Sunday, November 23, 2008

Assalamualaikum baby

Went for the ultrasound scan on the first official check up in PRimanora Medical Centre in is a new medical centre under a few doctors from Pantai Med Centre,since it is nearer to mum and Dad home in TTDI +also nearer to my workplace nanti so we opted to go there..a few options are also in mind like DSH but it is too expensive + there is only one female muslim doctor, nanti kena tunggu lama laa plaks becoz DSH practice first come first serve and i know ramai sangat nak opted for Dr Maziah at DSH..well, our gynae is Dato' Dr Norashikin Mokhtar..a very -very friendly doctor indeed and explain in details..the ultrasound machine pun canggih juga,lain dari biasa...:-PPP..

This is the baby at approximately 8@ 9 weeks..cannot measure in detail yet since baby too small..alhamdulillah baby is ok..masa buat ultrasound scan dapat dengar heartbeat dia..

anyway we just went back to BM yesterday after our checkup..Najla tinggal di KL bersama Atuk and Neneknya..dia rindu ngan atuk nenek jadi kasi chan laa duk lama sket but we already start to miss her already...huhuhu...:-PPPPPP anyway will be picking her up insyaallah during Raya Haji nanti..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Atypical morning sickness

My body was sooo tired...this current pregnancy i would say are rather different..kali nie bila time cuti asyik rasa nak tido aje..mmg letih sangat...morning sickness slightly bad i would say...mostly at night..i did not vomit but i do feel dizzy..had to be extra carefull when at work bcoz sometimes feels like pening -pening lalat...

the transfer to KL had yet to be buat masa nie wait ajelaa for the official letter to already becoming impatient i would say becoz if it is very -very last minute then will be quite difficult for me to kemas my stuff tambahan pula with my current sickness..hopefully will get the good news ASAP..

we did not set any appointment to a specific gynaecologist..just went to a women's clinic in SP first to get an ultrasound scan and some vitamins+folic acid+ubat muntah...the scan shows the baby is fine,inside the pregnancy sac..jantung dah berdegup dah at 8 weeks,alhamdulillah..would like to have the proper check up in KL nanti..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Funny Little Najla

U can learn new words from Najla..we always told her not to disturb orang tengah sembahyang and jangan buat bising..she likes to open the ikatan telekung when tgh sembahyang especially time duduk tahyat awal/tahyat akhir..she knows how to open it sekuat mana yg kita ikat pun..yg slalu jadi mangsa nenek dia laa..

when she saw org tengah solat she will sayyyy shhhhhh jangan kacau orang tengah MESAYANG..hahah..instead of sembahyang..

lagi satu she likes to jump from sofa to lantai, we always said to her not to do that sbb nanti terlentang nanti..or sometimes her auties will say to her nanti tertonggeng nanti baru padan she captured those two words terlentang and tertonggeng so now before she wants to "jump" dari sofa ke lantai she will ask first,,,Ummi tak leh lompat kan dari sofa?,,nanti najla TERLONTENG...( combination of terlentang dan tertonggeng..)hihihih

Now she started to become very jelous to the "baby" inside the womb..nie yg payah sket nie...every night she won't let Abah sleep with anyone else except with her or she will cry..when we said haaa nanti ada adik abah kena tdo dengan adik laks..she will cry even louder and said adik tak boleh tido dengan abah..nie najla punya abah...huhuhu and dia akan merajuk if we start talking or asking about the baby..