Saturday, May 31, 2008

School Holidays story..2

This school holidays will be quite a busy day for us..We were busy unpacking our things...yessss we're moving.. we're moving out of the island and move to the mainland ( kawasann Dato Seri Wan Azizah )..Its not that we don't like living in Penang..we love it so much..tak perlu bayar tol, the food is great, the people is great..enviroment pun Ok cuma cost of living is quite high..same as living in KL..

Lately staring from this year the current working situation for me is not that good for me where i don't have much time with my little family..working in the industry based makes you have to standby on call for 24 hours..yess its true, handphone jarang offlaa, sometimes called will get in as early as 2-3am if the production line is having a problem..sometimes weekend pun ada problem kena laa datang balik..

3 years working in industry related gave me the best opportunity and experience for me, in the pharmacy area almost none of the pharmacist interested to join the industry..they look it as boring,..being a pharmacist in a pharmaceutical industry is not bad, salalry wise is OK and compatible

i have to think far for the future of Najla and insyaallah her siblings ( jikalau diizinkan ALLAH utk menambahkan rezeki bilangan anak lagi..),,family is very important to me.. and i want to have the space to spend time with my least have the time in another 3 years time to personally send Najla to school..

I am going for retail opportunities to learn about business.. i have got the opportunity as a Assistant M****** at the newly soon to be biggest mall of Jusco in Mainland..yes there are going to establish a new chain of Pharmacy (like guardian/watson/ ) nationwide and i am looking forward to be involve to establish and setup of a new pharmacy under Jusco..a very great opportunity for me,perhaps one day kalau ada rezeki lebih boleh laa jadi boss sendiri,,insyaallah..;-)))

Salary wise offered also Ok..they offered approximately more than what i have earn currently...( alhandulillah )..i am also satisfied with the benefits offered,.. they have agreed to send me for training for approximately 1-2 months in KL to learn about retail setup and operation management..will be bringing Najla along during that time to live with mummy + daddy in TTDI..cuma kena tinggal Shahrir laa becoz dia ngajar..he is ok with that to perhaps come back every weekend..

That's why we will be moving out.. its not worth kalau nak ulang alik everyday from island to mainland..rugi duit naik jambatan RM5.60 ( for jambatan penang toll card holder like us) and also duit minyak + jem yang teruk atas jambatan during peak hours.... ) bila laa jambatan kedua nak siap nie....) but in the meantime i pity shahrir too as he had to ulang alik laa..he does not really mind becoz the journey is approximately 15 -20 minutes aje kalau tak jem atas jambatann ( becoz dia naik moto for sure tak jem punye,,:-PPPPPP ..cuma kalau hujan dia susah sket laaa) .. he also plan to find a school nearer nanti..We also have future plan to purchase another home in Mainland..its worth buying one as an asset..

got to do some packing...we have already angkut some of the barang-barang to our new rented place in Mainland..just a "little " bit more to go..small -small things already almost done only the big ones have to sewa lori laa by end of the month to phase out all our furnitures...

here's a pic of the two little cute kid in front of our new rented home in Mainland..belum habis kemas lagi that house...tu yang nampak lalang lagi tuee..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School Holidays story..1

As per the previous post, Pak Mail was here in penang.. he was enjoying himself so much..since Pak Mail is here and have not been to penang before , Yana is working and also its school holidays daddy and i decided to bring Pak Mail jalan -jalan the whole penang island..

Started the journey in the morning,we went to Komtar, Pulau Jerejak jetty,gurney drive, padang kota lama and also not forgetting jalan masjid negeri...also took him across to mainland via ferry and went back to island via the bridge

Arrived back in Penang just in time for Lunch.. went to Batu Maung and have some yummylicious lunch there at Restoran Pen Mutiara ( Kari Kepala ikan, veggie soup,sotong goreng tepung and friend chicken)..Pak Mail commented that the food was was also my first time there..Yana tak dapat laa ikut sbb kerja..wanted to pick her up but since she had lots of work to do and her lunch hour was at 1.00pm - 1.50pm so tak jadi laa..the time is so short..

like everyone knows Pak mail had just lost her beloved wife last April..he was still sad on the demise of her lovely wife, Pak Mail cried when he told me regarding the death of Arwah Mak Mah..he said to me "selama ini dia hanya melawat orang meninggal, on 9th April the one he loved yang meninggal " strong his love to Arwah Mak Mah.. He also mention that sometimes selepas prayers semasa membaca doa kekedang teringat kat arwah mengalir air mata..

Pak Mail atas ferry

Daddy with Pak Mail infront of the Restoran

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School out...

