Sunday, April 27, 2014

lawatan sambil belajar..kilang roti gardenia

The trip was organized by a collegue of mine..she booked in dec last year baru dapat slot..we managed to kumpul 60pax as per required..alhamdulillah
The factory is located in sek 26 shah alam..memang knowledge n experience..we were served breakfast and was brought to see how gardenia bread was the end of the visit we all dapat goodie bags sorang satu..

semua enjoyy th trip..alhamdulillah

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Langkawi Trip 18th april -20th April

 its been the first time back packing trip ke Langkawi..memang seronok laa..we planned in Dec last year..asked the operators to kumpulkan duit RM 50 per month..we booked in advance Air Asia flight..time tue ada promosi..cuma around RM36 one way..this time pergi we agreed not to bring the husband or kids along..:-) semua ibu ibu travel single after dapat kebenaran from husband masing masing

   We went there as a group of 11..alhamdulillah semuanya dipermudahkan..booked 3 cars..booked 3 rooms chalet at Pantai Cenang..We started our journey after office at around 5.00pm ..our flight is at 8pm lepak LCCT..reached langkawi pun dah around 9,.00pm ..check in and ajak mereka out for dinner..that night tak ada apa since masing masing penat

 2nd day started early morning ..our first destination breakfast dulu and then ke langkawi kabel car..we arrived tak jem and we are the 2nd person in line dapat naik..then  went to Telaga tujuh.. i didn't went up to telaga tujuh..needs to climb 650 steps to reach there.sudah pancit and also did not wear proper attire and shoes..but the team memang bersemangat..they climb up and had a dip at telaga tujuh..

   Last day we went shopping..i did not purchase much..orang office kirim to the team sampai 600 ++ to buy chocolates and also periuk ajaib..We booked 140kg beg balik and ngam-ngan 140kg..hehe..

    it was a short journey..quite tiring but in the same time memang enjoy laa..should do that more often..depends on the operators budget...respect them yang gigih kerja kumpul trip perhaps to singapore ke..

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Annual Dinner

its a belated story.. We had the company Annual Dinner on 21st Mar at Premier Hotel..its just a short distance from the office..Actually dinner nie last year punya ..yg tertangguh.. so tahun nie 2x dinner laa kot..:-)

 The theme is Magical nite..I have no idea what to wear.. belasah pakai jubah sahajalaa..the Operators sangat bergaya..wearing ikut theme..ada yang jadi witch laa etc..they really was all out

   this time the prizes are quite limited...only 25 lucky draw prizes..but the prizes was really marvelous..we have Ipad Mini.. Samsung Tablet.. Samsung Galaxy Phone and the grand prize is TV 50 inch..Alhamdulillah the company tak kedekut..

     This is the management team of my company.. alhamdulillah we have a good cooperation  working together..thanks to my boss ( Far left) who gave me opportunity to grow and learn new things..

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Final phase project ..

3 months long projects. .alhamdulillah its in the final phase..being quite busy setting up and preparing the final phase before the audit..sorry children ummi could not be on leave last school holidays. .

Am quite nervous actually. .hopefully we managed to get the licence..I am really glad that both my boss are so supportive..its a new phase for my team..and also syukur alhamdulillah my boss rewarded all thr hard work with a salary increament and bonus..alhamdulillah. .