Sunday, July 27, 2008


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its kind a late but hopefully not too late to wish my dearest cousin Kak Shukriah, Happy 32nd Birthday on 23rd July 2008 ( errrr betul ke 32 ke lagi tue eks?..hik,hik,hik...:-PPPP..) ..and also to Shatirah, Happy 22nd Birthday on 26th July 2008...

wishing u guys all the best and next year boleh laaa celebrate sama-sama kat UK kan..hihihih...jelezzzzzzzzznyaaaaaa..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Najla at 2 years 7 month old..

Its been quite a long time didn't blog bout najla's development...well like every one commented she is a talkative person gaks laa..ikut perangai abahnya laaa yg over "peramah".. 2 years old ++ she talks quite fluently..takde cakap pelat =pelat except bila dia ngada ngada laa dia akan cakap nasik tue yasikk.. and nyanyi lagu ella rama -rama jadi yama..yamaa...,heheheh

she will also imitate semua cikgu dia cakap semasa kat sekolah...hik..hik..hik..antara "arahan" yang selalu dia akan kata is "semua duduk diam...berdiri tepi dinding.....jangan bising....semua angkat tangan baca doa and she will start to baca doa makan...hahaha..mmg sebiji dia akan tiru what her teacher says.....skrg since dia tak pergi nursery lagi for a short while she misses to go to school...everyday she will ask Ummi, najla nak pegi sekolah baru....nak jumpa kawan -kawan baru...

one day when she saw Shatirah keluar rumah tak pakai tudung she will spontaniously said Aunty Shatiahhhh kenapa tak pakai tudung nie?..heheheh..dan slalunya dia akan ikut laa apa aunty shatiah dia buat....:-PPPPP

Aunty shatirah sometimes crack jokes with her saying pipi najla macam when anybody ask her pipi najla macammmm she will automatically answer tomato...huhuhuh

not really love to eat nasi...( ayaaaa ini yg jadi problem nie) ..she will eats whenever she feel like eating but the kuah mestilaah ada fishball soup and ayam goreng..she will enjoy eating bila makan beramai -ramai...kira she wants to makan bersama -samalaaa...she will eat quite alot when family berkumpul and makan bersama of her favourite dishes besides nasi + sup fishball is spaghetti bolognese ..kalau pizza hut punya she can eat the spaghetti kids meal alone ( abah dia adalaa cukai sket -sket..)

and dia mmg suka conteng menconteng....dinding rumah abis laa kena conteng so in TTDI nenek bought her a white board and some she can conteng- conteng + pretend jadi cikgu...

sighhhh feels like my little girl growing up so fast dari sehari ke sehari... in 4 years time she will be in standard 1...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Looks Like someone had Got it..

Alhamdulillah Horrayyyyyy.. My aunty Shatirah got the good news that she has been offered a place in Birmingham to do Masters in Toxicology.. if everything goes well she will be flying there by Sept ( eiter sept or Oct laa kottt ) ..gosshh that will be just 1.5 months away and during Ramadhan..its an once in a life time opportunity that Aunty Shatirah should grab it...

Congratulations and all of us wish her all the best in her studies..she will be far away for sure we will gonna miss her and perhaps we can visit her there for a short break insya'allah..

will miss u nnt aunty shatiahhhhhhhh

Friday, July 18, 2008


Seriously i don't really like to travel alot during work ( that's why i don;t like jobs like being a sales representative for drugs company or a regulatory affairs pharmacist which requires lots and lots of travelling around) ..actually ada advantages and disadvantages laa ..advantagesnya semua claimable from company like hp allowance, petrol allowance, toll allowance, penginapan if kena outstation..tapi disadvantages is traffic jam..!!! ( ini yg tak tahan especially drive around KL ..penang still not bad.. )

this month i do travel alot...i mean really -really ALOT!!!!.. first job for me that requires lots of travelling..from TTDI to Bandar Sunway sometimes to HQ in Tmn Maluri Cheras then to Cheras Selatan this tuesday ( i pun tatau mana letaknya jusco Cheras Selatan..pernah lalu ajelaa when Shahrir ter"sesat" jalan kat area ) sana..;just got back from the "team up" camp in Cinta Sayang Resort SP..this week kena travel lagi back to north for the offical " soft opening" of the new jusco Seberang prai City this coming friday in Sunway Seberang Jaya convention centre + also tree planting ceremony at the new jusco area with the community of B.M...

Balik from the Camp on Wed nite got to know that Najla was not well..badan panas aje..luckily shahrir was also around in KL for 1 week due to he had to attend a oourse in Pantai Dalam.. she was Ok with Shahrir,however last nite around midnite her temperature was spiking and mengiggil -gigil so we decided to rush her to hospital..since kat TTDI kecoh skolah kena tutup pasal HFMD ( Hand Food Mouth disease ) and Najla also has history of otitis media 3x this year we are scared it might happens again..

first brought her to Damansara Specialist Hosp emergency dept.. Emergency Department dia penuh gile..ada around 30 patients waiting..most of them bawak bad thing about "community" here is sume nya panik tak tentu pasal...anak takde apa pun bawak juga pegi Emergency..because of the news in TTDI regarding skolah we malas nak wait since najla makin demam we brought her to Pantai Bangsar ( we had to bring her to the hospital that was 100 % reclaimable from our insurance Prudential ) ..luckily tak ramai org ( yerlaa dah kul 1.00am..mata dh macam zombie ngantuk gile..)..najla confirmed by dr had a slight infection on her throat and her ears is infection...) and will be clear off by antibiotic..alhamdulillah...after dr inserted suppositories inside her rectum, her fever worn off from 39 degress to normal body temperature...alhamdulillah...

