Sunday, November 25, 2007

Trip to JB

Just got back from JB last night..we ( the three of us + Uncle Adi ) went there via Air Asia Flight from penang.. it was such a pleasent journey on board Air it.. We arrived in JB on Friday at around 10.30pm..Atuk and Nenek was already there and pick us up from the airport..all of us was so hungry so we directly went for a late supper before check in into the accomodation that was booked by Tok Pon

we had some roti canai and Chapati..the food was not really that good, but since all of us are hungry we don't mind..:-P..arrived at the NPC around 11.30 pm..bump into uncle Amir and Aunty Murni at the carpark..i was already so sleepy that i only smile to both the newly weds

The big day starts on 24th Nov 07..woke up early morning and by 9.00am we had already arrive at Tok Pon's place.. Managed to met all the relatives.. almost everyone was "shocked" to see i have grown up into a big girl..hehhehe..the last time we were in JB during uncle Hakim's wedding in May last year.. that time i was only 5 months old and barely could not talk or i really had a great time running here and there at Tok Pon's house.. i like to climb the stairs and coming down almost every 10 minutes which causes Ummi to be sooooooooo tired catching up on me..hehehe..sorry was just sooooo nice to climb up and down the stairs;-PPP

ALmost all the relatives far and near was there to witness the big day for Uncle Amir..,,that's what i like about weddings.. it manage to gather all the relatives and cooperate together as one team to ensure the wedding was smooth

At about 4pm it was time for us to leave as we has to catch our flight back to penang on 7.30pm on that day.. Congratulations and Selamat Pengantin Baru to uncle Amir + Aunty Murni.. may both of u are blessed with lots of kids..;-)))

with Hanan Afiqah

All the relatives helping hand

big family gathering...almost the whole tent are full with relatives during our makan time..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Happy 28th BIRTHDAY Aunty Zera today.. Hope u had a great one there in Terengganu..;-)))

School holidays had already started..meanss no more going to school for me.. We had lots of plan to do this holiday.. We will be going for lots of kenduri i guess.. The first kenduri is Uncle Amir's wedding in JB.. will be heading south via flight from penang this friday night

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Muka bila pergi skolah

Previously i hate going to school..i will start crying once Abah and Ummi send me to school..probably i find it not interesting being with friends and teachers and one of the possibilities is the long hours in school..previously ummi used to send me in the morning at 7.00am and pick me up later in the evening at 5.00pm, now i went to school in the afternoon with Abah and ummi will pick me up in the evening..

my perception had changed.. i love going to school.. i learn lots of things such as singing, ( my favourite song will be Rasa Sayang and Alif ba ta.. i know how to sing the qiraati song for Muqaddam which is Alif ba ta sa jim ha kho' only..others belum khatam lagi..hihihih.. and i know how to count one to ten in english.. its not bad after all..

look how happy i am before going to school with abah