Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is baby ALIS..

Sorry the baby name is ALIS KARMILA..not KARMILIA..wrongly written by Ummi..

Monday, September 24, 2007

Finally...welcome to the world baby ALIS

sorry the pic kabur sket becoz tak boleh ambil dari dekat..ambil via cermin nursery aje..will take a better picture of the baby later insyaallah

Alhamdulillah... Finally the baby had arrived.Welcome to the world baby ALIS KARMILIA BINTI ZIHADI..the 3.7kg baby girl was born at 12.30pm in Bagan Specialist Hospital, Butterworth..we visited them this evening after Abah's surgery and the baby is still in the nursery..the nurse would not allowed the baby to be taken out of the nursery

so we watch the baby from the new cousin to play Adli is a big brother now..congratulations to Uncle Adi and Aunty Zera..

Abah's minor surgery

This is a impromptu surgery on Abah's hand..Abah had a big wart on his elbow that needed to be removed via a 15 minutes started with some sort of "pimple" than it grows big like a mole ( ala -ala tahi lalat sharifah aini) then suddenly it grows bigger and bigger ..

it was quite painful when abah's elbow knocks into something so we decided to go to see a normal doctor..As ummi was on leave today we took the opportunity to do some banking stuff and went straight to a clinic behind our home..the dr said abah needed tp be referred to the hospital due to they are lack of equipment to do the off we went to Pantai Hospital and was referred to an orthophedic surgeon..the surgeon suggest it to be removed today via a 15 minutes minor abah was admitted to the hospital at 12.30pm and had his surgery at 1.00pm and by 1.20pm the surgery was over..

Abah supposed to stay at the hospital for 1 day but as abah is OK and due to ummi has to go to work tomorrow abah asked the dr to discharged him instead..the dr agreed once the dr did the checkup and confirm that abah did not have any side effect etc after the surgery..Abah was given MC for few days and will have to go back to open up the stiches by this weekend..Alhamdulillah, everything was OK

before the surgery

this is the wart looks like before kena buang

wart dah kena buang...dr had to buang with the "akar" sekali..

Abah sempat buat lawak after surgery

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Abah's small birthday celebration

Abah yummy ice cream cake..

cutting the cake with Abah..

Abah's birthday was celebrate in a very simple occasion..Ummi had bought abah an ice cream was a delicious birthday cake..we just had a small cake cutting ceremony after buka puasa...

Atuk and nenek will be back to KL tomorrow probably after Aunty zera gave birth..we will be back to KL in two weeks time for the hari Raya Celebration..yess this year we will be celebrating in KL with Atuk and Nenek..insyaallah..


Dearest Abah,


lots of love from Najla & Ummi

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Berbuka Puasa

Today we had a gathering for buka puasa in uncle adi's house..Atuk and nenek arrived from KL to send some stuff.. i am sooooo happy to see them.. Uncle Adi and Aunty Zera was supposed to have their 2nd baby today but the doctor said that it was not time yet.. Aunty Zera will be admitted on Monday and if the baby is not out by then the dr will have to induce her as it is due already..Aunty Zera's parents also had arrived from terengganu.. so imagine uncle Adi's house was really meriah

Atuk and nenek brought some air zam -zam and kurma from mecca..not forgetting they had bought some nice new clothes for us...i lovee it, Adli also got some new clothes, a small jubah, a serban and also some small kopiah..

After buka puasa we went back to Penang as Atuk is very tired and wanted to rest after a long journey from KL to Penang..will see them again once Aunty Zera deliver her baby..hopefully by Monday insyaallah..

Atuk and nenek gift for me, nice clothes at 10 riyal each

me borrowing Adli's kopiah...;-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birthday oooh birthday

Kali ini ummi laks nak conteng kat sini..


today marks my 27th Birthday...alhamdulillah, i am really -really gratefull to ALLAH SWT for everything i have... alhamdulillah dipanjangkan umur..alhamdulillah rezeki murah and alhamdulillah a great family..

today pergi kerja macam biasa..yang tak bestlaa my department laks kena audit..internal audit by other department..being a HOD of my department kena laa attend ( i hate audit..dah laa schedule during my birthday lakss...)