Yess its School Holidays.... means Najla is not going to nursery for 2 weeks..Daddy+ Mummy + Shatirah arrived in penang from KL this afternoon together with Pak Mail..Pak Mail last minute decided to ikut sama jalan -jalan ke Penang..

We met them at Juru Autocity once they arrived..we went to Adi's house in Butterworth...Najla having fun main dengan adli sampai riuh satu rumah lari sana sini..main kejar-kejar sana sini..bila bab nak balik Adli tutup pintu rumah and nangis2 tak kasi najla we bring along Adli back to Penang laa sbb dia tak puas lagi main dgn najla..nanti malam mama dgn ayah dia amik..teringat masa kecik2 dulu dgn cousin-cousin mcm tu gaks, tak puas main kat rumah, sleepover

Kat Penang sampai aje mrk berdua sambung main...Yang kelakar kalau tengok mereka berebut naik basikal.Najla riuhh pok pek tak kasi adli naik basikal dia..( punyalaa kedekut..:-PPPP )..last skali kena naik gilir -gilir..adi naik push car, najla naik bike dan tukar-tukar..

Since Pak Mail tak pernah datang penang we will try our best laa utk jamu dia the best food yang ada at our place in penang..perhaps we can go for some seafood hunt..

the two cousins with Pak Mail.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Computer Kaput

It has been 5 days since our computer kaput..our laptop monitor dah crash due to kena pijak dengan Najla..:-PPPPP...( yes this girl mmglaa sangat lasakkkk...) had ask around penang for repairing our laptop monitor but it is very costly..( ada one shop nak around 2k for the repairing dgn alasan special features utk betulkan monitor laptop brand HP..gila ke apa..baik beli laptop baru..lagi murah gile dari repair)

So we tak ada choise we just bought LCD monitor screen and connect it to our jadi laa laptop cum PC like the picture below..( sbb dah tak boleh jadi portable laptop utk bawa ke sana kemari dahh..)..takpelaa we don;t mind because we use it for personal use at home only utk surf internet, type letters etc..anyway perhaps kena tunggu dapat bonus besar laa baru beli laptop baru..ahakssss...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Selamat Hari Guru.. Specially for Abah

Wonderful Teacher

With a special gift for learning
And with a heart that deeply cares,
You add a lot of love
To everything you share,
And even though
You mean a lot,
You'll never know how much,
For you helped
To change the world
Through every life you touched.
You sparked the creativity
In the students whom you taught,
And helped them strive for goals
That could not be bought,
You are such a special teacher
That no words can truly tell
However much you're valued
For the work you do so well.

Abah and his anak -anak murid..

Abah teaches english in SMK Raja Tun Uda Bayan Lepas..he also was in-charge as a school disciplinary teaher for the afternoon session, He will cane the naughty kids ( according to abah the toughest naughty kid pun cry when abah cane them,see how "hard" abah punya penangan rotan..ahakss....)..Abah also have to run around the school to chase them just to ensure that they did not run away from school..( not an easy job but a very good exercise for Abah to loose weight,,hehehe..)..

HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to my dearest Abah and all the great loving teachers ,ex teachers ( especially my toks from the Hj Othman's clan) + lalso not forgetting the lecturers in my family...:-))) ) lecturers pun teachers juga..:-)))

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers DAy

A tribute to all Mum out there..Happy mother's day.. its not easy to be a Mum..especially working Mum where have to juggles between career and also the family needs...For me, family wise is more important than everything..yes i got to agree that most of my Annual leave habis due to attending Najla at the hospital when she was sick, but it does not matter for me..moneywise cannot replace the love..Selamat Hari Ibu utk semua ibu especially to my mum and Mother in you always.. :-))

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Luck for The Operation

Atuk Daddy in KL will be going for Cataract operation on the left eye at Tun Hussein Onn eye specialist on Monday, his eye sight was affected and the operation is needed.. he will be admitted starting on Sunday night and will be on full anasthethic throughout the whole procedure

will be going back to KL for a short while ( emergency balik as didn't expected that he will be going for the operation this monday ) to visit Atuk..
hopefully everything goes well..PRAYERS AND DOA moga segalanya selamat..

Thursday, May 01, 2008


tgh concentrate melukis bunga..

mencari inspirasi

Tanaaaa dah siap ( org lain slalu kata Tadaaaa..najla kata Tanaaaaa...;-)))

Semua A4 Paper dirumah telah habis diconteng oleh Najla.. mula- mula doodle kat kertas laa..lepas tue ngan dinding pun dia dooodle skali..