emran having fun playing with their 3 cousins, Alif Nur Iman, Akmal Hadi and Hanania ( Nania)..

  hari Raya pertama full dose ngan rendang, ketupat palas and nasi impit + also nasi minyak...

Tahun nie tema biru...:-)



daripada kami sekeluarga

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Raya Preperation

   A few days before Raya... all preperation ala kadar ajelaa ..Kuih raya ada yang beli ada yang buat but not much yang dapat buat with toddler in the house..semua benda dia kacau  sampai kuih tengah masak kat oven pun dia sibuk nak ngintai oven ..hehe.. planning to bake a little bit more nanti kalau sempat laa and planning to do some sweet dessert like blueberry cheese tart and also perhaps some cakes with my sister Shatirah ..

  We have not decided yet to go back to Sg Petani or not..ada a few personal things which both hubby and i could not decide yet till now .. maybe we raya kat KL ajelaa.. if we Raya in KL only planning to visit all the saudara mara sebanyak yang mungkin insyaallah..

  last weekend went for a buka puasa buffet  with office mate at Desa Paku Ara Damansara.. food wise ok laa..puas hati with the foods but for me not the food counts but  more towards merapatkan silaturrahim with my new officemate ..

   this hari raya it will certainly be different and sometimes after terawih mummy and i  will talk about it.. i mummy will say to me " teringat lagi Raya last year daddy sakit..tahun nie dah tak da dah..".. but mummy said she bersyukur daddy cuma bedridden for 1 month only and keep on improving until the day he passed away..most of arwah daddy' baju batik, baju melayu, sampin songket etc was still nicely kept inside the closet and mummy have not decided yet  what to do with it since Adi and also Shahrir tak muat pakai baju -baju arwah..

     tomorrow afternoon only i will start my Raya leave and will decide what to cook for Hari Raya... one of the lagu Raya yang sedap didengar  for me is "Rindu yang telah pergi".. sayu ajelaa., Moga Daddy berbahagia di sana dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang -orang yang soleh..


Sekali lagi ku terdengar,

Suara takbir,

Rasa menyelubungi,

Bila ku sendiri

Ku masih bermimpikan,

Hilai tawa itu,

Walaupun hanya sesaat,

Ku merasakannya

Kini yang tinggal hanya,

Pusara sebagai penawar,

Bisa ini,

Agar bercahaya,

Aku mampu berdoa,

Ini takdir yang maha esa

Di hari/pagi raya

Terbayang kenangan indah,

Tika bersama,

Keluhuran di wajahmu,

Ku kenang selalu

Andai ku meniti sebuah,

Cinta sejati,

Aidil fitri jadi saksi

Tulus hati ini

Rindu yang telah pergi,

Membawa satu memori,

Menjadi satu coretan cinta,

Oh woo…

Di pagi syawal ini,

Tertitis airmataku,

Memandang potret wajah dirimu


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Membeli belah baju Raya

 Kids baju Raya done... bought a few for them last weekend at MidValley Kamdar...price wise ok laa cuma design terhad..Baju Melayu for Emran had to purchase yang besar sket.. i bought size 2-3 years old and also 3 years old but yg 2-3 years old tak muat pulak kepala emran masuk...aiseh so mummy had to alter a bit ie buka jahitan kat bahagian leher tu sket..i guess emran nie kepala dia besar..:-P so next time kena tempah laa kot instead of  beli ready made..

For Najla's baju kurung manage to buy it at Uptown Danau Kota since at Jusco dah tak ada stok for her size and also at Kamdar also the same...price wise ok coz boleh tawar menawar  and design memang puas hati coz macam -macam design  ada...and rasanya kalau pergi beli jam 1pagi for sure dapat lagi murah nie..silap -silap RM10 aje heheh..but since myself and the kids pun tak larat laa nak tunggu sampai jam 1 pagi so we just ok ajelaa with that price..since hubby ada "kerja" sket kat area sana every tuesday night so wanna ask him to buy a few more baju kurung for Najla pakai ke sekolah every Friday..and i like going there macam -macam ada..tudung also very cheap..other items also its a real bargain if wanna purchase items there coz boleh laa jimat banyak...^_^

