Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6 months old already

i am already 6 months old..now i can sit and i can turn around the way i like..

Friday, June 16, 2006

Mak Ngah's wedding in Malacca

Mak Ngah & me..sorry mak ngah i am not in a good mood that day

ummi after the accident..manage to senyum gaks

Mak Ngah & Uncle saiful..steady jer..ahakss

late update...sorry i was having a high fever + rashes a few days back..alhamdulillah i am ok now..the pictures above was taken on Mak Ngah's & uncle Saiful wedding just after the car accident tragedy ( yess..we still proceed to the wedding with tok daddy's car after the accident)

Ummi was quite shy to take pictures with the bride & groom because there were bruises on her lips while i am not feeling well..

by the way..congrats again Mak Ngah..hopefully i have "cousins" soon to play around..;-)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Malacca tragedy

the accident scene..see how the blue car went into our line and hit our car

Abah & ummi's car totally damage

yesterday Abah,ummi & i was involved in a terrible accident..Abah was driving slowly in a kampung area in Alor Gajah ( we went there to attend Mak Ngah's wedding in Uncle Saiful place) when suddenly out of no where a blue nissan car from the opposite direction went straight into our car and bang us..i was asleep at ummi's arm in the backseat at the back of Abah & Abah was driving slow ( 60 km/hrs). i was really shock that i cried really-really loud and ummi banged into Abah's seat.. due to high impact of the crash ummi injured her lips ( bruises on her lips). Her neck, hands and legs was really painful. Abah's chest and legs was painful and had bruises on it due to the seatbelt impact ( luckily Abah wear the seatbelt, it really-really saves his life). .I was still in shock that i suffer a high fever with a "spiking " temperature ( my temperature went high then suddenly drop then went high again).Ummi and Abah was very -very worried so does Tok Daddy, Tok Mummy,Tok, Tok wan and all the Sg Petani family. Tok daddy pick drove all the way from KL to Melacca to pick us up as our Waja had to be put in the workshop there as it is quite a "big" damage

As the stupid person ( as abah & ummi said) who crash into our car suffers serious injury and had to be taken to the hospital..Abah said that the person ( two young girls..dunno had a licence or not) on the other car drove quite fast and bang into us at a sharp bend where the accident happen..

We went to a clinic for check up, ummi call up my peadtrician to check my condition.Alhamdulillah everybody was OK..i really -really thank ALLAH that none of us was injured...luckily Abah manage to control our car on time or else the other car will directly hit the backseat where i sat with ummi.and u can't imagine what happen next.

Abah & Ummi had already make a police report..settle with the insurance company and would like to claim all the damages and suffering from the other party(luckily that Ummi brought along a digital camera and we manage to take some snap on the damage of our Waja & the scene of accident..so pictures never lies)

I was still in a shock and am trying to recover from the high fever.. To the other people out there who read this.. Please think about other people when you are driving..don't be selfish..it is cruel when other people had to suffer from your foolish act of driving unethically.. What if your own family suffers the same fate?..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Congratulations mak Ngah

Thursday 8th June was Mak Ngah's ( abah sister) big day.. Congratulations to Mak Ngah & my new Pak Ngah Shaiful..sorry Mak Ngah, i couldn't attend the wedding in Kedah as ummi is working on that day & we had gone back to Kedah last week..Abah went back to Kedah alone and take lots of Mak Ngah picts in her wedding outfit..
Congratulations again

Thursday, June 08, 2006

When all the babies met..

Farah yasmin & me..unfortunately the other twins Adam Daniel was not around during this photo shoot

the youngest cousin among all,Alisya

Adli Haris & me

Wedding is the time where i am able to meet all my cousins.. for the first time during uncle Hakim & aunty Mimi's wedding, all my cousins that are born in the year 2005 & 2006 ( alisya is the youngest among my cousins in the moment) gathered together..

When Najla met Adli Haris..again

Adli : Pstt..hello Najla we meet again..
Najla : yerp..

Adli : remember the last time you " karate" me?,now its my turn..hahaha

Najla : ouch..ouch..

Both Najla & Adli are 6 months old..this is their way of "communication" when they meet once in a while..ahakss

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Congratulations aunty Mimi & Uncle Ablen Lamdek..

the hantaran

the lovely aunty Mimi & Uncle Ablen Lamdek

first of all..Happy 2nd wedding anniversary Abah & Ummi today, 4th June 2006!..
Moga perkahwinan Abah& Ummi akan berkekalan..insyaallah

Secondly..CONGRATULATIONS to aunty Mimi & uncle Ablen Lamdek on their wedding today..The wedding reception that was held in Shah Alam was really-really great..lots of people attended it..aunty mimi looks lovely in her gold outfit..

my aqiqah in Kedah

the orang kampung in Kedah

phew.,just got back from Kedah last night.. my aqiqah was done in Abah's home town in Sg Petani on Friday before friday prayers..there was lots of people attended it..alhamdulillah tok & tok wan managed to gathered at least 200 orang kampung to attend it..the kenduri was prepared in a gotong -oyong style where all the villagers came & help to cook the meal..

the aqiqah was done in a very -very simple ceremony..with the "imam kampung Semeling" membacakan doa selamat

For abah & ummi that was more than enough as we managed sedekah the "kambing aqiqah" to the very-very poor vilagers ( imagine tok's house in Semeling where there is no street lamp & no tar road to enter their homes & the only road connected to their houses is "jalan tanah merah") to rather than doing it in a grand celebration as it is membazir & just showing off..