Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Najla is THREE

to our Dearest Izzah Najla

Happy 3rd birthday to you... we love you so much...sorry this year no birthday celebration..insyaallah once adik is born ummi and abah plan to do a small kenduri aqiqah for adik + kenduri doa selamat at our new home in denai alam..

thank you for all the birthday wishes..special thanks to aunty Shatirah for the lovely pressies from UK..najla love it..dh habis dh berconteng dan berkaler -kaler dh little einstein,huhuhuh

Monday, December 29, 2008

Najla early Birthday Celebration

We had a special early birthday celebration for Najla..this is due to Najla's Mak lang will be going back to Sabah..we had dinner kat kedai Rafi yg served the best tomyam with reasonable price and later had a very small celebration kat rumah..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Nenek

Yesterday was Nenek's birthday..Happy Birthday to Nenek,moga panjang umur and dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik..Najla bought Nenek a cake..oreo cheese cake to be specific.. she is the exited ones yang buat surprise to Nenek...hihihi..and she is really good in surprising people...ahakss..

next week will be officially moving to KL...got my letter already( alhamdulillah) together with some extra RM...mmg rezeki...:-))))...will guna that money to furnish our home sweet home in Denai alam

Monday, December 22, 2008

transferring to KL

alhamduillah dah dapat dahh transfer to KL...officially will be starting on 2nd Jan 2009.. tak larat nak packing barang so pack my stuff and najla stuff only since dear husband will have to wait again for the transfer...

with the current condition, mmg tak larat sangat nak pack barang..later will masuk all the things dalam kotak and will angkut skali all our stuff tp our new home once hubby confirmed his transfer to KL..

had not started to furnish the denai alam home yet..had to do slowly since hubby will ony be back once a while in the weekends since he now had continue to master his silat classes for the gerk tempur dengan senjata stuff..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 hari On leave

Had a great time laa bila bercuti 3 hari...takdelaa holiday sangat just habiskan masa tepi pantai...mmg best..puas hati betul..

mmg dapatlaa peluang utk rehatkan diri..we had a great time going for holiday...err We just spend our days lazing around...sambil mandi laut...najla paling excited laa.. i guess all budak -budak mmg seronok kalau pergi bercuti away from home..

i think this will be the 2nd last holiday before maternity leave..planning to fo for another holiday somewhere in March semasa cuti sekolah.. maybe tak pergi jauh laa... and by the time i already move to KL..btw my boss already confirm that by 2nd Jan i should be in one utama.. ( hope he is right and waiting for the official letter...)

but anyhow i will pack my bags earlier ....

random pictures yg sempat snap

Monday, December 08, 2008

Aidiladha celebration

This aidiladha celebration we celebrate it at Butterworth since mum and dad was there staying at adi's house..Adi and family are in Terengganu.. We had a simple celebration..masak nasi impit, rendang and sambal udang since nak masak banyak-banyak tak larat laa..tue pun i cook together with Shahrir till 2.00am...( sorry yer kak zera we crash your dapur...hahahahah..:-PPPP )

Bangun pagi raya dh pening -pening lalat since i was having difficulties to sleep at night lately due to kaki lenguh sangat tak boleh tidur mcm org kedah kata "tarik mengkarung"..have to sapu all the hot oils etc barulaah lega sikit tapi tue laa sekejap aje then sakit balik..

Najla macam biasa laa tercari -cari Adli and Alis..she keluarkan all their toys and play with it..she read all their books and buat mcm -mcm aktiviti at their house sambil temankan atuk and nenek watching tv etc..

petang raya we went back to SP for a while to visit mak and other fdamily members..Mak masak ketupat pulut ( juadah wajib yg mesti ada setiap hari raya), nasi beriyani and rendang..lepas makan borak -borak sekejap and off we went back to Butterworth

Malam laks sbb semua kedai melayu tutup dan dah muak sangat makan ketupat rendang we all went out cari makan..terpaksalaa makan kat kedai nasi kandar..we had roti naan aje since semua tak larat nak makan nasi dahh

Mum and dad will be going back to KL tomorrow..hrmm esok dah start kerje (Aduhhh mcm malas aje nak g kerja..rasa mcm nak cuti lama aje, hihihi..pregnant lady punya mood yg malas g kerja..:-PPP )

Oklaa latest picture of Najla for her aunty Shatirah...hari nie dia ada exam...do your best and let ALLAH do the rest

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Its December already

Lama betul tak update blog..this is due to the sickness which i cannot stay long infront of the computer..mesti akan rasa loya,muntah,pening dsb...

Dah masuk December dahh...and first of all LOTS of Birthdays to celebrate this Month ..:-))))

First of all Happy Birthday Daddy..1st December 2008...Moga panjang umur,dan dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik...Ameeen

2ndly my cheeky guy Adli who turns 3 years old yesterday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY..celebrate kat Terengganu ekss...Hopefully tak banjir laa yekss..:->>>