   For the parents baju raya tak da laa kot..pakai ajelaa apa yang ada..:-)...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

15 Ramadhan

Dah masuk 2 minggu dah puasa..alhamdulillah macam kejap aje dah masuk 2 minggu..buka puasa meals was as simple as possible...either we have our buka puasa at home or we stay over at Mum's place @ collegues ajak buka puasa sama -sama at one of the restorant kt Ara Damansara ..we are planning to it since ok jugalaa sekali sekala berbuka bersama mereka + family utk kenal dengan lebih rapat lagi.. at least dapat kenal -kenal and also rapatkan silaturrahim

    Raya tahun nie tak pasti lagi balik Ke Sg Petani atau tak...kalau ikut giliran memang tahun nie beraya di Sg Petani dulu tapi memandangkan i just started my new job so memang tak da entitlement cuti banyak -banyak for Raya puasa..dapat sehari dua ajelaa kot...tak pasti lagi macam mana...

 Baju Raya for kids pun tak beli lagi..have to get one or two for Najla since every Friday dia kena pakai Baju Kurung to school instead of her usual uniform..baju yang dia ada pun err dah agak kecil sedikit memandangkan she's growing tall..time nie maybe the best time untuk beli coz akan ada variety of designs etc.. Besides that have to get Emran First Baju melayu + sampin + songkok since last year takda saiz utk baju melayu dia since he is just 4 months old..skarang he already masuk 1 year + senang laa kot cari baju raya ..can't wait...^_^

    i guess this year Hari Raya celebration for us  is  more about remembering kepada our beloved ones yang telah pergi macam Arwah Pak Karim, Arwah Pak Ali, Arwah kak Neng, Arwah Pak Bakar, arwah  nenek, arwah ayahanda (my FIL)  dan of course our dearest beloved daddy... more about visiting and rapatkan bonding between families...insya'allah

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 14th Month old Emran

 Emran dah 14 months old dah..still tak mo jalan tetap gaks nak berdukung....pandai merajuk dah kalau org marah dia especially kalau orang yg dia jarang jumpa like his uncle-uncle... terror bergaduk juga especially with her Kakak Najla..if Najla hits him or cubit him he will balas back..and furthermore he will gigit kakak bila dia sedang nyenyak tido..apa lagi meraung laa kakak sbb sakit sangat...myself pun tak tahan dgn gigitan dia..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadhan kami...

 1st day of Ramadhan..our day started at Makhamah Jalan Duta..semuanya berjalan lancar..alhamdulillah..tentatifly we have to wait for the keputusan nanti for LA,..first time pergi makhamah..sooo many lawyers..heheh..mcm jakun plaks..sbb tgk semua berpakaian serba hitam...mereka beratur key in case dalam QMS then tunggu giliran untuk case dipanggil..semua bawa briefcase  beg pakaian macam nak pergi overseas..mak aiii berapa tahun punya dokumen..,,.anyway do respect them for being so patient tunggu kat ruang menunggu...our lawyer was Mr Khoo Chee Nam..arwah daddy;s classmate from Segamat..very experience man and his conversation to us remind me of arwah dad..

  the nite before was a bit pening -pening lalat ..not because bangun sahur awal but because our little guy demam panas and also cirit birit tak henti henti sampai buttocks dah jadi mcm udang bakar..kesian sbb skin dia terlampau merah sampai setiap kali buang air besar mesti nangis time nak cuci coz tak tahan sangat pedih... so apply few creams..and the peads advice to change milk to lactose free milk as emran suspected to have "lactose intolerance" and gastroenteritis ( inflammation at the stomach )which causes him to have frequent diarrhea..but amazingly he is not dehydrated although having few occurance of diaarhea a day... so no need to to admit him to hospital etc since  his fluid intake ok...dia belasah aje minum apa org kasi so takdelaa dehydrated..hihih..kalau dia dehydrate confirm kena cucuk laa masuk air..

   Menu ramadhan... simple -simple ajelaa..beli kat bazaar a few items..najla insist nak suruh buat cookies coz she wanted to help tekan acuan and decorate it...still considering it..maybe buat a few for her to bring to school to share with her friends...she still remember her atuk...she dig out all atuk's pictures at TTDI house from the boxes just to look at the pictures and put it back..

