Monday, April 30, 2007

Sepang Tour

Last Sunday we went to Sungai Pelek Sepang together with Tok Pon and Tok Karim.. It is quite a special occasion as it is a merisik occasion for Uncle Amir.. ;-).. the journey took us about 1 hour..

Abah also join us to Sepang on his way back from Johor.. Am Happy to see Abah there..Abah arrive shortly after we arrived..Abah is very familiar around Sungai Pelek as Abah had formally taught in SJKC Chee Min, Sungai Pelek back in 1998.

it was a small but merry occasion..the grown ups had a small makan-makan session..Uncle Amir's enggagement was set to be insyaallah on 9th June the wedding ceremony will took place insyaallah in November 2007 during the end of the year school holidays..

Surprise..surprise.. I got some pressies from the future bride's parents..;-) a token to remember..

Tok Karim discussing with Uncle Amir's future father in law..;-)

the adults chatting session

with Abah

the two cute bear that i got as pressies..;-)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Donate to me..... Ringgit and coins plz

I am opening my first Tabung..everyday i will put in few cents in it..usually i took the coins from my Ummi's or Abah's purse ( hehehe..).. Is anyone greatfull enough to donate me some more?..

Putting in the coins

trying hard

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Looking forward..

Can't wait for this coming weekend..Ummi will be on leave for 4 days from saturday till 1st May...yipeeeee... i am excited..well siapa tak excited ?..As ummi is a working mum, always looking forward for long holidays to spend more time with ummi..

but this weekend we might not be able to spend time together as a family as Abah will be going to Batu Pahat starting from tomorrow till Sunday..Abah is off to INTAN for his PTD ( pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik ) assesment..Good luck to Abah!!! hope Abah passes the exam with flying colors and will be 1 step closer to become a PTD officer..i'm gonna miss u so much Abah..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Watch out people, the little "FI" driver is here !

starting the engine we go!!!

Visit to Bangi

Went to Bangi as Ummi wanted to visit an old classmates ( both husband and wife) who had their first baby recently, unfortunately they were not in.. So Ummi decided to ask Abah to bring us to Uncle Hadan's laundry shop ( since we were here in Bangi..)

After asking Tok Daddy the exact location where,we found the place.. Aunty Ri, Aunty Ani, Kak Lia and Abg Afiq were there..its great to see them and happy to play with them..except ter"emosional" laks bila tengok abg afiq..sampai nangis teresak-esak..( ahahaha sorrylaa abg afiq,this is the first time i saw u, i am shy u know..;-P)

Aunty Ani,Aunty Ri,
thank u very much for everything,,hugs and kisses to both of u,definately will drop by one day again..:-)

Having fun in Bangi with my aunties..

These pictures tak berapa jelas laa plak..forgot to bring our digital camera

MiSsion 1 : Setapak, Melawati and Cheras

Today we were on an important mission, Jalan -jalan round KL and Selangor to sent off aunty Alang's wedding invitation card..Yes, its like Hari Raya laa pulak coz we stop from one house to one house delivering the cards..

Tok Chom's house in Melawati, Waaa besarnya TV kat rumah Tok nie..

Monday, April 09, 2007

Me and Adli Haris

i started to cry becoz i am sleepy and tired, but Adli cool aje

besarnya adli gelak..

amik gambar ngan Adli,

Last weekend since i was here in Penang, we went to Adli's house.. We went there quite late.. Playing with Adli was fun,he likes to kick the ball and shout kooooool ( baby pronounciation for GOAL......hehehehe

Me and My "panjat-panjat activity"

i think this chair is interesting, i am aiming for it, first step is alihkan this bag before i can start climbing..

i wanna climb this chair.. i can see a better "view" from here

yess, berjaya

ahhhh really comfortable..

err rasa mcm nak turun laa plaks

boring duduk atas kerusi, wanna go down

sliding down

my activity that will make everyone freak out..these pictures was taken in Tok's House in Sg Petani last weekend

Me and My Baju Kurung

These pictures was taken by Abah..i am bergayaing in my baju kurung ( thanks so mucch to Aunty Mimi for the lovely outfit). The acara is nothing special..just visiting aunty Shatirah in UPM..hehehe..amacam ada gaya dak?..ahaksss

P/s : by the way, HAppy Birthday aunty Mimi on 9th April 2007

Sunday, April 01, 2007

FuN In Da SuN

Main air di Wet World Shah Alam..Mmg best..Ok i got to admit,the cuaca was really -really skin is turning red like lobster..hopefully not sun burn..but for me the most important thing is i am having a nice day playing water under the hot sun...!!

bila sampai di Wet world...i am really -really sleepy..tak tahan..

bila terjaga tengok ramai orang dan air..sangatlaa happy

hello there...wanna join me?..

More picts on my photo album kay..taraaaaa