Monday, July 31, 2006

Tok Wan dalam kenangan ( 1948 - 2006 )

ummi's jurnal on arwah Tok wan..

i first knew ayah a month before our engagement.. that was in November 2003,my first impression of ayah is he is an outspoken person & garang.. After our marriage in June 2004, i get to know him better..He was not as garang as i thought..we rarely talk to each other as we did not met often..we only met if ayah came down to visit us in KL and when we went back to Sg Petani.

i remember the first day when he get to know i am pregnant with Najla..he was realy -really excited to be a grandfather.. he keep on reminding me to take care of my self and the baby inside the womb.When he came down to visit us, he repeatedly told me not to walk around as he scared i will fall down and injured myself..

he will make extra precaution when he knew we are going back to Sg Petani.. he will lay all the kain buruk and tikar at the bathroom door just to ensure that i will not fell down..

The day najla was born he was not here in Malaysia..he was performing haj..and the moment he saw Najla for the first time on the first day he went back from Mecca..his heart melts..i could see from his face how proud he is to received his first grandchild although he was quite scared to hold Najla in his arms for the first time as najla was quite small ( around 2.5kg)

Najla grew up and we will visit him as often as we could..he was so eager to play with Najla..The first word that he will ask when he saw us is Najla mana?..and he would cradles and hold Najla

The last day i saw him healthy is in Malacca where we are involved in the accident..He was more concern of us especially Najla..During angah's wedding in malacca he requested to play with Najla throughout the ceremony..Didn't realize that was the last moment for him to be with Najla cand us..

we received a distress call on 1st July from Sg petani saying he was not well..we really thought he was having a normal heart problem as he had undergone a heart operation in December 2003..We rush back to Sg petani and being inform that he was in a was not a heart problem after seems that he is having a stroke and his blood vessel in the brain had burst..he underwent a brain surgery on the day itself to insert tubes to drain all the blood and remain coma for a week..

a few days before he passed away, he managed to regain concious..he can move his hands a bit and cry when Mak spoke to him..A day before his demise, he suffers another blow when his lungs collaps and he went back into coma..his chance of surviving is zero..We knew that we will have to prepare for the worst.

Ayah pass away at 3.00 am on 19th July 2006 in Strand Specialist Sg Petani after 19 days of was the saddest moment in my life to lost a wonderfull father in law..we didn't manage to celebrate our first raya with Najla rogether this year and more occasions that we was not given the time to be together with him..but we was happy that he manage to perfom his Haj and fulfill his wishes to be a grandfather

Alfatihahto my beloved father in law HAJI HASHIM BIN MONTAK..Moga roh ayah di tempatkan di kalangan orang -orang yang soleh..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tok Wan Passed away

My last memories with Tok Wan..Hanya kenangan akan jadi pengubat rindu

tok wan last hug me in malacca on mak ngah's wedding 11th June 2006

Dear all,

My beloved Tok Wan had passed away on 19th July 2006 at 3.00am in Sungai Petani..He had died of complications due to the stroke..the last time i met him is 1 month ago during mak ngah's wedding in Malacca.. i spend most of the time with him..didn't realize that that was the last time i saw him healthy..i am very -very sad as i am her only grand daughter and i love him very -very much ..he is the one who will cradles me when get to see him..i love to play with him..Now he is gone forever, he could not see me growing up to be a strong and big girl..

to my dearest Tok wan..Moga roh tok wan di tempatkan di kalangan orang -orang yang soleh Amin..

al fatihah..

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The truth has unveiled itself

the driver was lying to the police


Alhamdulillah after all the hassle about the late accident in's finally over..we will get our car back next week ( insya'allah).. the police had found out that the teenage driver is guilty ( right like ummi said, she is same age as aunty Shatirah)

what annoys abah and ummi that teenage driver did a police report that says Abah was the one who hit her car ( see 2nd report).anyway, orang menipu selalu tak dapat apa pun


Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Tok Wan

Dear all,

Please pray for my Tok wan in Sungai Petani for his recovery..My Tok Wan had suffered a serious stroke attack this morning.. he was still in a coma and his condition is critical..Insyaallah will be going back with all the family members here to join abah there..

please pray for him..i love my tok wan very -very much..