Selamat Berpuasa semua...Moga segalanya dipermudahkanNYA..


Friday, August 06, 2010

Ramadhan yg bakal tiba

 Insyaallah minggu depan akan bersua kembali bukan Ramadhan...this will be the first time Ramadhan without daddy.. pasti akan terasa kitorang laa yg rajin beli makanan berbuka puasa kat bazar -bazar nie..but we buy it as simple as small amount for just us.. and macam last year time daddy tak sihat we will buy the makanan that he wants to eat example ayam percik ke, murtabak ke... (  kenangan -kenangan..setiap kali pasti akan terkenang juga dia... )

  I am so glad my work is just office hours by 6.00 pm or 6.30pm insyaallah dah sampai rumah to prepare utk berbuka puasa..and since sahur will just be me and hubby so maybe we just had a simple -simple meal for sahur..

  Owhh hari pertama puasa all of us need to go to Makhamah tinggi Jalan Duta for hearing tentang L.A regarding tukar nama,..hopefully semuanya akan berjalan lancar so that the L.A can be proceed smoothly..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to Corporate World

 Had started at a new place.. Small specialist centre..So far i am happy with my job here as it operates strictly office hours only although kena kerja hari Sabtu hald day but yet it is still ok compared to working in retail with shifts and also odd working job is one of the stressfull jobs in Malaysia..

  Travelling so far ok..just around 20 -30 mins drive from our house..tak payah lalu jimat duit on tol..tentang parking 60 sen sejam but got to know from the staff we can apply for the monthly passes thru the company and they will give rebate kira half the parking fee was paid by the company.. kira jimat sesangat

  Challenge skarang kena leave for work early though Najla and Emran kena bangun se awal 7am... by 7.30am kena leave rumah...kesian kat Emran..kena mandi and makan kat nursery...usually i will prepare him elok -elok dulu every morning before sending him off to Nursery... tak apalaa..moga rezeki murah nanti akan kerja and jadi boss sendiri..insyaallah..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

BBQ, Potluck n Family Gathering

 We had a great time today...BBQ,potluck and family gathering today at Rumah TTDI...invited mostly saudara mara belah arwah daddy and belah mum adalaa dalam sedikit yg datang compared to belah arwah daddy... but yet we still have a good time..

       BBQ pit was set around 9.00am by Shat's fiancee Musaab.. and later Hubby and Musaab start wooo aroma BBQ ayam, daging, kambing  i guess satu lorong bau..hihih...then start 11.30am onwards sedara mara start datang.. abg usop yg pertama datang terus dia join diorang prepare BBQ..

     by noon most of the relatives dah datang so we all mulakan agenda dgn bacaan doa selamat yg diketuai oleh abg Mat...selepas tue apa lagi agenda makan -makan...banyak -best..macam -macam ada semua sumbangan saudara mara and also kawan Shatirah..Rasa macam makan buffet kat hotel...haha..
     Kids memang having fun..Najla, Eusoff, Ayra, Alis and also tak lupa ilham dgn cucu kak Shahar Dzariff...Sayang Adli tak ikut cuma Alis sorang aje..kalau tak memang havoc laa dengar diorang main..Najla sebab Adli takda kawan baiknya si Eusoff tue..heheh..kesana -kemari main dgn Eusoff aje..then anak -anak Ina iaitu Mursyid, Zahraa and Hanna datang lagi laa seronok diorang games kids main bubbles aje...yesterday baru beli that bubble maker yang automatik punya kat memang kids having fun kesana kemari mengejar parents diorang boleh laa makan dengan aman..hehe


 Oooh we also bought a birthday cake for Emran..tapi sayang birthday kek dia cepat cair plaks..hape punya birthday cake..Emran tak sempat potong pun kek tue or bergambar with it since we bought it just to share with everyone today sebagai dessert laa selepas makan kambing bakar, ayam bakar, daging bakar, dsb

gambar -gambar pun tak amik banyak sebab kitorang busy makan and melayan tetamu..^_^

