Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Cantiknya ciptaan ILAHI..subhanallah

Najla and Iman...ada bakat jadi kakak nie..tapi lum rezeki lagi nk dapat adik..insyaallah moga ada rezeki nanti, :-))

Najla and her ultraman style..hehehe..;-PPPPPP.. blaja dari Adli laa nie..;->

having fun together...

Bila takde Air kt Sungai Petani apa lagi Mandi kat Tupah laaa...:-)))))

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look at Her...

comotnya anak Ummi nie..

When no one is looking, dia berjalan dengan perlahan -lahan to the refrigerator and open it..she manage to find the chocolate that we bought.. she unwrapped everything sampai togel semua wrapper chocolate dan dengan gembiranya duduk atas sofa tgk tv..:-ppp..habis comot sofa ummi,nasib baik washable....kena hantar dobi laa gamaknye sofa cover tu..heheh...takpelaa..dah banyak makan coklat,jangan malas gosok gigi tau najla..lepas nie kena nyorok semua coklat tempat tinggi -tinggi dlm fridge kalau tak habis laa dia makan itu aje tak mau makan nasi dan lain -lain..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Follow up

Bring her for follow up..alhamdulillah she is Ok..fully recovered...only what worries that Dr Hasanah said that children for her age tend to get it up to 8x per year...very "horror" fact since she had got it twice this year already..hopefully she will not get it again and again..since the infection does not goes down to her lung, she is consider safe,according to Dr Hasanah once she reach 4 years and above, the infection will be very rare...hrrrrrmm now the disease mcm dah jangkit to abah and Ummi laks..abah got a irritable cough while ummi's not feeling well..her body is very hot.. she had drink lots of barley and juice + air cap badak berbotol-botol untuk hilangkan panas badan but still ain't working..

cheeeky little girl yang dah sihat dah...

Friday, April 18, 2008


Najla is sick again..this time quite severe..the diagnosis was Acute Pharyngitis and Otitis Media ( Acute infection of the throat = pharynx and Otitis media = Infection of the middle ear where the ear drum will be red and sowllen ).. She had been infected once in January 2008 and now it is a repeatable ..her temperature shoot up to 39 degrees and although a suppository had been inserted into her rectum to bring down the temperature and had to do sponging of her whole body with cold ice water + coughing non stop every 10 minutes ..we had no choice but to admit her for Pantai Penang for antibiotic treatment via injection at the veins of her tiny hands ..

tangan kena letak jarum utk suntikan antibiotik..

Her first day at the hospital was quite bad..coughing non stop + vomitting 2-3 times, due to this she could not sleep at all and had to be pun on "drowsy cough syrup cum sleep medicine" infusion for 30 minutes..baru laa terlentok nak tdo..if not asyik batuk and muntah aje...

She had to be given full course of antibiotic every 8- 12 hourly, treatment wise alhamdulilah..her friendly peadtrician, Dr Hasanah gave the best advice on her condition which makes us worry especially her lungs and heart ( due to excessive coughing which actually can make the heart to stop,) ..stay there for 4 nights 3days .. fully jaga by Ummi day and night..

actually had to stay there longer but due to we need to go back to KL on Thursday night to settle some "outstanding " matters with Pejabat tanah and also arwah Ayah's house in Bandar Tun Razak we requested from the peadtrician to be discharge on Thursday afternoon..Her peadtrician give her green light but had to continue her antibiotic in KL and had to bring her again for follow up next week to know her condition..

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dear Najla...

Najla wearing her new baju courtesy of Atuk daddy bought from Chiangmai ..:-))

To my little girl Izzah Najla,
Sorry i am quite busy nowdays..i hope it will be only for a few months time..although u have to spend most of the weekends with Abah for approximately 8 hours..( plus a few hours at night on weekdays...iwe had a great time together during the free hours)...i enjoy watching Kampung Boy with you where you will always "pok pek" the character of Bapak.. Mat..Anna or even Opah..the best part is when you commented us if we didn't hear what you say.. your tiny mouth will say "Ummi and Abah nie tak dengarrr laa.."hahaha..

The most challenging part is to bring you to Tesco after picking you up from will run around the supermarket with most energetic power,touching here and there,forcing me to buy ice cream,sweets,toys,books,biscuits and candy... resulting that it is very -veryy difficult to do shopping.. so we always had to go shopping at night or almost midnight whenever Abah is around..

You also loves to scribble and color..almost all the walls( yikes..we had to paint it back if the owner wanted the house back) and almost all my A4 printing paper were also likes to pretend as a "garang" teacher with "golf stick" teaching us ABC or Alif Ba Ta which resulted Abah had to create a Manila Cardboard ABC and Alif Ba Ta Chart...

Ummi promise will make up with you during the school holidays nanti in May/ June..we will go for a short Vacation to Damai Laut so we can have a lovely swimming.. Of course its fun to bring other family members or anyone who wants to tag along with us so that we can hae a great time together..

Lots of Love;


p/s ( Shatirahhhh, Adi & Family, any cousins nak ikut pegi ke?..:-PPP..)

anyone really nak ikut us inform earlier kay ..we plan to go during school holidays end may or early june so we can book 2 sets of 2 bedroom apartment that we got it free accomodation from Swiss Inn..;-))))