Friday, January 30, 2009

House almost complete

Our house is almost 80% complete..we plan to compelete it hopefully by March( our target)..setakat nie we had spend quite a sum of money to purchase kitchen hood + dapur gas ( yg built in punye) which we get a better deal ie oven skali ( yg besar punye)...ini yg best nie boleh laaa masak kek,hihihi.. insyaallah by 2-3 weeks akan install.. furniture pun dah beli daahh tapi tak laa mahal sgt just memadailaa with our budget...mmg puas hati laa spend duit for our new home sweet home and we are really -really happy bout it..

yg tak settle cuma towel railings, railing langsir, langsir and panggil org cuci rumah...we are trying our best to do bits my bits since this week tak leh wat apa sangat due to banyak kedai still on CNY holiday and Shahrir also busy settle a few family matters... so we managed to do few things pun jadilaa..

regarding my 2nd pregnancy this time its a bit worst juga compared to masa mengndungkan najla..i had a very severe muscle cramp today sampai takleh nak berdiri and baring..shahrir, mum and dad pun ada urut tapi still tak jadi,nak urut lebih -lebih takut terjadi apa- apa laks and buat refleksologi pun takut ada efect pada kandungan..sakit mencucuk the morning i went to work mcm biasa but pening had to ask shahrir to pick me up and went to panel clinic..since i vomited 2-3 times in the morning,dr kasi one injection to stop the vomiting...memang lega tapi tue laa cramp laa plaks.. i got a bit worried and check the internet takut the injection ada efect to baby but the pregnancy index for that drug is consider safe,,
Since tak ok juga till maghrib i decided to go to is confirmed severe muscle cramp due to lack of salt and calcium since i vomitted 3 times today..dr just precribed rehydration salt and some more calcium and also dr gave another day MC..if teruk lagi tonight she advice to visit back my gynae tomorrow morning..

alhamdulillah makin better juga tapi kena jaga -jaga juga tonight mcm mana..itulaa ragam ms pregnancy and i guess during najla's time i banyak mc and teruk skali during our first few weeks and come to adik during my 2nd trimester laks..kalau ada rezeki for the 3rd baby nanti mcm mana laa pulak..maybe akhir pregnancy laks..hihihi

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Najla with Kakak Hanan + Syirah

since both Kakak Hanan and syirah are here in TTDI Najla is very excited..she had a great time playing with them..tapi kalau dengar mereka cakap mmg funny..macam ayam dgn itik..hihihi bcoz Najla will talk to them in BM while both Kakak Hanan and Syirah will talk in English..:->>>>> and yet they understand each other and have no problem playing together and have fun.

Punya seronok main punya pasal all of them slept at around 12.00 midnight..mula -mula got so worried coz today Najla need to go to school as usual in the morning..she refuses to sleep althought mata mmg dah mengantuk dah..dalam hati dah kata dahh terpaksa laa Najla ponteng skolah kalau tak bangun awal nanti..tambahan pula cousin Amir +co arrived...lagilaa semua tak nak tido laa main dengan baby Ilham

alhmdulillah this morning Najla managed to wake up on time utk pergi sekolah..Kakak Hanan accompany her to school so dia taklaa nangis sangat coz malu dgn Kakak..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Najla finally got her school uniform

After few weeks without uniform she finally had her school uniform...first time wearing it today and mmg tak mahu buka laa..hehehe..after school we insist her to open her school uniform as we can wash it,but she cried and wanted to wear it the whole day..ala..sampai uniform pun dah kotor laa sayang

Sunday, January 18, 2009

abah's home

yesterday early morning around 1am abah arrived home...najla really excited..she keep on saying kami rinddddduuuu first she waited for abah till around 11.00pm but then mata dah tak tahan dahh terus dozzed off kat "hotel" atuk nenek..:-))))

bangun pagi-pagi she was soo excited to see abah...keep on kissing and hugging abah and also demanded for abah to mandikan dia..since i am on 3 days rest day, we took the opportunity to settle a few things...alhamdulillah we manage to settle our outstanding things today and we had also plan for "something" special ..hopefully rezeki kami laa tahun nie..insyaallah..:-)))

We also took the opportunity to measure our curtain at Denai need to buy a few toilet items and upah people to install..after that we need to clean the house and hopefully by end february@march we can start furnishing it..

tomorrow abah will be going back..najla will surely miss him but he will be back on sunday for CNY holidays since skolah pun dapat cuti lama sikit..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby at 17 weeks

Kalau ikut the clinical scan our 2nd baby is already 17 weeks..tadi buat check up and the baby had start depangkan tangan and wave...hihihih..Shahrir will surely miss this checkup a the baby really -really wave to the dr...:-PPP

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Working in a retail industry was quite tiring especially when u r an expectiong mothers...i do feel that, imagine have to work berdiri lama juga layan the customers,attending people etc..tambahan pula kena kerja on weekends where the customers are like semut at one utama...lagi tiring than working 9-5 job 5 days a week...believe it coz i had experience all about it...i had done hospital job ( which is not so impressing and sometimes menyakitkan ati if had to deal with some sombong specialist).. i had venture thru manufacturing..( a luxurious 9 to pm job 5 days a week with not so tiring job to do but once you kena with the "wrong" management you get nothing ) and now into retail...i am not complaining...after all life is not that easy..have to take it a positive way as ALLAH knows what's best for us..

balik rumah everyday my kaki will be very painful kesan banyak berdiri n banyak jalan..everyday kena urut if not i really cannot sleep at have to urut on my own coz hubby was not around( SIGHHH..) and since pregnant woman cannot use OSIM so no choice laa..kena laa urut kaki sendiri..

handling najla also with my current condition mmg tak larat sangat..dia lasak sangat ( but thanks to Mum and dad who help to attend to Najla chores.. i don't really can do it alone without them especially without her abah being here )..Najla still trying to adapt her school time..still cry a bit especially in the morning masa nak pergi if i am working noon shift have to accompany her everyday sampai kelas..after a while according to her teacher she is ok..

Working mums...not an easy job..penat memang penat..but everybody do feel the take it easy and positif..

Monday, January 05, 2009

Hari Pertama sekolah

Today is Najla's first day pergi sekolah..we registered her dekat Smart reader kidz@TTDI..she is the younget yg join kat situ..the teacher say oklaa start at early age..we hope by the end of the year when she turns 4 she can read and speak english fluently (a bit pun jadilaah..)

School will starts everyday Monday to Friday from 9am - 12pm..3 jam aje tak laa dia boring..first day all of us accompany her to school..when she was busy with her teacher doing colouring we quietly sneak out and left her there.. according to the teacher she did cry a bit when she realize we were gone but sekejap ajelaa..after tht she was ok playing with the other 5 and 6 years old kids..

in the moment since her uniform dah habis stock she was given the privillage utk pakai baju bebas..will post her pict later in her uniform