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Macam -macam cerita

  Almost 3 weeks being a home maker and insyaallah next week back to the corporate world... i am really pissed off with the retail chain where i did my part time coz really being a racist and also penipu last salary was given very late and to make the matter worst they only pay less than half ..bengang betul...takpe -takpe...tak halallaa duit yg di makan tue...kurang asam betul..tau last month cabut aje terus tak payah kerja tapi disebabkan polisi yg tak boleh pakai dari jabatan kesihatan kl branch ttg pembatalan pharmacist licence where have to submit surat dari majikan etc prevent me dari cabut terus..hanya jabatan kesihatan KL aje yg perlukan surat majikan tue..kalau tempat lain tak payah langsung.. one more thing that i hate is i made an official complaint to them regarding something important tapi mcm takde apa pun..huhhh kata kerja effisyen...
       regarding opening a pharmacy still working on it but is so damn expensive for the modal..almost a price untuk beli sebuah rumah and also prosper PUNB have to wait least 3-4 months the earliest..kalau tak 6 bulan lebih juga still keep in mind dulu and simpan harapan moga satu hari ada rezeki laa utk buka... the price of shoplot rental at the hotspot area to open a pharmacy pun boleh tahan mahal..for example at pelangi square Kota damansara rental aje dah nak 6K kot...mcm harga sebulan gaji..itu baru rental sebulan..kalau awal -awal nak buka kedai mesti kena bayar rental dulu in advance at least 3 months...mau tak rabak poket...insyaallah one day ada rezeki will open one.

          Since 3 weeks ago most of the time habiskan dgn jaga emran and also masak sket sket...kemas rumah tak dapat sangat unless emran is a sleep..kalau tak dia laa tukang sepah and have to watch him all time since dia suka memanjat sana sini..

           Insyaallah weekend nanti we will have a small gathering with family which includes bbq and potluck utk eratkan silaturrahim sesama family members..this will be the first family gathering selain dari kenduri kendara  or kematian selepas arwah daddy left us and also maybe will be the last gathering held at rumah TTDI...



Saturday, July 17, 2010

Masih Terdengar di telinga..

    Nasihat itu masih terdengar dengar di telinga.. rasa macam baru semalam sahaja mendengarnya..dan tak jemu- jemu di ulang-ulangnya..

    tak sedar langsung masa terus berlalu... kekedang termimpi  yang dia masih ada di sisi..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

report Card Day

 today hari Report Card Day kat Sekolah Najla..9 am dah ada kat sekolah ..Najla n friends performs Nasyid..kelakar gaks tgk diorang perform...sbb siap lupa -lupa lirik tapi belasah aje laa diorang..hahaha..Diorang perform lagu Rasulullah dan lagi satu lagu agak panjang juga..tak ingat apa nama..Najla tak concentrate sangat..masa nasyid bole plak dia berborak dgn Adli..ahakss..

     Selepas amik report card time untuk parents jumpa teacher one by one...teacher inform tentang perkembangan Najla... oklaa yg mana yang negatif tu insyaallah kita cuba laa untuk perbaiki..sbb i don't think i wanna force Najla ..let her enjoy her childhood sepuas-puasnya and its a nature she loves to says she is very outspoken and  loves to participate in discussion...

  We had a great time juga..knowing other parents and also enjoy the food  yang disediakan.

                                                            seisi nasyid

                                                                dengan Abah

                                                         Najla's masterpiece

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


          Our boy turns ONE on 18th June 2010..kesian Emran coz we did not have anything for him since time tue arwah Atuk dia was in ICU..the initial plan is to celebrate the birthday at TTDI on that day with Arwah Daddy, Mummy , Shatirah etc..just a small one ..dah ingat dah nak beli small kek and also p.i.z.z.a.h.u.t.. tapi ALLAH had greater plan for us..kita hanya merancang hanya ALLAH yg menentukan..tak sempat pun nak buat apa..

