Friday, December 31, 2010

Early Celebration of Najla's 5th birthday

         We plan for an early celebration for Najla together with Adli kat Casa Kidz since her birthday falls time cuti sekolah she will not have the opportunity to celebrate it with her friends..

         hubby and i took leave on that day to take some pictures of them..the children were sooo excited with the cakes...helium balloons and also the lovely chocolate oreo edible images..

           the moist chocolate cakes ordered from dillcakes were superb...mmg sedap...not forgetting the edible image chocolate ordered from Lonia Chocolate mmg membuatkan semua orang kata waaaaaahhh, oooooohhh,,ahhhhhhh..:-)

           overall i am satisfied although it is a small celebration as they enjoy to be with their friends...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Najla turns 5

Its a belated post as we had just got back from Southern Region..Alhamdulillah on 30th December 2010 our dearest Najla turns 5 years old..owhh my cepatnya Najla membesar...

 We did not purchase any cake or etc but we plan for a family getaway..3 days 2 nite ke Selatan..we had booked a hotel so that she enjoyed playing kat swimming pool which by the way she enjoy sooo much,,

Monday, December 27, 2010


27th December is ayah's ( My FIL ) birthday.. If Ayah was here today he will be 61 years old.. beruntunglaa untuk mereka yg masih mempunyai ayah or ayah mertua as both of us ( my husband and i ) had lost both..

   I had not much memories about ayah as i only know him for about a year ++ ... i married his eldest son ( my dearest husband ) in 2004 and after marriage only i manage to know him much better or talk to him often.. i got to know what 's his faviurite food, what's his favourite drink etc and alhamdulillah we manage to bring ayah to denai alam to show him our future home a few months before he passed away..

   Ayah seorang yang tegas.. he works as an ex Supervisor for PLUS.. barely  a few days before his retirement  in 2003 ayah suffered a heart problem ..he had to underwent a stent ( balloon ) procedure as there is blockage in the heart..alhamdulillah he was ok after that and our wedding in 2004 was proceed smoothly in KL and Sg Petani..

  in 2005,rezeki ayah and mak dapat panggilan haji..alhamdulillah he was so happy..although he was not really feeling well but he manage to proceed with the haj..

 2006 was the upmost challenging year.. exactly one month after ayah nikahkan her eldest daughter ( my eldest SIL ) on 1st July 2006 ayah suffered a massive stroke where he collapsed in our Sg Petani home.. He was taken to Sg Petani Hospital and there the nightmare kemudahan etc where he had to be transferred here and there etc.. its a suffer and quite frustating as he was already in a coma but yet they take him easily and one Medical Officer (MO) siap boleh cakap biarlaa nanti dia akan heal sendiri..A stupid word from a person who called himself a doctor ..and as thought we are so stupid and does not know anything bout stroke

 and 19 days after at around 3.00am ayah passed away peacefully as a result of massive brain hemmorage ( pendarahan seluruh otak) due to stroke .. and my personal opinion if he had received a better treatment he would have been treated better..or at least we try first ...hubby had write an official complaint to the minister of health, DG health regaarding the MO and hospital and from what he received a reply the MO was transferred elsewhere..

   Ayah seolah -olah tahu yang dia nak pergi he suddenly say to us that he wants to achieve only  a few things  iaitu tengok anak perempuan sulung dia kahwin (achieved in 2006)  , pergi haji ( achieved in end 2005)  and timang 1st cucu ( achieved in End 2005) and after that he wanted to rest in peace..and sebaik sahaja dia achieve all Ayah kembali padaNYA..innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun..


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Get Craftyv and Mummy's Birthday

 Today cuti umum so we all plan bawak kids jalan -jalan kat One as early as 10.30 we all dah sampai dah One Utama sbb tahu punya kalau pergi lambat sure takda parking and also ramai sangat orang..we had an early lunch and planning to give najla a try kat get crafty since she is sooo in love with arts

   We register her for 12pm class around RM45.. tak ramai orang sangat so oklaa..she get to choose what she wants to do..she wanted to do princess we left her there for 1 hour so she can be on her own with the teachers and new friends there while we go for window shopping...alhamdulillah she had no problem sosializing with her  new friends as we did not received any call from the teacher saying she cried or etc..

   around 1.10pm we came back to pick her up..there she was sooo happy showing off her art work...:-))...after OU off bertolak ke TTDI to hadiahkan Mummy a birthday cake..or more less ice cream cake..

 alhamdulillah mumy turns 63 years old yesterday...we all sentiasa doakan agar mummy dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik...and tak sabar tunggu  mummy pindah ke denai alam coz we can be nearer to her and visit her everyday...


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kids Baking

 Today we all pergi rumah Kak Ri and Ani kat Bangi..Kak Ri anjurkan baking class for the kids... yesterday dah pesan kat Najla and Emran tdo awal sbb nak pergi awal...they were excited.. disamping itu kita mengeratkan juga ikatan silaturrahim sesama saudara mara sebelah arwah daddy...

