Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend's activity-abah is at home

There is a reason Najla very happy this week coz abah's home..after 2 weeks abah busy with his schedule finally this week he is free to come we took the opportunity to had a quiet weekend just the three of us..

Firstly we took Najla for swimming since we had promise to bring her for a swim..she was so excited sampai taknak keluar pool..sorry laa yek sweetheart we will bring you again insyaallah after abah dah pindah KL and after adik dah keluar..

We also manage to check out Pureen warehouse sale to get some good bargain on baby stuff+maternity stuff..gile ramai orang sampai jem section decided shahrir run sekejap utk get a few things while me and najla waited dalam kereta..he manage to get some new born pampers with very good bargain and also bersalin stuff with very cheap price..he just get what we want and tak ada masa nak tgk other baby stuff/bargain stuff since lautan manusia yg ramai..

Went for the twice weekly checkup with Dr Nora..alhamdulillah semuanya ok..scan baby shows 32 weeks but calculation date is 30 weeks..amniotic fluid mencukupi,uri ok at the correct position and also the baby already weight 1.5kg..
hopefully the baby weight will increase gradually till week 38@39..

We had a great weekend laa..malam Najla mmg tertido kepenatan..abah going home tonight naik bas malam..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

@ 30 weeks pregnant

Kejap aje dah 30 approximately 10 weeks the baby will pop out ( insyaallah..) far the pregnancy oklaa despite hubby not being around all the time with us for the past 4 months and he miss to follow all the monthly check up with dr Nora..but its oklaa..cabaran n dugaan and alhamdulillah semuanya food craving or mengidam apa -apa..hihihi..barang baby pun tak beli apa lagi..plan to recycle from Najla's stuff that is suitable for a baby boy and also borrow some of adli's baju..

am starting my unpaid leave+ habiskan a few days annual leave only by early next month..hopefully the house will be ready by then insyaallah...ohh by the way Adi & co will be moving back to KL too..what a coincidence.. he had been transferred to MINDEF so they will also be staying at their home next to ours in Denai Alam..they are busy also preparing their stuff and Kak Zera will have to apply for a transfer same like hubby..hopefully their application will be successfull..

So once every one is settle here in KL i guess no more mum and dad going up to the north except for holiday;-))

Monday, April 06, 2009


Due to the internet connection down tak dapat laa nak update this blog... Firstly syukur alhamdulillah dearest hubby selamat dah balik dr perform Umrah..Pick him up at KLIA.. lama gile we all tunggu for him to come out from the departure hall almost 3 hours and got to know that he and a few friends are the last one to come out due to they had be given the duty to ensure all the jemaah bags selamat sampai ke tangan masing -masing@ klia..his rombongan consist of around 200 people so they had to sorted out one by one the bags and serahkan pada tuan punya..

Alhamdulillah his health pun Ok..he did not had any much problem except he had a slight fever and also mild running nose maybe due to the weather changes..he was quite tired juga laa so mmg rest the whole day at our home sweet home..

a few pictures that hubby has taken during his trip..more pictures will upload later..internet asyik KO aje..waiting for the new modem katak where we can go wireless anywhere...yuhuuuu..

Siapa sangka setiausaha PPIM Dato Dr Maamor Othman was among the jemaah yg sama travel agent and they manage to be very -very close friends there..:-))