Thursday, February 24, 2011

Satu minggu sudah

 Almost a week hubby fly off to London and Liverpool.. He's having fun there amd alhamdulillah he is in good health despite the cold weather in Liverpool.. He will be coming back insya'allah tomorrow.. Kids ok bila abah tak ada.. cuma some times najla started her drama queen session bila she cried out lout at night nak abah...while "abang " emran cool aje..his style is walk around the house up and down panggil panggil abah,abah,... kalau tak da he will walk away and forget about it...hehehe

   Alhamdulillah manage to take care of the kids alone despite the morning sickness in the morning but after a few minutes rest + medication dah ok dahh... from the past experience of my pregnancy my morning sickness will be sometimes up  to 7 months through out the pregnancy

  Can't wait 4 tomorrow....we miss en hubby so much ...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Akhir Tahun nie akan BERLIMA ( Insya'allah )

   Insya'allah kalau diizinkanNYA we will be expecting our Baby no 3 .....currently am at my very -very early stage of pregnancy.. err actually tak sangka laa pregnant coz dengan emran masuk wad etc masa bulan January hari tue sbbkan i took so many  emergency leaves.. and last Public Holiday ( Maulidur Rasul ) i did my medical screening together with dearest hubby kat  Klinik Dr Siti in Bukit we did a routine check etc together while i did some extra "woman health screening "
  Alhamdulillah we are  excited  untuk menerima the latest edition of our family insyaallah in Oct 2011... belum buat antenatal check up yet and this time most probably will do it at DEMC as it is nearer to Denai Alam

  Moga dipermudahkan pregnancy kali ini..insya'allah..

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ceritera Itu Ini

Am Still recovering from sore throat and fever..alhamdulillah much -much better..only  this week mummy was down with fever, sore throat like we all kena last week.. i guess to much work out for mummy and no rest since moving to Denai Alam..we prohibited her from doing any work this week and indeed ask her to rest and rest..she's recovering and much better..alhamdulillah

 On the other hand we started to enroll Najla to swimming class in Shah Alam..we opted for weekday night classes 2x per week from 8.00pm till 9.00pm as we are not free during the weekends ..alhamdulillah she really enjoyed the class happy with the progress although baru mula 2 kelas and insyaallah hopefully within this 6 -7 months boleh laa dia swim freestyle,breast stroke and butterfly.. :-)) ..

 Next week will be alone for a whole week...sighhh... hubby will be flying off to United Kingdom for a week leaving us behind...sob..sob...sob.. ada rezeki nanti boleh laaa pergi insyaallah..hopefully i will able to manage the kids alone for a week nanti..moga dipermudahkan segalanya laa..

 Shatirah 's wedding preperation still in progress.. i have fully paid the door gift and also the breakfast catering for  a small family gathering for relatives before the akad nikah  on the wedding day itself...last wedding for our family..terkenang kat daddy..kalau laa dia masih ada lagi for this wedding..

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Suasana semasa berkampung kt DEMC

Poor little Emran..

terpaksa using gentamycin among the strongest antibiotics as others tak jalan for emran


                                            room service menu...boleh order macam kat hotel pulak

 overall total stay of almost 6 days 5 nights nak dekat 5k ++  juga laa but not to worried coz all covered under ING Employee benefits.. alhamdulillah ...kalau takda employee benefits we still have our personal insurans yg still cover semua juga...time kecemasan mcm nie the most important skali ialah insurance laa coz we want the best treatment for ourself and also our children that's why we invest on insurance cum education fund...

Friday, February 04, 2011

Our 1 week summary..sakit

 its been a challenging week for all of us...satu seisi rumah was down with a terrible fever ( except hubby )..and to makes things mencabar emran was hospitalized due to all started on last tuesday when the teacher inform us that emran was coughing badly at school..masa nie dia tak demam lagi..malam tue dia dah start demam panas and mengigil -gigil..bangun tengah -tengah malam and awal pagi crying tak henti henti sbb badan tak selesa...check his temperature nk dekat 39 degrees..cepat -cepat kasi ubat and demam turun sket

 Rabu pagi we took EL and bawa dia ke DEMC untuk jumpa Dr Koshy...Check kt Dr Koshy demam dr inserted the voltren supp.. Dr advice for Nebulizer 3 times as dr kata his lung terlampau banyak kahak..malam tue keadaan nie mcm bertambah teruk bawak ke A&E DEMC temperature dia naik 40 degrees...mak aii teruknya demam dia dgn ubat demam pun tak khamis pagi ke DEMC semula jumpa dr koshy minta advice he said emran needed to be admitted as he foresee the demam is so bad and also considering his lungs banyak kahak..

 kat wad pun demam dia turun naik turun naik sampai dr sendiri pun pening..after blood test dr revealed that looks like viral infection which causes demam dia makin severe and jangkitan paru-paru yg teruk..and according to his experience its H1N1 virus.. He was started with antiviral and after a few days demam dia pun dah turun and maintain below 37 dr needs to tackle his phlegm and what he did was to put him on nebulizer every 2 hourly and also for physioteraphy..

 emran was discharged on tuesday ...but he need to go fo follow up on next week myself was still not feeling well..demam turun naik semula and also kadang bila waktu malam tak sihat badan... a sign of i'm getting old..hopefully in a few days akan baik laa coz banyak kerja tertangguh when your are not feeling well..