Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hoping 4 d best

almost two weeks tak update..had been quite busy "running" here and there..As everyone knows after a few days dah discharge from Pantai Emran had to be readmit back to the hospital due to Jaundice naik balik..We got a call from Dr Azam regarding his blood test result after we bring him back for check up..but we decided to admit him to DSH is due to dad is still there and tak payah laa we all terkejar ke sana ke mari.. Emran was admitted in Special Care Nursery(SCN) for phototherapy again..same floor as it will be easier..

So Emran was been admitted under Dr Musa's..really admire him as he explain clearly emran's condition..he encourage to fully breast feed emran to get rid of the jaundice and every two hourly i stay with emran@SCN..sometimes nurse called to dad's room if emran was awake so quite easy jugalaa cuma he really drinks alot..huhuh...sometimes had to breastfeed him hourly...pam susu pun kejap aje habis...wahhh kalaulaa ada chance mmg akan jadi stay at home mum laa duk dgn emran + najla...:->>>

Abour dad he is slightly better..although dr said the recovery will be very slow we were hoping for the best...dr bukannya can now talk a bit although the speech was a bit difficult to understand...can stand up/walk with assistant ( of course)..insyaallah we will try other alternative such as berurut and also doa agar dad dapat bercakap, berjalan and also drive again..insyaallah..

Friday, July 03, 2009

ALLAH knows what's best for our Family..


I don't know how to has been quite a hectic weeks for me after confinement and honestly speaking i did not have a good rest at all after i delivered Emran and i don't berpantang at all.. i have not started any urut-urut stuff or etc...

Emran was having quite a severe jaundice..last Saturday we brought him for a routine check up and it was confirmed it was quite severe jaundice with reading more than 400.. so we had no choice to admit him back to Pantai Med Centre since we need to bring the jaundice level down...his condition that time was quite severe and dr said if the jaundice level won;t come down he had to have a blood transfusion or he will have brain damage + loss of hearing..In order to make the jaundice go down very fast his peads Dr Azam admitted him to NICU and give him triple photo therapy ( mmg kaw-kaw punyalaa samai rasa Emran duk situ boleh gelap ) ...alhamdulillah the level went down but a bit slow

Dr Azam is very concerned if i had consume and herbal medicine which can causes jaundice as Emran's blood group and mine are the same, his jaundice should not be that severe..i did not eat any kind of jamu as i had experience " breasfeeding jaundice" during Najla's i did not dare to take at all..

5 days in hospital Emran jaundice level come down from 400+ to 300+ to 200+ and yesterday to 195...still quite high juga laa but dr kasi discharge since already almost 5 days kat hospital..but we still need to bring him back to check his blood level tomorrow..

Emran had jaundice due to he had a heriditary disease called G6PD causes red blood cell to burst very fast which in severe cases can cause Anemia..Emran will have to be on strict diet and also had to be carefull on certain items such as moth balls, ubat nyamuk,drugs and kacang parang..


Tak pernah terlintas that daddy will have strok... it all happens sekelip mata since he was ok and in good health last week..he was happily bringing Najla and Adli to Kiara park on weekends to feed the tortise, fish etc.. he was also having his leisure time playing golf with his friends.. since i was not too strong after having a C-Section most of Najla's time wa spend with daddy like going to school, having her morning bath,berjalan sana sini etc..

so when Adi called me at the ward on Tuesday morning saying that daddy had a stroke and in ICU i was really shocked..i wanted to go out fast from the hospital but Emran's condition prevented it... So we ask the Doctor's permission to leave Emran at the care of the nurses while we had a quick rush to DSH..

Daddy's BP was high, he could not move his right side of the body..we are doing what;s best for him like urut him every day so that he will be better again..insyaallah hopefully our prayers was answered and i am really -really hoping that daddy akan pulih seperti biasa..Shatirah will be coming back from UK tonite to be with Dad...i know it was difficult for her to concentrate her study too with dad's condition and she wanted to be here for a while to be with dad..

i don't know what to was so hard for us...dugaan ALLAH buat keluarga kami and sebagai hambaNYA kita kena redha apa yg berlaku...itu ujian dari ALLAH and ALLAH knows what's best for us..moga ALLAH berikan kekuatan kepada keluarga kami untuk menghadapi ujian -ujian ini..