Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekends..please come every day, don't go away..

In the moment as Abah had to go to school on Saturday,ummi is coming home from Penang every weekend...yeye..i am extremely happy to see Ummi every weekend..although it is a short period to spend with ummi but i like it..we will play together and ummi will take me out to shopping complex just for window shopping..

My latest hobby in TTDI is sepahkan barang -barang di rumah tok daddy..ehehe..and posing in front of the camera

Posing with the baju that Aunty Zera, Uncle Adi and Adli gave to me..ehehe

Sleeping with Abah during the weekdays..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Updates 2007

Haven't been blogging for so long..its been a new year 2007..Latest update on me :

1) I can walk a bit..except i am a bit "malas"(hehehe..) love people to carry me around..

2) In the moment, ummi is staying in Penang alone..miss ummi so much..( sob,sob,sob) got to see ummi every two weeks..hopefully abah got his transfer fast so that we can stay in Penang with Ummi

3) can say a few words such as ummi, abah and favourite word, kakak..