Saturday, August 18, 2007

Can't wait

this coming merdeka day we will be going for a short break
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  • Our first initial is to went home to kL to see Atuk and Nenek as they will be flying off on 5th September but we have to change the plan as Ummi's company is organizing the company's annual dinner and ummi is one of the commitee member involve for the dinner tak boleh cabut balik kl laaa..kena laa stay kat penang
    We have book a room to stay here just for a break..Can't wait..

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Visit to Dr Sharifah..

    Abah and ummi brought me to Visit Dr Sharifah is Shah Alam.. she was our normal peadtrician which attend me since birth.. Dr Sharifah was amaze to see me after 1 yr and a half.. the last time she saw me is when i am 3 months old..

    Ummi explain the Dr my symptoms.. The Dr's explanation was quite a shock to both Abah's and Ummi.. i was diagnosed with mild astmha as Dr said i had some wheezing and coughing at night..

    it was unbeleivable as none of the family history ( both Abah 's and Ummi's side ) got any asthma..According to Dr Sharifah it can be cureable provided with strict control of the environment that can triggers the asthma which includes no soft toys, no cats, no carpets,( karpet kena gulung) no chocolate ( milo, ice cream, milk,anything chocolate which according to Dr it is proven in medical journal can triggers asthma ) . Besides that any fruits that is acidic and causes coughing like oranges, grapes,rambutan, watermelons also was prohibited...

    Dr prescribe an inhaler + aerochamber + anti -asthmatic drugs granules.. Ummi and abah will have to be very strict on my diet and environment..
    Hopefully the mild asthma will not be prolonged and went off when i am bigger..lucky ly my ummi is a pharmacist and would know better bout the medication i will be taking..Hopefully ALLAH will granted my doa to be in good health,i will also ask my Atuk Daddy and Nenek to doakan for my health infront of the holykaabah as my Atuk Daddy and Nenek will be flying off the mecca for Umrah this coming 5th September 2007


    Salbutamol inhaler

    The nedication i will be on for a moment to treat the asthma ...

    Aquaria KLCC

    This weekend we are back in KL for a short while.. i follow my Atuk and Nenek back from Penang since last wednesday while Abah and Ummi came by on Friday night..

    Yesterday we took the opportunity to jalan-jalan, First we went to the Peadtrician in Shah Alam..( Will blog about in the next entry ), then we went to see my Uncle Eg in Tesco, Shah Alam.. Jalan -jalan + luch with him and after that off we went to Serdang to see my aunty Shatirah..

    After spending some time with aunty shatirah we went to Aquaria KLCC...there are lots of fish... and all are very very bigggggggggggg.. i got rather scared to see quite a number of big ones especially the baby shark,stingray and some other types of fish which i don;t remember the names.. We also saw some snakes and lizards..i shouted at the big lizard... nanak...go..go..

    After a few hours touring Aquaria we went home.. What a day.. i slept quite early.. Today we are off back to Penang...

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Lama tak Update

    Heloooooooooo it has been quite a long time i my ummi did not update my blog...very -very sorry as my ummi is busy taking care of me, i am not feeling well last week, got some running nose and a bit fever..although my fever went off i still did not go to school for almost 2 weeks already ( ponteng skola...ehehehe).. Where did i go?.. well i stay at Tok's house in Sg Petani,Tok wanna take care of me as i am still coughing a bit..So almost 1 week Abah and Ummi had to stay in Sg Petani too and here they had to ulang alik from Sg Petani- Penang- Sg Petani .. i think it was quite a "wooooooow" journey for my abah and ummi becoz suddenly ummi felt sick and Uummi got MC for 2 days ..hehehehe

    Anyway we came back to Penang already last Sunday as my beloved atuk and nenek came over all the way from TTDI... ( yipeee again!!).. The reason they are here is to send Uncle Adi's new maid to take care of Adli and the soon to be born baby later..
    Lucky Adli, he will not be send to the neighbour's house anymore starting from this month

    Nenek plan to get a maid for us too..not now but maybe later..but we had to see first is it acceptable or not as our apartment was quite small, don't think can accomodate a maid in the moment unless we move to a single@double story house..How i envy those mum who are not working.. Well.. in the mean time who would like to do a favor to be my nanny?..angkat tangannn...ahaksssss