Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ceritera Cuti Sekolah ..Rafeeq down with diarrhea

     Cuti Sekolah kali nie we had such a "mess " juga laa untuk atur masa bawa anak -anak bercuti.. my new plant project for the company has started and we need to work out so that everything will be in order by early 2014..Husband still continuing his short diploma courses till December though he could not enjoy the long school break..

      Rafeeq down with diarrhea since Monday and had been having his pampers changed more than 10x a day..that's quite teruk juga laa so at night after doses of medicine his diarrhea still did not stop.. though we brought him to DA Clinic.. the MO prescribe taste Ok but yet it did not managed to stop the diarrhea and it goes on till 1am , 3am ,5 am on Tuesday morning..both husband and i dah  hampir tombang dah zzz tak cukup..

     had to take EL to standby just in case Rafeeq got worst..sampai noon his condition makin worst pulaks..still had frequent cepat2 singgah supermarket beli soya milk..need to change his milk for a while in order to prevent more damage kat dia punya perut..then off to DEMC for Dr Ahmad's consultation..

   Alhamdulillah Dr Ahmad confirmed tak nampak sign dehydration..kalau tak check in hospital laa gamaknya kena drip dan sebagainya..suspected viral causes the diarrhea since he already has his rotavirus vaccination and no sign of rotavirus infection..if not lagi panjang ceritanya..

  today still on leave juga laa sebab nya masih ada lagi frequent diarrhea..tomorrow kena masuk kerja dah..kalau tak banyak kerja pending..hihuuu..ini pun nasib baik bawa balik laptop office untuk siapkan pending job yang boleh ..yang tak boleh tak dapat buat laa sbb tak dapat nak excess office server..

   Kids complaining wanted to go somewhere..ok children need to be patient please..ummi have to rearrange back the leave..and husband pulak ada leave cuma towards the end of December..then he needs to go to school for teacher's meeting etc..have to plan somewhere near...perhaps visit to Pesta Buku 1 Malaysia on 11th Dec -15th Dec..

                                                       on the way back from DEMC..

  Tips when having diarrhea for children 

         - ensure they are well hydrated. Oral Rehydration Salt ( ORS ) is the best electrolyte replacement although for children it taste err slightly horrible..replenish them with lots of water to replace the loss electrolyte due to diarrhea.. remember that dehydration is the worst danger if not being treated..

       - No diary products as it suspected diarrhea sometimes can come from milk protein..its best to switch the milk for a while to soy based ( example Isomil ) until the diarrhea stops.. in between do not feed them with any milk related items such as cheese, yougurt , biscuits with cream etc.. in order to replace it feed them with bananas as bananas contains high potassium for energy 



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jom baca

 my past time.."addicted" to find novel-novel yang best... and i do sell my novels too ...alhamdulillah walaupun hasil tak banyak.. i can clear off my shelf and make way for new novels...( husband dah geleng-geleng kepala..hahaha...),,among the best novel yang mesti ada dalam koleksi.. best tau cerita nie..

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Noble kidz concert ...2013

   We are here early morning to MSU Theathe hall for Emran's concert day...this year just Noble Kidz Denai Alam punya concert..compared to last year yang gabung dengan branch Saujana Utama..

      this year my hero performed chinese traditional dance..praktis kemai lagi dia..siap pot pet cerita nak buat apa..hihii,,what steps etc,,,

      This year also my anak saudara  Alis graduated from Noble kids..alhamdulillah they are all happy at that school..Emran had been there for almost 3 years..