Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Quite some time tak update this blog...been busy lately..last week was "sakit week' for all of us here.. First Najla was sick and ended up admitted to Pantai Hospital ( again! ) for 3 days 2 night last Monday 21st Jan.. She was at OK the day before, playing happily and running here and there.. we also managed to had a veryyyyy yummy delicious dinner at the famous Huzer with the family in SP.. she was sooo happy and eats quite alot

Starting from Monday early morning she could not sleep at all..she woke up every now and then complaining of Sakit telinga..luckly she can talk clarly and said Abah, ummi Najla sakit telinga...i am not well too coughing non stop so early morning after Subuh 6.45am we went to my company panel dr to get some medicine..after that we went straight to Pantai to bring Najla to A&E for check up..

Ended up she was diagnosed with a very acute infection on the throat and ear..she had to be admitted to the hospital for antibiotics treatment.. i had to take EL for as the dr said that if everything goes well she will only be on 3 days intravenus antibiotic treatment..since Wednesday 23rd Jan was Public Holiday for Penang, i only took EL for 2 days

So we all berkampunglaa kat Wad for 3 days 2 night...alhamdulillah after 2 days she was Ok and her peadtrician discharge her on the 3rd day ( Wednesday,23rd Jan ) as schedule..the next day i am sick plak..went back to the company's panel clinic again as the cough medicine and other medicine seems tak berkesan..i was diagnosed with bronchitis and was given antibiotik..kena MC satu hari

the last whole week was gone spending time with medicines..;-P ..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nyanyi...... Nyanyii...

(P/s: sorry about this video..not in the correct position..)

Najla favourite past time is nyanyi her vocab is geting much-much better and she do talks a lot..hahaha...she can nyanyi ALIF Ba TA till the end( dah khatam daah..ahakssss ) and also her favourite song is of course the barney song I LOVE YOU ..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Maal Hijrah

Selmt Tahun Baru Hijrah to all muslims.. Well for this year onwards perhaps there will be a little change in our family life..we need those changes at least for the time being as Ummi and Abah has set their resolutions and goals for the family.. If everything goes well perhaps by next year, insyaallah either Abah or Ummi can starts continue their studies in postgraduate programme..postgraduate courses is not cheap.. still needs lots of $$$$ .. but it will be an asset for Abah and Ummi for their future career development..

Hope our doa and prayers dimakbulkan ALLAH SWT..;-)..



Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year resolution 2008

a brand new year..our DOA for this year :

1) Good health .. hopefully this year i will not be admitted to hospital,same goes to all

2) Murah rezeki...salary increment for Abah..(hehehe) and perhaps salary increment
to reach the desire ****K for Ummi tooo..ahakss..;-PPP

3) Murah rezeki dari segi $$$$ so that we can perform Umrah and perhaps visit both Kakak Hanans and Adam+Farah in UK..;-))

Najla birthday celebration ..SP

the yummy Chocolate Mud cake...

We had a belated birthday Celebration ( cake cutting only ) for Najla in Sg Petani..