Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cuti -cuti Malaysia..bukit bendera penang

Hi everyone...went for cuti -cuti malaysia today ..hehehe..the destination is Bukit Bendera, We were there at 11.30am, quite late as it was Abah's last minute decision to bring me there..planning to go there with my Tok and uncles from Sg Petani last week but unfortunately everyone were really exhausted due to Tok Mat's wedding in Alor Star..

Having fun riding the cable car up the hill..well it was quite crowded in the cable car.. some of them was really impatient, cutting the lines to ride the cable car..hello..where r their manners?..anyway, reach the top hill at around was quite cold up there..having fun strolling up and down the hill and taking pictures with abah n ummi..spend about 2 hours and off we go down before 3pm as the weather was getting hot and i was too tired and sleepy to walk any more..managed to sleep awhile while waiting for the cable car to bring us down..

i am going back to KL tonite with abah via flight..gonna miss ummi and the swimmming pool ( ahaksss)..will be coming back here in the next two weeks during the school holidays on 10th March onwards with abah to spend 1 more week here..hopefully by then abah will get transfered here and we can be here with ummi everyday

excited nak pegi Bukit bendera nie...

with ummi in front of the entrance

yuhuuu...syoknye di sini

with abah at the top of the hill

the magnificient view from bukit bendera

duduk atas meriam nie best juga

i surrender..tak larat nak jalan lagi..too tired

p/s : i am going to get a new cousin soon...Adli is going to be a big brother..can't wait for Adli's little sister/brother to pop out...;-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My "daily" activity nowdays..hakss.. my dearest cousins' who are living in the north Adli and Lisya jom pi swimming sama -sama nak?...ada kawan syok sket..ehehe

Monday, February 19, 2007

Festive season..

Went to Alor Star yesterday to attend Tok Mat's & Tok Bedah ( Segamat ) son's wedding.. Congratulations to Uncle Efi & Wife.. The weather in the north was really -really was a dry to spend 1 week with ummi here in Penang..yipeee..having fun splashing in the pool at our home with Abah everyday..

Uncle effi & wife.. both of them are working in Dubai

how do i look in this cheongsam?..

with abah

with ummi

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Now i can walk steadily like my cousin Adli,i love walking around Atuk's house..Too bad today we could not go to the shopping complex as Abah had to go to school( not again..on Saturday)for merentas desa.

Today went to KL Sentral with Abah and Ummi..Wow, so many people around and i had "tawaf" the whole KL Sentral today saying "hi,hi,hi bye,bye,bye" to people around me without sitting in my stroller..ehehe.. My first walk around public places..

This is Najla's face when she is trying to "scare people off" hehe

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Brushing teeth..

Lepas makan kena gosok gigi..