Friday, January 24, 2014

Sick Week

 Minggu yang mencabar., on off not feeling well..vomit...diarrhea..panas badan...they lost their ohh my..semua tak nak makan.. buat ummi rungsing sangat tak tahu nak kasi makan apa..

     yesterday Najla down with diarhea and dehydration..muka pucat asyik sleep sahaja..late night her eyes looks sunken.. skin dry..went to DEMC since the nearest clinic at 10pm was so full..eaited at DEMC for about 1.5 12am baru dapat jumpa Med officer..he advise Najla  to put on drip since all the bed is full.. i agree with his opinion to be on iv drip for approximately 1 hour and see the result..almost 2am baru reach home..this morning still not OK yet..force her to drink lots of fluid ..hopefully she will recover really soon.. insya'allah..

Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 yang ditinggalkan..

2014 arrived. .satu lagi pertambahan usia..alhamdulillah 2013 yang ditinggalkan kan was a sweet one..

Career wise alhamdulillah for the rezki. .manage to get new project for the company..we are working on it. .
I am happy with it..bersyukur atas apa yang diberikan..
This year najla will be in year 3..have to start to ask her to be more focus

Family wise..moga ada rezki for another little junior in our family insyaallah. .