One thing yang besttt during this year birthday is a surprise gift by Encik Hubby.. Bayangkan masa tengah -tengah audit ada call..tak jawablaa dgn cepat tapi i ask the person to call back later in the afternoon becoz audit..that person send me a sms asking me to call back.. turning out the caller is a lady from a flower shop wanted to deliver flowers..for sure it is from hubby becoz before that dia dah macam kasi hint..eheheh..

i received the flowers in the afternoon...thank u very -very much dearest hubby..i really love it and appreciate u so much...muahs..muahss... for your birthday this coming sunday 23rd September i will blanje u something special for buka puasa okies...

The message says Dear wife happy birthday love hubby

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Happy Birthday to Uncle Adi ( 10 September )

Happy Birthday to Uncle Radhi ( 18 September )

Happy Birthday to aunty Ani ( 19 September )

Happy Birthday to Uncle Zahar ( 20 September )

HAppy Birthday my beloved Ummi ( 20 September )

HAppy Birthday my beloved Abah ( 23rd September )

Happy Birthday aunty Angah ( 24 September )

Happ Birthday Uncle Syahmi ( 28 September )


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bundle of joy(s) ..

congratulations to my two aunties...Aunty Zezy Lina & Uncle Zarimi for the birth of their 2nd baby on 10th Sept 2007 (Same birthday as Uncle Adi..Happy Birthday Uncle Adi ) .. Aunty Ina gave birth to a healthy baby girl..congratulations tooo Aunty Mimi & Uncle Lamdek for the birth of their first son on 14th Sept 2007..

Will visit them soon once we are back to KL,insyaallah maybe during the coming hari raya season, insyaallah..

Both my cousins' will celebrate their birthday in September same as my Abah and Ummi.. Abah and Ummi's birthday will be coming up next week..Wonder what shall i give them?..

Atuk and Nenek called a few times from Mecca.. they will be flying back to KL tomorrow and will arrive on Monday.. Can't wait to see them..Miss them sooooo much...

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Birthday cake..

family photos..

" Farewell shake hand with Adam... till we meet again.."

We went for Adam and Farah 2nd Birthday Party in Shah Alam.. it was quite a grand occasion with tents and lots of balloons + freebies...we arrived quite late at around 4.30pm...Manage to meet with some of my aunties and cousins ( Aunty Ri,Aunty Yah & abg Adam, Aunty Ani, Kak Aqilah, Kak Atiyah... ) for a short while

Having a great time there.. Thank you Aunty Fifi ,Uncle Abar, Adam and Farah for inviting us..i can call Adam's name..but farah's name i cannot pronounce properly..i can only say Araaaa...Till we meet again next year insyaallah..definately gonna miss you guys..Do visit us in Penang one day ok..;-)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

crazy about ice cream

me having two ice different ice cream.. i kebas from my abah,hehe

yess,,,, i do love to eat ice cream so much..Vanilla cone.. it is simply irresistable..;-)

Bon Voyage Atuk and Nenek ..

Dearest atuk and Nenek,

I will miss both of you so much...may both of you are in good health while performing the umrah..

lots of love;


Monday, September 03, 2007

Gambar Adli and Najla also some pictures of Adam and Farah..

Here are the pictures of me and Adli playing aummm cak in our home..

And here are the pictures of my cousins Adam and Farah who are back in Malaysia for a short break.. i haven't met them yet, pictures coutersy of my aunty shatirah who met them when they come over to TTDI last weekend

Sunday, September 02, 2007

From Tanjung Bungah with Love...

Just got back from Tanjung Bungah.... We were having fun there.. staying at the Copthorne hotel was magnificent ( although the hotel was quite old).. We didn't really went to the beach due to heavy rain at Tanjung Bungah.

On the day of the arrival we had dinner at the famous tulang seafood in tanjung bungah.. the food was OKlaa but the price was quite expensive..

On Saturday Ummi was busy with her company's annual dinner so Abah took me out for some outdoor activites..i follow Abah to Bukit Merah lake town as Abah's school is organizing an outing activity there.. Having fun in Bukit Merah laketown playing and swimming there..

To sum up everything it was a great so call short weekend holidays for me.. so to all of you out there, come to Penang.. Ummi and Abah wil blanje you all makan seafood..hehehe