Sunday, May 25, 2014

its family time

 turun ke johor untuk meraikan kenduri perkahwinan anak sulung our cousin Abg Nuar + kak pati .We  stayed there for 3 days 2 nite.. since we tend along to bring the kids and also mum and MIL so i booked a 2 bedroom suites.. senang laa instead of 2 superior room..

   Most of the suites are full so we booked at Marina Bay resort..its a 2 bedroom apartment..alhamdulillah memang sangat selesa..and ada swimming looking forward to it..arrived in Johor around mid noon on manage to have a dip kat pool that evening..

 Malam went to visit Mak Pon..she was not well ..kurus sahaja...remind me how close she was to arwah dad.. malam itu also JJCM kat area sana..went to try the famous kacang pool kat Johor..memang sedap..1st time makan..

 On Saturday kenduri perkahwinan in Bandar Baru Uda..alhamdulillah we arrived around 2pm after zohor prayers..managed to catch up with the cousins..Pengantin arrived quite late around 2.30pm..sebelum sampai pengantin dah kena tol banyak..adat orang johor :-)

  Selamat pengantin baru my dearest anak saudara sepupu Afifah dan husband Ridhuan..moga berkekalan ke akhir hayat..seperti biasa d hantaran is from our talented cousin's wife kak Emmi..


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Teacher's Day

 Happy Teacher's Day..Selamat Hari Guru.. Kids requested something special for their teachers..So this year  kasi makanan sahajalaa..

 ordered some sugar cookies from anak neighbour kat rumah Mum..and also special edible image cake from Brown Butter bakes..

cute kan..sayang nk makan....

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Birthday Celebration May 2014

 Office workload yang berlambak since we are moving the machine to the new cleanroom..11 mil tablets to be blistered..aduss my team pun dah over-exhausted..everyday they are on 12 hours shift..alhamdulillah extra income for them sebelum hari raya perhaps..

          Decided with them to spend time together ..ask everyone to go back at 3.30pm and off we go to Jusco Bukit tinggi..its a surprise birthday bash for both of them..happy birthday dearest Abby and also Wanniey..Abby was no under me and she is incharge of the warehouse.. she really works hards and believe me her hard work earns a lot.. she managed to climb up her career path from kerani to Supervisor with a good salary earning more than a diploma holder fresh graduate..alhamdulillah.. just for information my company did offer higher salary but with responsibilities..

  \ Wanniey works under my team,,she is a very agresif and determined person..married at young age and she is the fastest career leap in our company..tak sampai a year from Operator she was promoted to line leader..and since she stay just 15 minutes away from the factory she are the one who selalu berkorban laa kalau ada benda urgent nak kena buat..

 anyway they both memang surprise..we had secret recipe meals and also followed by choc indulgence cakes...Happy Birthday to both of them..moga murah rezki dan sentiasa dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik..

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Pesta Buku Antarabangsa 2014..

 hari yang sama after gardenia..we went to Pesta Buku @ was a impromptu decision....ingat memang nak bawa kids to KL..spend time with them since i missed the last school holiday with them.. adoii husband pulak not around but yet i ajak mum inlaw to join..we booked a room at hotel sebelah PWTC..the crowd was super duper crazy..nak parking pun susah..

 after check in ..its shopping time...left the children kat hotel room with Mum in law..i walk to PWTC next door..adoii berasak asak.. my aim is just to purchase novels.. hahahah..malas nak browse thru other kind of books,..dalam kepala dah set nak beli novel apa its a quick shopping..hihih..anyway there are more than thousands exhibitor..malas nak walk thru  the whole place sebab ramai sangat orang berasak asak..its a good decision tak bawa kids along sebab they will be very agitated and panas too..almost all of the corridors .floors etc of the PWTC was occupied with school children. parents and kids etc..

 regarding the hotel..  its a nice hotel room ..but facilities quite old..err i mean the swimming nak mandi pool ..mereka tak kasi sbb although it stated 0.5m height tapi dalamnya memang ....i guess err maybe orang yang buat masa mula-mula salah end up kids dapat main kat tangga aja laa..and parents needs to be around..handling the boys alone  dalam air  without proper swimming attire memang difficult.lasak yang ended up kasi mereka berendam for approximately 1 hour ask them to sambung kat hotel room punya bath tub..lagi selamat hehhh