Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baby sakinah is home

Last Friday my sister insist nak bawa balik juga baby sakinah home since ppum didn't give any plan etc for them..they just ask them to wait...baik bawa balik..n follow up to a peadtric neurologist. .

I can finally hug her..gerammm and I miss to hold baby girl...harap2 rezki baby no 4 adaaah baby girl..

Here's baby sakinah..tiub ada for suction. .we pray for baby sakinah's health. .moga Allah permudahkn urusan. .kun faa ya kun..kami berserah padaMu..

Friday, October 25, 2013

Express Diploma = 60 Days

           Back to School life... opss not me ..dah "berkarat" dah nak sambung belajar balik..its dearest husband yang akan sambung belajar balik...Its not kind of sambung belajar lama..its a 60 days Diploma course..woww express betul Kementrian offer Diploma in 60 days...

           He got the letter to attend full time course of Diploma in Physical Education co joint with US punya Education  Ministry... ..the module will be held in Kelana jaya full time 5 days from Morning till 6.30pm.. and the lecturers are from overseas .. Husband says yang attend semua dah tua bersesuaian laa jadi Mahasistua. :-) ..the disadvantage is husband needs to become translator pula since his coursemate ramai yang tak confident to  speak in English...

            Terpaksa laa berkorban sikit untuk adjust our time..i will be everyday picking up Najla since hubby takkan sempat nak rush from Kelana Jaya to Bukit Jelutong before 6.30pm..

              My prayers and doa moga berjaya dengan cemerlang ..insya'allah...mana tahu rezeki dapat opportunity to proceed utk sambung ke US pulaks

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Belated birthday cake

Since this year tak plan nk raikan rafeeq's birthday I ordered cake boboboy for him..1dt time order dari kak niza from puncak alam..cake sedap and harga pun reasonable. .siap husbands kak niza and her daughter hantar ke denai alam..

Sapa nak order boleh cari fb nama niza Danuddin ..she bake macam2 kek, tarts etc

Saturday, October 12, 2013

To PPUM again..

My sister and her daughter masih berkampung di PPUM. .its been almost a week plus officially name sakinah..her aqiqah was done last Thursday at mum's place although without the present of both of them.

MRI was done..managed to get a slot..kalau tak kena tunngu next least it was done untuk tahu the baby's health. .my sister kata ada slight bleeding kt brain tempat vakum. .dia tak perasan pun baby kena assist during delivery dgn vakum sbb lalok sgt dengan pethidine. .so kena tunggu lg laa next monday utk pendapat pakar..kesian nuaim rindu my BIL had to senyap2 bring him dalam sis maid pulak runaway time kalut 2 macam nie..geramm betul redha ajelaa Allah knows d best..
Managed to bring the kids melawat baby sakinah..rafeeq too jealous tak nak pandang baby..emran not really excited dapat cousin girl but najla sangat excitedcada geng cousin girl dalam family.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Rafeeq turns 2

Happy birthday rafeeq who is two years old today..alhamdulillah he grew up as one healthy baby...he loves cars..everything about cars amaze him..and kalau nak naik kereta dia org pertama nak ikut..sangat laa garang..kuat gaduh dengan abang emran and also envy if his brother atau sister sleeps beside us..he will bite and start hitting them..adoii laaa gangster kenit nie..
 Bought him a small ice cream cake..his special cake will be this weekend. .just for makan makan..
 Love you always little fella..

Sunday, October 06, 2013

My latest niece

Alhamdulillah my sister safetly gave birth last Thursday at demc hospital. .its a girl..alhamdulillah. .on Friday my sister text me that she was being transferred to ppum as baby got problem. .of course we were quite shocked to hear the sister kata baby tak kasi reflect. .just zzzz of the peadtrician got panic and quickly refer to ppum..I was apakah....????.my sister told me that the baby was diagnosed hypotonic a.k.a muscle weakness. .yg geram dia kata nurse labour room silap estimate the opening..she cucuk pethidine without getting advice from the specialist when d opening was 9cm..dia ingat sis terus lalok masa deliver. .suspected the side effect of pethidine dah kena baby..tak tahu they reverse back the side effect of pethidine with narcain or not..nurse should have been extra carefull..bukan kita menidakkan kepakaran mereka but for me the decision wnd judgement should be right first sebelum berserah padaNya..went to visit her was in incubator and put on iv couriuscso I asked the nurse..she said baby was treated as if for sepsis. .makin complicated the diagnosis. .hrp2 bsby cepat sembuh..can't wait to hug pun tak sabar nk tengok their new cousin