           I am so sorry for you sweetheart..we will plan another small celebration later next month insyaallah..perhaps buat bbq just a small celebration with family...and Ummi will never forgot your birthday the rest of my life as your birthday will reminds me on the day your Atuk left us just one dayafter you turn 1 year old..18th June , 19th June and 20th June i will  never forget these 3 days.. 20th June is my bro inlaw birthday and also my adik angkat, Huda's birthday..

             kejap jer Emran dah one year old..rasa mcm baru aje menemani dia keluar masuk hospital kerana jaundice dia tak turun -turun..he spend most of the first few weeks of his life keluar masuk hospital Pantai and also DSH...and kebetulan pula 12 hari selepas Emran lahir arwah Daddy kena stroke and he shared the same hospital and same floor with Arwah Daddy at DSH in June last year..and i did not even had time berpantang after lahirkan Emran... i guess maybe it will effect my health later tapi berserah ajelaa,,

            Emran loves to kiss people's cheeks and says muuuuaaaaksss...( haiihh mana belajar nie..^_^ ).. he still belum boleh jalan lagi ..same like his sister yang start "ada kaki " after 1 yearr ++..and beware dia akan rapat dgn orang yang ada makanan coz he loves tu "cukai" people's food by saying nakkk..nakkkk..nakkkk..hehehe..






Monday, June 21, 2010

Separuh jiwaku pergi..

Am still trying to adapt things after Daddy left us..bohonglaa if i said i can teruskan hidup ini dengan begitu mudah skali tanpa memikirkan kenangan bersama will take some time to adapt.. like hubby always says to me..its true as he lost his beloved father 4 years ago..i guess i am not as strong as him yang begitu sabar dan tabah..while i am a softer  heart type where i tend to easily mengalir air mata..and i salute my beloved mum yang begitu tabah..takda setitik air mata pun yang keluar when she knows that daddy will not be able to survive the 2nd stroke.. but dalam hati siapa yg tahu kan..hanya ALLAH sahaja yg  mengetahui..19hb memang i will remember it the rest of my life coz i lost both my dad and my father in law on dad passed away on 19th June while my father in law passed away on 19th July 2006..

   Weeks before daddy left us i manage to be with him as we slept in TTDI due to hubby had some job to we didn;t send the kids to school for weeks  and most of the time Najla and Emran spend time with him while i' working..he was so happy when the kids were around especially when Emran loves to godak-godak his wheelchair and kacau the radio+ playing golf balls with just makes him happy ..during the last week he always says sakit kepala but  sakit tu mcm hilang bila dia main dgn Emran..

 Ada satu malam tu kalau tak silap 2 weeks ago Abg Dolah, Kak Mala, Kak Wiha, Kak Jidah datang visit him at night.. mereka bercerita kisah -kisah dahulu and can se him laughing all his heart menceritakan kisah -kisah dahulu.. Kak Mala pun inform me tak pernah tengok daddy se happy tu..and also he ceritakan kisah -kisah lama pada abg Mat ,,

  i guess he knows that the time had come for him untuk kembali kepada NYA..that's why he refuses to go to the hospital although dia sakit kepala..that's why he always says to me that nabi pun hidup sampai usianya 63 tahun sahaja and this year daddy is 63.. Daddy also seakan tahu dia akan pergi coz he was so happy he manage to sell the TTDI home, manage to purchase Rossa@ Denai Alam but only didn't manage to pindah ke rumah baru which was schedule in 2 months time..sebaliknya dia pindah ke "rumah" dan "alam" yang lain..

   I browse thru daddy's SMS in his HP..ada satu SMS yang dia send pada Kak Fidah yang menyentuh hati which says like this " Time is not with us, i want to be nearer to my children so Denai Alam is the best place for me to live..." 

    it will be different without him as every morning sebelum pergi kerja @ PBD i will be at TTDI and meet him and brought his morning nak pergi kerja pun tak ada mood coz pasti akan terkenang -kenang and also i am glad i will be no longer at PBD starting next month.. cepatlaa masa berlalu..tak sanggup rasanya nak lalui minggu ini dan minggu depan...

today together with hubby we went to JPN utk buat sijil kematiannya..and i know it will be a long process for us to settle a few things regarding harta arwah dsb..

Ya ALLAH i almost broke down every day and doa pada Allah moga ada kekuatan dan ketabahan dan moga roh daddy ditempatkan di kalangan ahli -ahli jannah..hanya doa anak aje yang akan sampai pada seorang ayah..and i hope the family bond between  uncles, aunties,cousins anak sedara dsb sebelah arwah Daddy will always be strong as ever eventho arwah telah pergi...and next year insyaallah we will do the best for my youngest sister wedding sebagai memenuhi amanat terakhir arwah..

