Friday, March 21, 2008

Busy..busyyy..Month( for Ummi)

Poor Ummi..this month she has been very -very busy with her daily schedule..she also had to work during Weekends and also occasionally at night.. What to i slightly had spent a little "less" time with ummi especially during weekends but i do enjoy every moment of it..:-))..and i appreciate it as Ummi and Abah had to work very -very hard in order to pay the loans and to save some $$$$ for my future education..Alhamdulillah they already had some "savings" for my future education + also already had purchase a health insurance cum savings ( skrg health insurance very important okie...we don't know what will happen in purchasing insurance at least the medical bills will be fully covered..)

Abah also had taken up some "extra" activities like playing badminton once a week with his friends and also learning self defence ( Silat)..his Silat activity is twice a week ( Tuesday and Friday)..

If rezeki murah perhaps will plan to go for some short vacation anywhere ( Swiss Inn Damai Laut that we get free stay pun belum plan lagi nak pegi bila..maybe the next cuti sekolah in May/June..sighhh kejap aje dh nak masuk April 2008 ) ..
We also have plans to go other places perhaps some places outside Malaysia ( kena buat passport baru laa plak coz yang ada dah expired + Najla tak penah amik gambar passport,this will be quite tough to get her picture duduk diam utk ambil gambar passport..huhuhu..) or plan for Umrah ( this is the best!! )

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last Saturday was the most awaiting moment for everyone..the 12th General Election..the winners had been notified and syukur for the changes and winning mechanism to the Barisan Rakyat..;-))

Actually this year we did not vote at all..due to ada perkara yang tak dapat di elakkan..Shahrir was supposed to vote in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras while i was suppose to vote in TTDI.. we did not go back to on D-day we stay at was a quiet day during the hari mengundi in Penang in areas nearby our home like Bayan Baru, bayan Lepas, Pantai Jerjak and Gelugor..In the evening it was raining very- very heavily for at least 2-3 hours..we all say hujan Rahmat..;-)))

at night till the wee hours we were watching Astro for the full result on the election..Astro Awani was the best channel, no bias and gave quite a fair view/coverage for the Election..

Last but not least i am introducing the new Ahli Parlimen for Lembah Pantai who beat up Dato Seri Shahrizat...she is small and young, presenting to u guys, NURUL IZZAH NAJLA...hehehehe

Nurul Izzah Najla melapor diri getting all prepared jadi YB..ahakss..;-PPPP

p/s : Congrats to all yang dapat good result in SPM, to my BIL Ashraf although you did not get good result in your SPM hopefully you will have a chance to continue your study and achieve something in life.. :-)),

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Welcome to the world.. Baby Hananiah Rifqi

baby Hananiah born on 2nd March 2008 in Hospital Sg Petani, Kedah

Congratulations to my aunty, Mak Lang Zura + Pak Lang Rusli on the birth of their baby girl, HANANIAH RIFQI BINTI RUSLI the healthy 3.2kg baby girl was born via caesarean section at hospital Sungai Petani this morning at around 2++ a.m.. now i have another cousin to play with..i have not visited the baby as they are still in the hospital.. Only Abah went alone to visit them.. we will visit them later once they are back home..

From the picture Abah and Ummi said Baby Hananiah looks exactly like me when i was born..hehehe..;-))))))