Today she was back on her normal lasak girl...:-)))) Najla and her atuk + Nenek + Najla's Abah was supposed to go to Penang as Atuk Daddy had to do inspection for 4 days starting from Monday..but this have to change laks last minute.. Daddy went for his routine check up at Tun Hussein Onn Eye specialist.dr said daddy had to be "operate" today juga( but daddy said more to macam 'jahit 'selaput mata using laser ) he did the operation on the spot and had to rest for 6-7 hours at the hospital..since he went there alone and after operation cannot drive at all, shahrir volunteer to pick him up together with the car..

his appointment in penang cannot cancel and beberapa masalah tertentu esecially myself will have to go back to the north on Wed nite, Shatirah cannot follow the trip to Penang as she had to collect her IELTS exam result from British council ( Yess Shatirah applied for her masters course to be done in UK..submitted her forms already now pending for her IELTS result and offical result from UPM , kalau ada rezeki dapatlaa pegi UK stady,boleh laa kitorang jalan-jalan kalau ada rezeki..hihi..)
Najla and Mummy decided not to go to Penang and daddy went with Shahrir only..on saturday nanti we will go back together after the tanam pokok ceremony...hrmmm can't wait juga laa utk balik ke BM as it will save time and petrol coz there taklaa jem sangat compare to here

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Going Off..

Leaving on a bus tonite back to B.M for the team building..the venue is The Carnival, Cinta Sayang Golf Resort, SP...alhamdulillah ingatkan depa nak buat kt hutan mana..:-PPPPP ..have been told by the training officers that to bring lots of baju juga coz most outdoor activity kat Carnival...aisehhh main air laa gamaknya,kalau leh bawa family kan best especialy my darling lala..:-))).

Gonna miss Najla for about 4 days.. will be back on Wed glad that najla is send to nursery, she do learn a lot and she can be more "independent" i would say although without her abah n ummi..jangan nakal -nakal ok my sweet lala..dengar cakap atuk n nenek..jangan pakai kasut tinggi nenek bawa pi jalan -jalan sana sini( which she extremely loveeee to do ) and jangan pakai selipar kotor lompat -lompat atas katil atuk.. gonna miss u sooo much

Monday, July 07, 2008

New Job and HaPpy Birthday to Aunty Rokiah

Started my first day at Aeon..based in HQ today in Taman Maluri..Woke up so early nak elak traffic jam..alhamdulillah tak jam tapi ter arrive early laks..dr TTDI around 7.40am sampai sana before 8am..hahahaaa...cheeehhh menyesal mai awal sangat..orientation start kul 9.00am..dah laa ngantuk coz malam sebelumnya tak leh tdo sangat, najla tak nak tdo coz terover tdo waktu siang..she slept at around 1.00am..berkawat dalam rumah..dan kacau aunty shatirahnya yang tengah bertenet..

started with a short briefing by HR..quite ok juga mostly i entitled to claim mcm -mcm...hp allowance laa, training mileage claim,transport claim..bla..bla..bla..and one thing for sure the japanese are punctual laa..semua org kena datang awal and balik pun mrk tak punctual laa..

received my badge etc,, berkenalan with my collegue ie the shop manager for Jusco Bandar Perda ( will be officially known as Aeon Seberang Prai City ie SPC ) who had been in Kl for training since 2nd June 2008.. i should be joining earlier but unfortunately i couldn't as i was still with Bbraun..

nasib baik 1 day aje at HQ and tomorrow onwards will start the official on job training at sunway piramid..weekend nie kena balik semula ke penang for a short while for team building northern part for new staff of SPC in either Kulim/ Penang for 3 Days...sighhh dah lama dah tak pergi jungle trackking etc..ingatkan masa kerja tak payah pi lagi trackking dsb kena juga..adusss i not really an outdoor type activity of person..Shahrir suka laaa ..

arrive back home around 7.30pm...sighhh mmg tired laaa almost 12 hours..journey aje termasuk jem almost nak dkt 1 hr..

at nite we went to visit aunty Rokiah to hantar the gift..btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUNTY ROKIAH tomorrow..MOGA PANJANG UMUR DAN SENTIASA DIKURNIAKAN KESIHATAN YANG BAIK, INSYAALLAH..We bought a cheese cake for her.. Cousin Amir and Kak Murni was there too.. Met baby tembam... kesian kaki dia terkena air panas.. melecur laa...insyallah will get better nanti...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Back in KL

Finally we have officially move to B.M,moving is really tiring jugalaa coz lots of stuff we had to clear it.. and my days since 1st july was full with kemas rumah and kemas and being a SAHM for few days with Najla..Almost all the things done at the new rented home, cuma tinggal a few things yang nak kena betulkan laa..internet pun belum pasang lagi..coming soon

we have ronda -ronda at pekan BM..not bad and the cost of living is very cheap juga laa..1 packet of nasi lemak bungkus still cost around RM0.60..the town is quite busy juga laa.. our place pun banyak food galore juga laa..jalan sket kat simpang depan rumah tgh hari org jual lauk, petang ada org jual kuih-muih dan malam ada jual burger.. 7 eleven and other shops was just a few steps away..quite convenient juga laa

Yesterday we went back to KL for me to start the official On Job Training ( OJT ) here with effective from Monday for (i think )1-2 months..will be staying here with Najla..and Abah will be visiting perhaps every week depends on his school schedule and silat classes..since he will be "graduating" soon its really worth for him to continue his least it makes him healthy..