 Separuh jiwaku pergi..and i will miss you always




Sunday, June 20, 2010


 19th June 2010..Daddy telah kembali kepada penciptaNYA..  i am lost with words and i certainly feel very empty and sad..Daddy passed away as his injury was so severe ...i certainly will remember this day for the rest of my life..

  around morning at 9.00am when we arrived at Hospital Sg Buloh, keadaan Daddy memang dah nazak dah..he depends on life support machine..the Blood pressure is going down and we gathered all the relatives to sama -sama berdoa dan bisikkan kalimah syahadah ke telinganya..Dr came around 11,00am and he inform us that daddy in actual fact dah brain dead..his pernafasan depends on the life support machine..once the machine tarik his Heart rate will eventually drop to 0...after discussion  we agreed to tarik his life support machine as we don't want to seksa him... sudah tiba masanya untuk dia kembali kepada PenciptaNYA....this is the difficult moment in my life.. i broke down and cry..rasa mcm sesak nafas sangat...Ya Allah tabahkanlaa hati ini..tabahkanlaa hati ini..tak putus -putus hati ini berdoa..i went out of ICU to called and take a deep breath..i hug Kak Ri and told her everything daddy dah takde dahhh ..ya Allah..ya Allah..we both cry .. i went down to the car untuk daptkan Emran and Najla..what saddens me Najla really broke down and cry bila dia dapat tahu Atuk dah tak ada..
  Jenazah Daddy telah dimandikan dan dikapankan di Hospital..then jenazah terus di bawa ke Masjid At Taqwa TTDI   al gufran TTDI.. alhamdulillah ramai yang datang untuk sembahyangkan jenazah daddy buat kali ke 2 di Masjid..selepas Asar Jenazah terus di bawa ke Tanah Perkuburan Islam bukit Kiara untuk dikebumikan..

     Hari -hari yang akan kami lalui sekarang pastinya akan berbeza tanpa Daddy... innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun..

Saturday, June 19, 2010


              It all started with a frequent headache.. dan dengan sekelip mata pada hari Khamis Dad tidak sedarkan diri.. masa tu he is  having high fever so in a rush my elder brother and my lil sis rush to Appolo TTDi to request for doctor to come home for a while an take a look..the dr said cannot laa etc...apa punya doctor..bangang..agaknya kalau ada org  tgh kritikal pun mmg tak boleh diselamatkan laa dgn sikap mcm nie..padanlaa Apollo tue tak ada org nak pergi..very -very bad service..

            so fine..we call an ambulance.. so ambulance bring him to Damansara Specialist Hospital .. Dia dah start having some fits..probably due to the high fever that he after he is stabilized they did a CT Scan.. and the results shows that his brain dah swollen and ada pendarahan..kami semua was the 2nd stroke attack.. so he was admitted in ICU Damansara Specialist..cuma the day he was admitted  Waiting game begin coz there were NO Neurosergeon in KL / SELANGOR...semua pergi bercuti or either off duty etc... i guess Malaysian standard of health services was really annoying and also ketinggalan zaman..
so they just call from one hospital to another hospital to ask if there is the specialist available..Dalam masa yang sama my mum plan to pindahkan Dad to hospital kerajaan ..the bill sure kena melampau mahal kalau terus stay..

                  Finally one neurosurgeon from Ampang Putri datang...he explain the mum awal -awal lagi had made a decision no to surgery or tebuk tebuk what so ever.. kalau the chances is slim she told us to redha dan sabar..mum does not want the dr to do try and error etc when they know the chances is slim and when tak berjaya the bills willl then shoot up to 200k... kekdg trick hospital swasta mmg macam tue utk dapat duit. like what happens to my arwah FIL

             So we agreed to transfer him to Sg Buloh Hospital...He is now in ICU and our prayers and doa moga Daddy dapat regain conscious kembali...Ya ALLAH berikan kekuatan kepada kami semua untuk menghadapi dugaan ini..