Friday, September 22, 2006

HAppY BirTHday ABAH (23rd September 2006)

To my beLoved Abah.. Happy 31st Birthday..Thank u for caring for me day & nite..Thank u for bringing me jalan-jalan every week with Ummi..For everyone knowledge, i am really -really Manjaa with my Abah..anak abah laah katakan..ehehe..

May ALLAH bless u Abah..Love u so much..- From Najla & Ummi

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Ummi

My Dearest Ummi,HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY on 20th SEPTEMBER 2006 i love ummi very -very much!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jalan -Jalan tengok pameran

hrmmm i wonder how the other babies doing?..

abah..are you doing the right thing?


the seminar was interesting..i am listening

Abah n me..sory ummi takde laks dlm gambar

yesterday Ummi & Abah brought me to Mid valley to see an exhibition on baby stuff..quite interesting..we got lots of freebies..from magazines,baloons to pampers..i also got to met a few mascot..drypers mascot..nestle mascot..clowns..and lots more..the mascot were really -really big..i am quite afraid of them especially the drypers mascot..

Abah and Ummi attended a free seminar on how to massage was supervise by a qualified and experience nurse..All parents who attended the seminar had to do a practical too to massage their babies..See Abah in action massaging was real-real great being pampered..heheh

Friday, September 01, 2006

Learning to crawl

my first step to crawl..and i am still learning to coordinate my body movement

Holiday in Malacca

Ummi & me

Abah & me in Muara Sg Duyong, Melaka

Aunty Fatimah & her husband

Me & Abah having a great time together

Hello has been a long time i haven't updated my blog..To begin with recently we ( ummi, abah & i) went for a so call "holiday" in malacca..actually we went there to attend one of ummi's university classmate kenduri kahwin..yes..congratulations to Aunty Fatimah& Uncle Shazril Baha

i am having a great time there..we went to Muara Sungai Duyong for Ikan bakar..yum..yum for Abah & ummi as i am too small to eat the seafood