 10am off bertolak dari Denai Alam..singgah Rumah Aunty Rokiah coz mimi nak tumpang we all pergi satu kereta ajelaa.. Sampai rumah Kak Ri dalam kul 11.15am...kitorang yg pertama before the kids start belajar dgn Kak Ri we all isi perut dulu...hari nie hari Western.. Kak Ri masak Spaghetti n aunty Rokiah pun kirim spagetthi goreng...

  Dalam kul 12 pm mcm tue a few relatives datang join.. Yam + co and also Aqilah bawa cousin2 dia... diorang start buat deco cupcakes..Kak Ri kasi apron sorang satu..excited laa budak-budak tue... yg syok bila diorang really express their needs what they want to put on their cupcakes..for sure more m&m's, etc..hahaa..yg lebih masuk mulut..

  Emran pulak jadi tukang makan..belum cupcakes abis siap dia dah ngap dah dua tiga cupcakes..kalau niaga mcm nie bengkrap laa ummi..hihihih.

  after cupcakes diorang buat pizza plaks.. yang nie pun kids enjoy tempek -tempek the dough kat acuan pizza..mcm main plastersine n playdoh...^_^...they decorate the pizza with lots of cheese, hotdog etc..belasah aje semua ada janji masuk mulut sedap..ahakss

 by 2pm we need to make a move coz ada urusan...Thank U very-very much Kak Ri for the free classes.:-)))

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aduss kereta ohh kereta

 Ayoyo this month my WKB banyak kena repair.. 2 kali pulak tayar pancit..then normal servis etc..

 i guess had already lari budget for this month..:-PP..nak buat macam mana since i needed the car to travel back at forth from Denai Alam to Kota Damansara everyday..

 I can;t believe thr car had been 7 years with us.. dah travel merata ceruk dah.. from Penang to JB.. and setakat nie our car tak ada rosak teruk except for the accident in 2006 kat Melaka tue

  the car yg banyak berjasa to uss... :-) ) ..sampai orang langgar masa kat melaka tahun 2006...

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Superbusy Mode

 Quite a busy month...

 Nak kejar a few "sendiri " datelines before i go on leave at the end of the month till early Jan 2011( insyaallah..)

 need to do my Staff's appraisal for salary increment and bonus..harap -harap ada rezeki mereka untuk naik gaji..Ameen.. i remember masa my time in BB few years back, one %$&@#$ so call " manager" buat appraisal for us.. that  %^&*$ manager give us only 40 % and tak da peluang untuk naik gaji or dapat bonus or anything.. kalau naik gaji pun cuma RM 8 sahaja...!..kurang dari sepuluh hinggit..come on laa bukan duit awak pun yang bayar gaji pekerja apa yg dengki sangat duit company bukan duit dari poket dia.. dia nail gaji sampai beribu riban..

Planning end of the year leave..nak ke mana ye?..hrmm maybe ada rezeki lebih ke Lost World of Tambun laa kot.. i am sure the children will have lots of fun there..

Saturday, December 04, 2010


 1hb Dec....

   i would say a special date to remember for me personally..

  in 2003 i am officially engagged to my love one ( skarang suami terchenta...:-PPP) on this date.. it was on a  Monday.. and we clearly choose the date because kebetulan all the relatives yg jauh was in KL for one of our cousin's we don;t want them to travel banyak banyak kali to KL so we sepakat choose the date..we did a simple ceremony but yet dapat kumpulkan all the relatives..alhamdulillah..and masa tue both mom and dad baru je a few days balik dr no "grand" engagement..:-)) .. and i remember masa tue i just work about 6 months in DSH as a houseman pharmacist..gaji pun errr ciput aje jadi punyalaa tak nak org tahu that i dah bertunang so i just kept quiet and did not wear my engagement ring masa kat opis..heheh..ada juga pharmacy staff yg maybe perasan kot coz dia tengok ada  inai  kat jari tapi takda that person become so suspicious.. but i buat relax ajelaa..bila nak dekat wedding in June 2004 bila i edarkan my wedding card..barulaa mereka kata kemusykilan tue hilang..kuang..kuang...

actually i pun tak nak pakai enggagement ring masa kat DSH dulu becoz i takut the ring hilang or missplace since masa jadi housemen pharmacist i had to do cytotoxic drugs reconstitution ( CDR)..the ones that we had to wear the full protective suit yg macam angkawasan -naik -ke -bulan  when i have to do the task i had to take off all the jewelleries, watches the chances of being missplace is quite high jugalaa

  and 1hb December evey year also is Dad's its really special for us sekeluarga..this year dia dah tak ada lagi.. kalau Dad masih ada he will be 63 years old..and i am sure he will be a happy person to celebrate his birthday with his family especially the cucu-cucus same like other atuk...our gift for "him" will be our doa..Moga "dia " ditempatkan dikalangan orang -orang yang beriman..

                                               1 Dec 2003.. Dalam kenangan..( L to R) my beloved uncle Arwah Pak Karim, my cousin Abg mat and my beloved arwah Dad